Beetle – Spirit Animal, Totem, Symbolism and Meaning

Beetle is an insect that comes in various shapes and sizes. We can find beetles all over the world and its symbolism has been built by almost all cultures of the world.

Each culture had its own way of describing the beetle and what it meant to their people. Sometimes these descriptions were bad and other times positive.

Beetles have a unique symbolism and have their own positive and negative traits just like any other living creature. They are a part of our world and we can’t fight against that.

Beetles are perfect examples of how certain creatures can be small but have a very powerful symbolic meaning regardless of that.

Spirit Animal and Totem

Totems give us a clear representation of our own character. They are symbols of our own personality and we can learn so much from totems. Animals have pure intentions and they are always guided by their own desire to survive in the difficult world. When we choose to learn from animals we become better human beings and more honest to ourselves.

If we would have open and pure hearts as animals, we would live much happier and better lives.

As a totem, beetle can best be described by these words:

  • Manifestation,
  • Purification,
  • Renewal of life,
  • Life principles,
  • Creativity,
  • Divine wisdom,
  • Immortality,
  • Connection,
  • Androgyny,
  • Fertility

Person guided by this animal totem is a reasonable person with both legs on the ground. You like to be stable in life without too much adventure and breaking the boundaries. When you know what you want in life, you are prepared to do almost anything to achieve this goal. Even if you are prevented by many obstacles, you will be able to persevere through all of them if your desire is pure. The shell you have around you is strong enough to put off even the biggest opponents and scare them away. They can attack you and try to break you, but your shell will keep you safe no matter what.

People guided by a beetle spirit animal are creative just the way the beetle is creative when it comes to survival. This insect uses its own capabilities in order to persevere hard living conditions and to protect itself from many predators.

Beetles usually live in the desert which requires a lot of creativity to survive the heat. People guided by this totem can make something out of nothing and this is what leads them through life. When others think that there is no way to achieve something, these people figure out a way out of a tricky situation.

Beetles represent life’s wisdom. People born under the influence of this totem tend to gather life’s wisdom much easier than others. They understand how life works and what it is important in order to succeed. Being in touch with your feelings and gathering experience from activities you go through is something we all need to learn from.

Beetle people have the tendency to understand this much better than others, so from early on they learn how to use that experience in their advantage. When you are in touch with your thoughts and you know what you want in life everything else comes easier.

Beetles are also symbols of fertility. People born under the influence of this spirit animal love their family and enjoy having large families with many children. This makes them feel complete and fulfilled in life. When they know they have managed to fulfill this important life’s purpose, they are more than happy and in peace with themselves. Beetles usually have a lot of offspring and can carry many babies, therefore this symbolic meaning was derived from this characteristic.

They are also symbols of intuition and everyone born under the influence of this spirit animal has a strong intuition. Everything these people do is guided by the inner voice they have and nothing else. They rarely listen to others because they feel the best when they make decisions based on their own thoughts. This gives them confidence that the decision they have made is the right one.

Beetles go through several changes in life so everyone born under the influence of a beetle totem is prone to changes. You love to explore your boundaries and learning new things about yourself and others. No matter what you do, you love to transform your life and to move forward. No weight is heavy enough for you to carry since you always look forward to the change that is waiting for you at the end of the road.

Beetle is a symbol of teamwork as well. This totem reminds you about the importance of working together with someone to achieve great things. You love being a part of a team and giving some kind of contribution to the others in your community. This makes you a great friend and co-worker since you are never jealous of other people’s accomplishments and you look at them as your own.

A possible negative characteristic of this totem is the desire of a person born under the influence of the beetle totem to be the best in everything. You are extremely hard working and competitive, which can be seen as a negative characteristic. However, this is only something you are born with and not something you do in bad intention. If people around you figure that in time, there will be no problem in any way.

Symbolism and Meaning

Beetle has been an important symbol in ancient cultures. Among all species, the Scarab beetle was the most important one in Egypt. They used the beetle symbol as a hieroglyph and it was often used in art and in literature. Beetle hieroglyphs can be found in stone, on papyrus and in many other places.

Beetle had a very big significance to the ancient Egyptians and it was linked to the god Khepri, which was the God of the Rising Sun. they even used beetles as ingredients in magic potions and spells, because they believed in beetles enormous magical powers.

In a Greek myth written by Nicander, one of the characters, Cermabus, was turned into a beetle. In ancient Greece, beetles were used as toys by children and they would often take off the beetle’s head and wear it as a pendant around their necks.

Beetle contains elytra that were often used in art and beetle-wings were especially precious. In times when there weren’t many materials from which jewelry could have been made, these materials were considered as highly important. Beetle jewelry was often worn in rituals and religious ceremonies. Our ancestors believed in magical powers of the beetle and used their imagery to call for the spirits to rise.

In popular culture, beetles still have their place in symbolism. Many popular TV shows and movies use beetles as symbols and not always in a positive way. Sometimes they are represented as our enemies and carriers of diseases. In technology, beetle movements are used as an inspiration for the creators to make new groundbreaking technologies that will shift the world into s completely different way.

Dreams about beetle

Dreams about beetles can appear often. We encounter beetles daily, and it is no wonder we sometimes dream about them. But is interesting to know the secret meaning of this dream and how it can affect our lives.

If you saw a beetle in your dream, this means you need to pay more attention to your work. Something bad could potentially happen to you if you don’t pay enough attention. Perhaps you will make a step in the wrong direction and cause yourself more harm than good. This is going to keep you further away from your goal and that is something you definitely don’t want.

If you saw several beetles in your dream, this means you have someone in your life that is jealous of you. This person has something against you and you might not be even aware of that. If you look closely you will be able to see who this person is and how to avoid the bad influence this person has over you.

If you killed a beetle in your dream, this means you will be able to overcome your problems without any trouble. You will be able to find the solution for your troubles, because you will do your best to find the reason why. The solution is always somewhere around us, we just have to pay close attention to see it.

When a beetle bit you in your dream, this means someone close to you will betray you. Someone you trusted and you loved is going to stab you in the back and cause great harm. Be very careful who you trust and look for small signals of negativity in someone. This person is going to give herself up, you just need to be intuitive enough to notice the negative vibes coming from this person.


Beetles are small insects but their power is great. They are symbols of hard-work and determination, but also symbols of creativity and rejuvenation. They symbolize change and transformation in all shapes and forms. You will rarely see a person, born under this animal totem, down on her knees or desperate in life. We are all born to change and to grow and that is the main message a beetle has to send us.

The energy and power of this creature is not as strong as some others, but it can definitely teach us a thing or two about life. Only thing we have to do is to listen closely to what it has to say and learn from the way his powerful insect is living.