Best Essential Oils For Bronchitis

For everyone who is not informed, bronchitis is a lung disease which causes inflamamtion in our lungs and lung tissue. Our lungs get swollen and stop our breathing. In more severe cases, patient can even suffocate.

There are many different treatment options for bronchitis, but if you are a person who likes natural remedies, essential oils might be your choice. We will list some of the best essential oils you can use in treatment of bronchitis and how you can use them in this treatment.

Bronchitis – causes and symptoms

This condition falls under the category of respiratory diseases. Mucus membrane in our lungs gets inflammed. To be exact, bronchial passages get inflamed. Causes of bronchitis can be bacteria or viruses.

Our lungs become swollen due to bronchitis, and they stop our breathing or make it harder. Airways inside our lungs get shut down and we have extreme difficulties while breathing. Bronchitis can be acute or it can be chronic.

The main difference between these two conditions is that acute lasts for few weeks and chronic lasts for 3 months in one year for at least two years. Asthma and bronchitis might seem similar to you, and they are. Patients with asthma can develop asthmatic bronchitis.

Usual symptoms of bronchitis are difficulty while breathing, coughing, fatigue, fever, chest pain and many others. People who suffer from it, especially the chronic type, need regular medical treatment and medications.

Smoking or highly polluted areas can increase symptoms of bronchitis. Patients with bronchitis are also more prone to bacterial infections of the lungs, due to high amount of mucus inside the lungs.

Essential oils – bronchitis treatment

Essential oils are actually the essence of a plant or herb that is extracted by distillation or another process. These oils have many uses and their presence in treatment of different medical conditions has gone up. Many people turn their heads from drugs, and try to find an alternative and healthier solution.

If you are struggling with bronchitis then essential oils might be your solution. Lungs get damaged by acute and chronic bronchitis and they need recovery.

Cinnamon bark oil, thyme oil and lemongrass oil

These oils have been proven as the best option for treatment of bronchitis. From many different oil types, these three have been the most effective against bacteria that causes bronchitis. These bacteria are called Haemophilus influenza and Streptococcus pneumonia.

Cause of bronchitis can’t always be determined right away. The best way to test if bacteria are responsible is to track for how long your condition lasts. If it is more than two weeks then your bronchitis is most probably bacterial.

For patients that have been diagnosed with bacterial bronchitis, it is recommended to use these oils. They will not only help with your bronchitis, they will also help with shingles, cold and many more.

Tea tree essential oil

Just like the oils I’ve mentioned earlier, tea tree oil has been proven to be effective against bacteria. This essential oil is also anti-fungal. Tea tree essential oil can also be used to fight flu and other viruses.

Due to his anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effect, tea tree essential oil helps to prevent and also cure areas that are already affected. You can even use it for treatment of sinus infections.

Eucalyptus and rosemary oil

These essential oils have a high anti-inflammatory effect on our body. Main ingredient responsible for this amazing effect is 1,8 cineole. Eucalyptus is also an analgesic, which means he helps to reduce pain and prevent its recurrence. This is important because bronchitis can cause pain in our lungs and chest, due to severe damage.

You can also use these oils if you are struggling with cold or flu, because they are very effective against bacteria and viruses.

Clove essential oil

Just like eucalyptus oil, clove oil acts as an analgesic so it helps to reduce pain. Besides this, clove oil is also antibacterial, so a great option for bronchitis treatment.

Lavender essential oil

Again, lavender essential oil is anti-inflammatory, analgesic and anti-bacterial essential oil. It can also be used to relieve infections and other medical conditions. Among them, we have bronchitis.

Greek sage essential oil

This oil type is made from a plant called Greek sage. It grows in the Mediterranean and in Greece. Just like many other essential oil types, this essential oil has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It is also great for treatment of flu and cold.

Helichrysum, hyssop, myrrh, ginger and marjoram essential oils

These oils are perhaps less known (besides ginger), but their effect in relieving bronchitis is powerful. You can use these oils in many different ways. They also relieve congestion. If you are struggling with wet kind of bronchitis, so a lot of mucus, these are the oils you want to use.

How to apply essential oils in bronchitis treatment?

There are many different ways you can do this. You should probably decide depending on your condition and bronchitis type. We will list few uses of essential oils you can apply to relieve your bronchitis.

Inhalation treatment

Since bronchitis is a respiratory condition it is logical to use inhalation as a method of treatment. You can choose any of the oils we have listed earlier and put few drops into a pot of hot water. You should boil the water until it is hot enough to relieve steam.

This is when you need to put your head above the pot and inhale the steam. This method will open up your sinuses and beneficial effects of essential oils will help you with your bronchitis. Even if you are not suffering from bronchitis or any other medical condition, inhalation is very beneficial.

Another way you can do the inhalation method is to put a tablespoon of essential oils we have listed inside your bathtub. Make sure the water is hot enough to release steam, and simply lay down and enjoy your relaxing treatment. The beneficial components of  essential oils will help you breathe easily, while you are enjoying your bath.

Chest rubs

When you are suffering from bronchitis you can experience chest pain. This pain is caused by constant damage inside the lungs. Coughing can rip your lungs literally, and pain is then a logical consequence.

This is why many people find chest rubs to be helpful. You can simply mix in few drops of any essential oil meant for bronchitis with your massage oil, and rub it on the painful area. Lavender has a soothing effect, so as soon as you get rid of the pain, you will fall asleep.

It is best to use oils which contain analgesic content like eucalyptus oil.

Warm compress

If you are a fan of hot compresses as a part of your treatment, then you can use this method. Warm up water and add few drops of any essential oil meant for bronchitis treatment. Then dip your towel into the hot water and squeeze out the excess liquid.

Then put the hot towel on your chest and let the magic of essential oils cure your chest pain. If you are not experiencing pain, you can use any sort of essential oil meant for bronchitis treatment. This method is also helpful for reducing coughing.

Diffuser blends

The best way to soak all the healthy ingredients of essential oils is to put them inside your room diffuser and let them spread around the room. This is a great method for everyone who spends a lot of time in office, and they can’t apply other methods of treatment.

If you are making a mix for your bedtime, make sure to put in some essential oils that contain soothing effects so that sleep can come in easily.

Essential oils in our diet

Essential oils can be used as a part of our diet, and the best way to use them is to put them inside our drinks. You can put one or two drops of lemongrass essential oil in your tea, and drink it.

This way bacteria and viruses that live inside our bodies will be directly killed by essential oil’s effective components. Many treatment methods require this approach rather than outside or topical application.


Essential oils are very healthy and very effective in many different ways. You can use hem topically or inside your diet to fight viruses and bacteria that cause most of our conditions. Bronchitis is a condition which exhausts our body and we need to find the best possible solution to fight and prevent it.

This is why essential oils, with their natural but both very effective approach, might be your best the end, you have nothing to lose and a lot to gain.