Dreams About Being Shot, Getting Shot – Interpretation and Meaning

Dreaming is a one of the most interesting and mysterious experiences. A lot of artists got inspiration for their work in dreams, and many scientists solved some questions with dreaming.

The question is, what do we now about dreams? We forget 90% of them. 5 minutes after we wake up, we forget more than half of the things we dreamed about, and after 10 minutes, we forget 90%. Blind people are  also dreaming. If you sometimes have a feeling that you don’t have dreams, that’s not true, you just forget about the content of it. In our dreams, we see faces of people that are already familiar to us.

Our mind doesn’t make up those faces. Emotions connected to the dreams are often negative than positive. The most common emotion in our dreams is anxiety.

In this text, we will try to explain the meaning of the dreams about being shot. Obviously, person who dreams it doesn’t feel comfortable, and usually it makes that person feel frightened, intimidated, angry  and leaves it confused. This is one of the most common dreams and sometimes it can be triggered by some violent movies that you have seen during the day.

But also, it can have some deeper meanings. In order to explain those meanings, it is very important to remember details of the dream.

Dreams About Being Shot – Interpretation and Meaning

Dreaming about you being shot. If you dreamed about this, it means that you are affraid because you tricked someone and your conscience isn’t clear. You are trying not to pay attention on it, but your subconscious is reminding you constantly.

Take that as a warning to be careful, and try to make things right because you can’t expect to be happy if you are building your happiness on someone elses unhappiness. You will feel better if you do something good to a person you fooled once and your nightmares will stop.

Dreaming about you being shot in the back. This type of a dream represents your constant fear that someone will betray you, someone who is very close to you. Because of that you should be very conscious, and you need to pay attention on the things that you say in front of the other people, in order to save yourself from possible problems that can happen if those people use your words against you.

Keep something just for you, and don’t share it with everyone because they don’t deserve you to trust them.

Dreaming about you being shot in the heart. Interpreters connect this dream to your emotions and feelings. They say that this is often dreamed by a sad persons who are in a depression, and don’t know how to get rid of it. Maybe it can be related to something bad that happened to them and left a big influence. They feel like the whole world let them down.

Those persons need a help from their friends, and they need to surround themselves with positive people, in order to get out from the current situation. As soon as they find out what caused their depression, their wounds will heal faster.

Dreaming about you shoot someone. You can take this as an indication that you are in constant need to defend yourself. Somehow, you always think that everyone are against you.  To dream that you shoot someone with a gun, for example,  means that it denotes your anger and some aggressive fellings toward that person.

Whenever you feel like you are in danger, you start to argue with others and you try to convince them that your attitude is the right one. You take everything too seriuos and understand it like provocation, even when someone is just trying to joke with you. Maybe you should change the way you see the world around you.

Other interpreters say that if you dream about this, it can mean that you will be robbed. If you often carry money and documents with you, it indicates that you should be very careful, especially in public transportation or in a jam.

Dreaming about you hearing one shot. If you dreamed about this, it means that you will soon fall in love with someone who you met lately. You will feel like Amor arrow shoot you, and because of that, you would not be able to eat, or sleep. You’ll think about someone very special and make plans if you see that person again.

Dreaming about you avoid being shot. When you avoid a shot in your dream, it represents your happiness. Probably someone who is close to you will forgive you some mistakes from the past and forget about the bad things you have done to him or her. You should take that as a second chance to make things  right and if you mess it, there’s no way back.

Dreaming about you being shot by a stranger. Dreams like this are a sign that in your environment are people who are jelaous of you and your success.

Maybe someone from your workplace is your enemy and because of that you should be careful. That person will try to find a way to ruin your reputation, so you should keep some informations about you just for yourself, otherwise they will use it against you.

Dreaming about you being shot by a friend. If you dreamed about this, that means that between you and your friend is some sort of negativity. Maybe you don’t believe everything that your friend is doing or saying, or you had some issues that you didn’t resolve how you supposed to do.

If you are friends for a long time, you should try to solve everything and continue with your friendship because it is the most important thing in the world.

Dreaming about you being shot by a rifle. Dreams like this have negative conotation. It means that you will be in a danger and you will have a fight with your neighbours or associates whose  principles will be different from yours. They will try to make you to accept their conditions in a nice way, but if they don’t succeed, they will use force to do it.

Dreaming about you being shot with an arrow. When you dream this, you can connect it to the matters of your heart. If you are being shot with a single arrow, but you can’t see the assailant, interpreters say that it has something to do with competition or rivalry, even with a undertones of jealousy when it comes to a relationship or a partner.

But, if you are dreaming about you being shot with a multiple arrows, you can surely say that it has something to do with a jealousy, or even with some hursh words by family members and friends.

In this type of dream, you can be a shooter. In this case, you should ask yourself who are you competing with and why.

Dreaming about you being shot with a gun. This type of a dream can be related with social status or position, financial status etc. It represents your fight for survival in those areas and also we can relate it to the lifestyle or a career. If you had this dream, it means that you will be overwhelmed, overworked and you will feel weak against the majority.

Also, if in your dream you can’t see a gunman, it means that you are used on the fact that someone is making you feel stricken or hurt by its words. All of this can lead to the feeling of being victimized in some situations.

As you can see, dreams about being shot can have different meanings, and none of them are the same. Beacuse of that, it is very important to remember as much details as you can in order to explain meanings of these dreams.