Can You Drink Salt Water?

We all know that water is essential for all chemical reactions that help us use our muscles, metabolize food and pump our blood.

Also, all cells in our body depend on salt. But, can people really drink salt water? Have you ever wondered if you can drink seawater?

In this article we will tell you something more about salt water and its impact on human health. Also, we will tell you what can happen if you drink salt water. We hope you will enjoy this article and you will learn something that you didn’t know before.

Is Salt Water Safe For Us?

It is true that our bodies need both water and salt to perform properly all body functions. But, humans can safely ingest only small amounts of salt and the content of salt in seawater is much higher. Human body is not able to process such amount of salt. So, the answer to the question if you can drink salt water is no. You should consume both water and salt but separately.

You should have in mind that when you are consuming salt in your regular diet, you also drink a lot of liquids that help your body dilute the salt. This way, salt in your body is kept at a healthy level. It is true that all living cells in your body depend on sodium chloride, as we have already said. Salt is necessary to maintain all chemical balances and reactions inside the body. But, if you start taking in high amounts of salt in your body it can be deadly.

Side Effects of Drinking Salt Water

It is known that our kidneys can make urine that contains less salt than salt water. Actually, our kidneys are not able to make urine that contains more than 2% of salt and it is known that salt water contains approximately 3% salt. It means that if you want to get rid of the excess salt that you have taken in by drinking salt water, your kidneys have to use existing water from the body in order to dilute the excess salt.

Also, you have to urinate more water than you have drunk. It is practically impossible and it will lead to dehydration and enormous thirst. Also, if you drink salt water, it can lead to muscle cramps, dry mouth and depleted body fluids. The consequences can also be fatal. The body is trying to compensate for the fluid loss and then we have an increased heart rate and constricted blood vessels. In this case you will probably feel nausea and weakness. Also, as you become more dehydrated, you may be delirious. It is necessary to drink fresh water in order to reverse the effects of excess salt.

Otherwise, the brain and other organs won’t receive enough blood and it can lead to coma and organ failure. Sometimes it can even lead to death. In order to avoid all these side effects, you should not drink salt water. There are a lot of methods to remove salt from water and make it healthier for humans. Although it is proved that humans should not drink salt water, some experts recommend taking a glass of salt water every morning during one week. This will remove toxins from your body and make your cells stronger. After 7 days, you should make a pause for the next week, but later you can repeat the process once more.


As you have seen in this article, you should not drink salt water. It is proved that if humans drink salt water it can make them sick. Of course, a small amount of salt water will not kill you if you drink also a plenty of fresh water. But if you drink salt water regularly, it can cause many health disorders in the body.

The most common side effects of drinking salt water are dehydration, thirst, dry mouth, nausea and weakness. In the most severe cases drinking salt water can even lead to death.

Knowing all that, we are sure that you won’t drink salt water. Your body needs salt and water but they should be consumed separately. Also, remember that whenever you consume salt, you should drink a plenty of fresh water.