Can You Eat Duck Eggs?

In this article we will deal with duck eggs. You have probably heard that some people eat duck eggs, but you may have not used them in your diet.

There are also some people that are scared to try duck eggs because they are high in cholesterol and they can lead to heart disease. If you are wondering if duck eggs are safe to eat, now you will find out.

First we will tell you something more about duck eggs and then you will get to know more about the impact that duck eggs have on a human diet.

More about Duck Eggs

Duck eggs are larger than chicken eggs. They can be in a variety of colors, which depends on a duck breed. There is a breed which lays eggs that are nearly black. Other breeds lay mostly white eggs or little green and brown eggs. The shell of duck eggs is much thicker than the shell of chicken eggs.

Some studies have shown that duck eggs have longer shelf life due to their shells. If you store them in the fridge, duck eggs can last for up to six weeks. The inside of duck eggs is different from the inside of chicken eggs.

Actually, a yolk of a duck egg is bigger than a chicken yolk and it is much darker and yellower. A duck egg’s white is almost transparent.

Are Duck Eggs Safe to Eat?

The answer is yes. Duck eggs are absolutely safe to eat. There is no evidence that duck eggs are more dangerous than chicken eggs. Duck eggs have a similar nutritional profile as chicken eggs, but you should have in mind that duck eggs are higher in fat and cholesterol than chicken eggs because their yolks are much bigger. A

lso, duck eggs are higher in protein and omega 3 fatty acids. Also, it is proved that duck eggs contain larger amount of vitamins than chicken eggs, such as vitamins A, E and D. You should be careful if you want to lose weight because duck eggs are higher in calories. A 100 g of a duck egg has about 185 Kcal whereas the same amount of a chicken egg has about 149 Kcal.

So, if you want to lose some pounds, it is better to eat chicken eggs. Also, people who have a heart disease should not consume duck eggs or they should limit the amount of duck eggs they consume. A good thing is that people who are allergic to chicken eggs can safely eat duck eggs.

Duck eggs are very delicious. Their taste is more intense than chicken eggs. Most users agree that duck eggs are much tastier than chicken eggs. You can cook duck eggs the same way as chicken eggs. But, you should have in mind that water content is lesser than in chicken eggs so you should be careful not to overcook them.

You can fry them, boil or poach them. If you prepare scrambled duck eggs they will be creamier than chicken eggs. But, you should be careful if you use it for some recipe. You should always have in mind that duck egg is larger and higher in fat, so you will probably need smaller amount of duck eggs in a recipe where you normally use chicken eggs. Duck eggs are especially popular in Asian cuisines and the most common way to prepare them is by salting them. Salted duck eggs are especially popular in China. In Asian cuisines duck eggs that have been in brine are usually added to stir-fries or they are used as a filling for many dishes.


As you have seen in this article, duck eggs are safe to eat, so you can include them in your diet. They are larger than chicken eggs and their flavor is more intense.

If you love fatty foods you will probably like duck eggs. But, you should know that duck eggs may be a bit more expensive than chicken eggs and you can’t find them in every store. Nowadays duck eggs are becoming more and more popular at grocery stores, so it is time to include them in your diet.