Can You Eat Frozen Eggs?

According to latest scientific researches, eggs are to be considered super food, which improve our general health and fight the obesity. Contrary to previous opinions, moderate consumption of eggs does not increase the total level of cholesterol in the body. Nutritionists claim that eggs are one of the most nourishing types of food. There are detailed studies on its nutritional content and healthy properties. One egg a day could do miraculous things for humans’ body, without any health risk.

Eggs are low in calories and extremely rich in protein, which is why they are important for good and normal grow and development. You probably know that people who do sports usually have eggs on their many as a must. Eggs provide energy and inevitable proteins for muscle strengthening and maintaining. Its protein content is also very important for children and adolescent, because of high level of essential amino acids, which are precious for their development.

Most of people enjoy eating eggs in many forms. We like them boiled and scrambled, in omelets, frittatas and many other dishes. Eggs are one of the main ingredients for various recipes, from cakes and pies, to creams, soups, meat dishes, salads and many more. We usually buy them fresh and use it right away. However, some people actually freeze eggs. Is it safe?

Can you freeze eggs?

If you want to make a supply of eggs and have an extra source in case you need it, they can be frozen. Some people use this method in order to save money or just to prevent waste of not having the fresh one in the middle of cooking something. There are several methods of freezing the. Eggs could be frozen both raw and cooked. Freezing and thawing process would certainly affect the texture of egg, especially if you freeze it in raw form. They can be frozen whole or separately yolks and whites.

Freezing and using frozen eggs

If you want to freeze whole eggs content, you should crack them and mix it altogether. In order to prevent it to became a thick paste after thawing, add one tablespoon of sugar or half a teaspoon of salt into one cup of blended eggs and thoroughly mix it altogether. Pour the content into a freezer safe container and label the container with date of freezing and precise ingredients content.

The same process applies to egg yolk, while egg whites do not require special preparation for freezing. You can just pour them in freezer safe container and mark the date of freezing.

Whole eggs and yolks can be normally used to prepare various meals, after thawing in refrigerator. However, you can’t get quite good leavening when you bake something with previously frozen eggs, so, in that case, better stick to fresh ones. You can normally use them to make scrambled eggs, omelets, frittata, pasta and other. Frozen egg yolks can also be used as fresh yolks, to make creams and desserts, ice cream, mayonnaise and custards.

If you want to freeze hard boiled egg, you can do it partially. Boiled egg whites will change its texture and become rubbery and pretty unpleasant to consume. However, you can save and freeze boiled egg yolks and use it to prepare various recipes that normally contain it as an ingredient.

Remove yolks from the inside and place it underwater in a saucepan in a single layer. Pour the water to cover it at least 2.5 cm over the top of yolks. Bring them to boil and then remove from heat. Leave them to cold about ten to fifteen minutes and drain them completely. After draining, just place them into a freezer safe container and seal it.