Chameleon – Spirit Animal, Totem, Symbolism and Meaning

Animal symbolism might seem irrelevant to some people, but getting to know more about animals and living beings that surround is not irrelevant. We are supposed to be one with nature and everything surrounds us, and not trying to separate ourselves from it.

People often think that we are completely different than animals, but when we look at their capabilities and characteristics, we should strive to mimic some of their behaviors and not run away from them.

Animal symbolism teaches us about animals in general but it also teaches us about our own characters. Animal behavior is similar to ours and we often show these similarities no matter how much we try to hide them. Our fears and or deepest traits come out to the light when we least expect it, and this is something we can’t keep on a leash.

In today’s text we will be talking more about chameleon symbolism and how this animal (reptile) is similar to us. So, if you ever wanted to learn more about chameleon’s symbolism, here is a perfect chance to do so.

Spirit Animal and Totem

To determine your spirit animal, you have to look deeper into your subconscious mind. Sometimes our spirit animals are following us but we aren’t even aware of that. They are lurking somewhere and guiding us to a direction we are not aware of.

Spirit animal can also come to you in a dream and tell you some things you are not aware of. To determine your totem animal, on the other hand, means you need to look at your birth date and find the animal totem that corresponds to that. Unlike spirit animals, totems are there to teach us about our positive and our negative sides. Sometimes we are not aware how strong we are or what our greatest weaknesses are.

Spirit animal

As a spirit animal, chameleon is best descried with these words:

  • Shape shifting
  • Power
  • Objectiveness
  • Intuition
  • Emotion
  • Color
  • Agility
  • Prophecy
  • Patience

You can already get an idea about a person who is guided by the chameleon spirit animal, this is a person who is always ready for action but he or she won’t react before they are certain that this will bring them something good. The chameleon spirit animal is guiding you to be strong in life and agile.

You can endure different difficulties and overcome issues others can’t. This makes you a very reliable and strong person, and people often come to you for advice.

Chameleon spirit animal symbolizes shape shifting, which means you can sometimes be shady and keep a lot of things to yourself. Some might call you shady but this can be a very handy characteristic especially if you want to be one step ahead of others. They can never know what you are up to and this makes you a very strong opponent.

Chameleon spirit animal represents sensitivity and perception. You are someone who is very aware of everything that is going on and you would never let your guard down for anything. You are highly sensitive person and everything that is going on highly affects you and everything you do. Because of this, you can sometimes seem overly sensitive and emotional, but in fact you can simply sense what others are feeling and that is what hurts you.


As a totem, chameleon symbolizes a personality that is very intelligent, patient, sensitive, powerful and agile. You are someone who doesn’t like to be provoked, because you hold a great deal of power inside of you. You are someone who is very sensitive and you can almost predict what others are thinking. This makes you a very strong enemy to those who try to harm you in any way.

Besides this, you are a strong person and overcoming issues is something you do very well. You are someone who knows how to find the right solution to any problem, which is why professions that require thinking outside the box are the best ones for you.

Chameleon totem animal is also a symbol of sensitivity and emotions. You can always sense when someone is not sincere and when people are trying to trick you. This is something you would rather keep to yourself, but your honest approach doesn’t allow you that. This is why people often call you overly sensitive or emotional.

To some you are also shady, but this is a characteristic that can be very helpful. This trait can get you out of many troubles and make you one step ahead of everyone else, especially your enemies. If others think this is a bad characteristic then that is their problem.

Symbolism and Meaning

Chameleons today live in almost all countries and continents. This is because they got spread by people, but their original habitat was in in tropical areas of our planet. Just like all other reptiles, chameleon was also considered to be a symbol of something negative and ominous. Reptiles got a bad symbolic meaning because of the mentioning’s in the Bible and other holy books, where they were often portrayed as shady and as dangerous.

Ancient tribes that lived in Caribe, and belonged to the tribe of Zaire, saw chameleons as symbols of life and thought they gave life to people. The reason why they believed this is because chameleons would climb high on the trees which made them closer to gods.

In Africa, a tribe of Unkululu, believes that chameleons are important messengers for humans. Chameleons bring us messages from gods so we need to respect them and listen to their messages carefully.

In Christianity, reptiles were associated with the Satan and everything that was evil and ominous. In popular culture, chameleons were used as symbols of being able to adapt to different situations, ability to transform and overcome problems by finding a creative solution.

People often use chameleons when they want to express someone’s ability to adapt to various situations life throws at them. Chameleons were often used as a reference for people who like to dress in flashy and colorful clothes, and this is something that is now a regular saying.

Dreams about Chameleons

As symbols in dreams, chameleons can have both positive and negative meanings.

Sometimes they warn us about things that are about to happen and other times they are there to

Seeing a chameleon – If you saw a chameleon in your dream, this means you are going to experience some positive events. These events can be both linked to your private life and to your business but either way you will be pleasantly surprised.

Dead chameleon – When chameleon in your dream was dead or you killed it, this means you are going to have bad luck in the period that is coming. Things are going to start falling apart and you won’t be able to collect yourself and start again. Perhaps it is better to wait for a better period to come along to start working on new projects and to invest your money into.

Chameleon changing colors – When chameleon in your dream was changing colors, this means you are a very adaptable person and you know how to make every situation work for you. No one can throw you into something without you swimming out at the end. This is a characteristic that is going to help you overcome a lot of future issues and help you be one step ahead of others.

Several chameleons – If you saw several chameleons in your dream, this means you have a lot of people around you who are not faithful to you. Their actions are not directed to do good things and you can only suffer in their presence. It is time to get rid of these negative people and to focus your attention to those who are good and kind. This is the only way you will be happy and content.


People often think that we are completely different than animals, but when we look at their capabilities and characteristics, we should strive to mimic some of their behaviors and not run away from them. Our fears and or deepest traits come out to the light when we least expect it, and this is something we can’t keep on a leash.

Chameleons are reptiles whose symbolism is still strong today. There are many sayings related to chameleons and their appearance. People were mesmerized by their ability to adapt to their surroundings and this was the first thing we concluded about their symbolism.

Chameleons are symbols of adaptability, change, agility, prophecy and emotions. People who are guided by these animals are very imaginative and their lives are full of color and brightness. There is nothing they can’t do or complete in their life, because their minds simply work in their own way.

Chameleon is an important symbol in today’s culture and it will certainly remain that way in the future. His characteristic behavior and appearance is what makes it unique and stand out from the rest of the animal kingdom, and that is something worth the praise and looking up to.