Chickadee – Spirit Animal, Totem, Symbolism and Meaning

The chickadee is a species of songbird, which is mainly native to Europe in the northern hemisphere, but also in parts of Asia. As a habitat it prefers mostly single groups of trees near human settlements. In addition, the Chickadeee is a spring bird therefore it settles someplace else in winter. In many countries as a spirit animal probably the most common are the great chickadee and blue chickadee.

The little singer, who performs his metallic-bright song so vociferous, is something you probably already heard in the spring time. After all, the great chickadee, which is so energetic, draws attention to songbirds. But they are not only found in the northern hemisphere – like in Europe – but also in parts of Africa.

But the great chickadee and its relatives living here, such as the blue chickadee, the crested chickadee, the coal chickadee, the marsh chickadee and the willow chickadee, are by no means among the migratory birds that turn their backs on wintery countries to fly to the warmer south.

Chickadee belong to the more flexible feeding birds, which eat insects in the summer and change their food in winter, to feed on grains and seeds. The little birdies are also rather bold and not shy, if they can steal other birds, for example, the food. Yet they look so delicate and fragile.

Spirit animal and Totem

That is why it is not easy, from a chickadee – which weighs just as much as 3 to 8 cubes of sugar (8 to 24 g) and with a size of about 11 to 16 cm is not necessarily among the imposing animals, – help for to expect the development of one’s personality.

Nevertheless, the power animal Chickadee is always emphasized the deep relation to the inner child, whose symbol she has long since become. Hopping, hanging head-on, singing loud – that’s what you’ve been very fond of in your childhood.

Today, you are expected not to lose yourself in your inner world of experience, but to stand firmly on the ground with both legs and meet the demands that are asked of you. That is why you are sensible and act responsibly. But above all, that you under no circumstances give your emotions expression, but always have your feelings under control.

As an adult, you have become a leader person. As a child, you were an emotional person. Do you remember how carefree and happy you were? It was so easy to find the big luck, because it was always close at hand in your area. Why is it so far away that it often seems so hard to reach? Because you lack the lightness that your power animal chickadee perfectly embodies.

The power animal Chickadee and its meaning

  • happiness
  • ease
  • vivacity
  • playfulness
  • pertness
  • inner child
  • curiosity

Your power animal, chickadee, takes what it wants: it takes the nest of a great spotted woodpecker when the opportunity arises; it steals the grains from the bird’s beak in front of the other birds, and it also likes to hang upside down on the “Chickadee” when it comes to conquering the very best place.

Your power animal chickadee is not ashamed to jump and enjoy the lightness of its being – your power animal chickadee follows its feelings.

Of course it has to be on the alert – the sharp claws and sharp teeth of a cat would quickly end the life of your power animal chickadee. Sparrowhawks, hawks and ravens are also among his natural enemies, which makes your power animal chickadee also in the air a life-threatening danger.

Reason enough to be constantly worried? No – not for your power animal chickadee. Of course, the little birdie is careful and attentive.

However, your power animal, chickadee, will not be deterred by the risks your life entails. Even as a child, you did not evaluate whether it was worth climbing over the fence. Your desire to discover new things and reveal secrets was far greater than your fears.

Today, your fears, worries and concerns determine your actions – you do not follow the impulse of joy or your feelings.

Instead, your mind controls your inner child, cutting off its liveliness and locking it deep inside you, so it will not seduce you into putting off your fetters of adulthood, hoping to leap like the power animal chickadee so your worries slip off your shoulders.

Spiritual Meaning and Symbolism

In the Celtic mythology, the chickadee was closely associated with the bards and art. So the Chickadee is said to have helped poets by either finding the right words for the poets and whispering to them or giving the poets interesting stories and news. The poets, in turn, should have rewritten these stories and news and cleverly processed them in their poems.

If this cute birdie flies into your life, he wants to call you to more playfulness and bring more humor and happiness in your life. If you are currently in a low mood, or are often in a bad mood, distressing, or emotionally cramped, then the chickadee will hop into your life as a power animal to emotionally lighten it. With the help of the chickadee you gain new joie de vivre and come out of your phlegmatism.

The power animal Chickadee awakens the almost insatiable curiosity in you, so that you get moving again, stay mobile and do not lose interest in world events.

Just as the chickadee is very lively and playful, the chickadeemice, as a power animal, also wants to awaken the inner child in you and encourage you to exercise more physically and mentally. Sure, there are some things that they would like to do, but always postpone it for whatever reason – either because you are too tired, just do not feel like it, or worry about what your friends and neighbors would think of it.

The power animal chickadee advises you no longer to wait and no longer to think, but easy to do. It’s your life, not the other’s.

Release your inner child, let it play, romp and collect as long as you enjoy it and do no harm to others. Break out of the cage of everyday life and routine and start to live, so that luck also likes to be at your side again!

Chickadee – dream interpretation

Listening to a chick sing in your dreams or seeing it sitting on a branch, it promises impending happiness and imminent success.

Moreover, the song of a chickadee in the dream means that the dreamer is emotionally open, happy and content with his current situation.