Cricket – Spirit Animal, Totem, Symbolism and Meaning

Warm summer nights wouldn’t be the same without these magnificent creatures. Sounds they make are universally known and we have all seen a cricket at least once in our life.

They inhabit almost the entire planet. This insect has a great symbolic value and roots of its symbolism were created centuries ago.

Cricket traits and characteristics

Resilient – Crickets, unlike other insects, don’t even have venom to protect themselves. Their only shields against predators are their long legs and ability to jump high. Everything else in nature can harm these gentle creatures so they developed their own defense mechanism in order to survive.

Athletic – It is a little bit funny to call an animal athletic, but this kind of trait is definitely suitable for a cricket. They have lean, long back legs that can catapult crickets to heights several times greater than the size of their bodies. This helps crickets be several steps ahead of its predators and survive in nature.

Cricket as a totem

As a totem, cricket symbolizes good luck, strength, abundance, freedom and independence. People who are protected by cricket totems are bound to be lucky in life and achieve great things. Of course, even with all the help from the higher forces we still need to give some effort and make things possible for us.

People protected by cricket totems live a life of abundance and joy. They are always ready to take on new opportunities guided by positive energy. Ruining their positive vibes won’t be easy for you, so it is better to stand back if you don’t like getting positivity transferred onto you.

It is amazing to see how these people create a beautiful environment for them and others who come across their path. They are all around happy people who know how to make the best out of this one shot they got.

When it comes to picking a career, they can excel in almost any field as long as they use all of the positive traits they poses. Love and family is important for them so taking care of their loved ones and devoting them time is essential.

The only negative characteristic (even though it is a positive one at the same time) is their love for freedom. When this love for freedom is in some sort of boundaries then it is okay, but if it becomes their obsession then they are in threat of losing everything. Being too in love with not being tied to anything can lead up to lonely lives and not much to be proud of when you look back.

Cricket as a symbol in a dream

Crickets in our dreams are positive symbols. They bring us joy and good luck but in some cases they can bring bad news.

If you had a dream about a cricket, then you will be a part of some kind of festivity very soon. Your family member might welcome a newborn and throw a party or you might be invited to a party you have been dreaming about.

If you heard a cricket in your dream, then you will hear some good news from someone. This person is going to tell you something important that you have been wishing to hear for a while now.

Catching a cricket while dreaming represents good intuition. You will be able to evaluate a situation or even a person, correctly, and gain a valuable experience afterwards.

Cricket as a symbol in different cultures

Cricket symbolism dates back to ancient history. This amazing insect preoccupied people’s attention more than any other insect ever. We can find evidence of cricket symbolism in culture, religion, art and poetry.

In chronicles of the Spanish conquest of Americas, written by Alvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca, crickets are mentioned as positive symbols. Chirping of crickets was heard from the land, just in time when the crew ran out of drinking water on the boat.

People of Barbados believe that a loudly chirping cricket announces money but in Brazil the same event announces death so it needs to be killed if it is inside the house.

In art and literature, crickets are often mentioned. In the novel The Cricket on the Health, we can read a story about a cricket that chirps and protects the family from harm. The Cricket in Times Square by George Selden, we can read a story about Chester. Chester was a cricket that was accepted by a family in Connecticut and taken to New York for the first time.

These are just some examples of crickets being used as motives in literature. In the Bible we all know the story about the great plague and the destruction of Earth by locust and crickets.

Almost every culture has its own interpretation of the cricket symbolism. This only proves that no matter how small the animal (insect) might be, value and symbolism of it can be enormous.