Do Air Purifiers Work?

Air is an essential for all life on our Earth. However, with our civilization development and all our technological achievements we’ve done much harm to our world’s atmosphere and the air we breathe. Since the time of the Industrial Revolution and the development of first factories and facilities, our air has been contaminated. Those amazing inventions had made our life easier, but our environment paid a great price.

In the last few decades, the technological progress has increased even more and it still runs unbelievably rapid. However, our Earth gets more and more contaminated. From our daily routines to a wider picture, we literally use the atmosphere like a recycle bin for waste materials.

It is extremely important to inhale pure and clean air. The greater the pollution is, more serious is the damage we do to our overall health and body. Our body cells need pure oxygen from air and they don’t need toxic materials, logically. In an era of growing awareness of the possible fatal outcomes of air pollution, people try to find a way to make their environment healthier. Since the air is vital for all life, people from various professions and interest fields are trying to find a way to purify the air we breathe.

What is an air purifier?

Thanks to our general technological advancement, experts created devices to purify the air in our rooms, offices and other places we spend a lot of time in. Air purifiers are machines designed to clear the air by removing contaminating materials. People who suffer from allergies or conditions like asthma are usually the main commercial focus group for those devices.

According to labels of those products they are beneficial to allergy sufferers or asthmatic people and they could also reduce the negative effects of cigarette smoke in rooms. There are small household units, made to purify the air in living spaces and other used in industry, to reduce risk of health complications caused by air pollution.

Air purifiers have several mechanisms of functioning, but they are all claimed to remove and reduce dust, mold spores, pet dander, pollen, cigarette smoke and other undesirable material from the air.

However, there has been a lot of discussion about their actual role. While some people would assure you air purifiers helped them, others are still quite distrustful. There are numerous popular culture myths over the matter. So, let us examine the matter a little bit more.

Does it actually work?

People would always have doubts about things they don’t know so well. For example, if you’re not a technological expert, you won’t actually know how an air purifier works and does it work. There has been a lot of speculation and doubts about those allegedly helpful devices.

  • Air purifiers against dust

People usually think an air purifier literally sucks up all the dust so you’ll never need to dust the space again. However, that is not the case. An air purifier doesn’t have a fan so strong, so you still need to regularly dust your furniture. A fan strong enough to actually remove the dust would probably devastate your entire home!

  • Air purifiers against allergens

An air purifier won’t remove all the allergens from the air. Some types of them are too heavy and they would remain on surfaces in your room. An air purifier could probably reduce the potential allergic reactions, but it is not a magic stick to get you completely safe from allergens. People also believe an air purifier would keep the air in rooms free of allergens, so they don’t need to open the windows, especially during particular allergens season. That is completely wrong conclusion. Air purifiers could reduce the concentration of allergens, but they can’t produce fresh air! Fresh air is the most important thing for our overall well beings, so you need to wind the rooms, of course.

  • Air purifiers against viruses

People also think air purifiers are one hundred percent effective against viruses and germs. Well, they aren’t. There has been a lot of misguidance in air purifier companies’ advertisements, claiming that their products are effective for that purpose. Some companies produce air purifiers with ultra violet lights that are meant to kill allergens, viruses and germs. Those claims raised great debates over the matter. Researches have showed that harmful material could never spend enough time in front those ultra violet beams to actually get extinct. There are rare high quality air purifiers that have advanced HEPA filters or sterilizers, able to kill dangerous viruses and pathogens.

  • Air purifiers against odors

Some people believe that air purifiers also remove unpleasant odors, so they bother less about keeping their household tidy and clean. It may sound pretty dumb, but people actually do that. However, an air purifier only reduces odors that contain several pounds of high grade carbon. Regular household hygiene has to be a must for everybody, no matter of your health condition.

  • Air purifiers against cigarette smoke

People commonly believe all types of air purifiers remove the cigarette smoke from our rooms and offices. This is only partially true. Air purifiers could not reduce the negative effects from cigarette smoke. It is true they can only remove leftovers, particles floating in the air. They may reduce the odor of the smoke, so we think we are protected from its effects. There are some specially designed devices made for that purpose, but most of common air purifiers are not capable of such action.

The verdict

So, what should be the conclusion? Are air purifiers useful? The answer is yes, they are, but do not fall for popular myths and believe they are almighty. They do what they are made for.

Air purifiers could help you fighting against allergens and harmful material in the air, but they are not a magical solution. You still need to do regular cleaning, dusting and sterilizing, if any need, as well as other common practices. An air purifier could contribute to your living and working space overall cleanliness. It is very important to keep the air you breathe as healthy as it can be, so it surely won’t be a waste to get an air purifier.

However, keep in mind it is just a device to help you keep safe and healthy environment, alomg with other precautions.