Does Brown Sugar Go Bad?

Whether you are an amateur or experienced cook, brown sugar is obviously known uncommon to you as it is used in many cooking processes and offers lots of health benefits. As this sugar is made in some distinct chemical procedure, it possesses a special chemical configuration and our own bodies respond differently to it. The main feature of brown sugar, available in the market, is brown dye and intense flavor that emerges because of the existence of molasses. Processed sugar may be also transformed to brown sugar with the simple addition of molasses in balanced quantity.

Brown sugar is able to increase the energy of your body for some short time periods, providing you with temporary potency and stimulation in the instances while you feel feeble. But, as it contains no nutrients, needed for the body, sugars may only supply energy within short time. This kind of effect is generally caused with the reducing amount of some naturally produced hormone serotonin.

However, no matter how useful brown sugar is, most of the kitchens have this sugar, and that is why people have a common query in their mind- Can brown sugar be stored for an extensive period of time, i.e., a number of years? You may not be sure of the answer of this question until using it. However, some researchers say that in many of the instances, there is no reason of not consuming the sugar for longer period.

Brown sugar in hardened condition – Is it bad for health?

Brown sugar cannot get spoiled easily as it never boosts up the development of bacteria. But, as soon as this brown sugar becomes dried, it turns out to be extremely hard for your baking and cooking purpose. Brown sugar has molasses and powdered sugar. At times, if some amount of moisture finds its way to access your sugar, then this sugar soaks it up and gets hardened. While you purchase brown sugar from any shop, it remains in fluffy and soft condition. If this sugar is stored for a very long time or not preserved in the proper way, it may become as hard as brick.

However, do not consider this hardened condition to be the spoiled one as it is not truly rancid but has become tough for you to use. There are some ways in which you may soften that sugar-

  • While you do not want to use the sugar right now, place one apple piece into your sugar container, close it and then keep this in the same way for some hours.
  • You have to microwave (low or average mode) it for one or two minutes
  • smash it using a fork
  • Place this into any bag and strike against a counter
  • Make use of your electric mixer

More tips to soften your brown sugar

There are some more ways to make your brown sugar softer. At some kitchen stores, you may get terracotta-based clay disks. Their major function is to prevent the dried condition of brown sugar. If you do not like to purchase any such disk, then you may place in a bread piece or any wet paper towel with your sugar in order to soften it. (The fact that is very interesting is that the bread will not become moldy. It only dries up and turns out to be inedible; however, they keep your sugar quite soft).

You know that brown sugar is available mainly in some plastic container. You may insert your disk to this container and then seal it tightly once again.

However, some people have observed that brown sugar may remain in a better condition, when it is kept in any sealed container instead of any original carrier. If you’ve bought any terracotta disk, then you have to steep it in some liquid for almost fifteen minutes prior to including this to brown sugar.

Right storage method for brown sugar

The process of storage to keep your brown sugar away from becoming rancid is very simple. Only keep this in dry and cool site. If possible, you may also store it inside any cupboard, pantry or in a place of the kitchen. You have to ensure that the sugar is placed away from all sources of intense heat (for example, radiators and ovens) and water. In fact, brown sugar has the ability to absorb water and any liquid from the surrounding places, and dampness is one of the reasons for which sugar solidifies into huge masses.

Only if the packet of brown sugar is not untied, you may store this in the present condition, i.e., in the original packet. While this packet is unwrapped, it is an excellent plan to move it into some airtight jar or place the packet into any plastic sealable container. In this way, your sugar may be sealed very compactly. It will assist to keep the moisture away from entering your sugar granules. It may also avert any insect from accessing your package. These are some simple tips about the storage of your brown sugar to allow it to stay fresh for a long time.

Brown sugar and shelf life

In general, you may store brown sugar for as much time as you desire, only if it is kept in the right place. When you have kept it away from bugs and water that may get into it in some way, you will be able to increase the shelf life of your sugar. However, like all other kinds of foods, it is better to make use of brown sugar participles within some years, though it may last for several years with the proper storage.

Is there any sign of rotten brown sugar?

When you have noticed some alive or dead microbes in your sugar, you need to dispose it off. If some contaminants are traced in the package, it is also essential to remove them. Your brown sugar may remain in good condition; however, still, it is best to stay safe all the time.

So, maintain the condition of your brown sugar in above ways or consume it as soon as possible.