Does Chocolate Go Bad?

Chocolate is one of the most preferred treats to almost all of us, and often we choose it as the perfect gift, to be offered to our dear one. Its velvety essence as well as endless varieties is perhaps the main reason for which many of us get addicted to such sweet food.

Some people, who love to eat chocolate, also want to stock several chocolate bars in a small box. Obviously, these people are not likely to eat all the chocolates within one day, and want to enjoy them for a number of weeks or months. But, do these chocolates get spoiled over time? The main question is – how long does last a chocolate bar?

The answer of this question depends on the chocolate variety, quality of the product, expiry data, method of preparation, and the process of storing it. By knowing some simple recommendations, you may be able to stay away from the consumption of spoiled chocolate or chocolate-related products.

Do all chocolates have the same shelf life?

Chocolate’s color may vary from black to white. Thus, highest proportion of cocoa is found in darkest chocolate. Light brown chocolate, i.e., milk chocolate is perhaps the sweetest one, while the darker variety of chocolate has quite bitter taste, according to some users. However, these darker chocolates are found to be healthy for our heart.

When you want to know the shelf life of this sweet product, you have to consider the type of chocolate that has been purchased. Milk chocolate does not have much ability to remain fresh for longer time. The safety level and flavor of the product will get worse, and thus, it becomes unhealthy for your consumption. On the other hand, dark chocolate may last quite longer time than that of milk-made chocolate. Though its chocolaty zest will be lessened, the product may remain harmless to eat or completely practical for frosting and baking. When your chocolate experiences low or high change in temperature, it will not be safe for you as the temperature alterations can enhance the development of potentially detrimental bacteria.

Most of the chocolates are able to retain its quality for about 18 to 24 months. Chocolate syrup may remain fresh for almost 2 years, if not opened. While it is opened, it may last for about 6 months. Pre-dissolved chocolate, if stored well, in a pantry or refrigerator, may last maximum one year, while the unsweetened product stays intact for almost eighteen months. Darker chocolate has the longest shelf life- more or less 5 years.

You can find out rancid chocolates through:

Fat Bloom

A grayish or white layer of fatty substance on the food’s surface surely points to the fact that the product must not be eaten.

However, in chocolate, a fat coating is seen while the fats of cocoa butter appear on the surface, just after getting separated from cocoa. Though this event may be hideous, the chocolate isn’t unsafe for you.

Sugar Bloom

When the sugar, present in chocolate is solidified because of moisture and modification of temperature, a horrible, coarse texture may come out. Though the chocolate is harmless to consume, the flavor is not much suitable.


Possibly, one of the simplest options to know whether chocolate has become stale is by realizing its smell. When the smell of chocolate is bad, it will possibly have bad taste and is dangerous.


The chocolate-based products that are of very high quality consist of natural additives or flavanols. It indicates that premium quality chocolates may be consumed after its date of manufacture.

However, chocolates, which have artificial additives, will not stay well unlike those, chocolate, which have flavanols and give anti-oxidizing results.


While you are not certain of whether your chocolate bar is inedible, you may try to have a small bit of it. This will obviously reveal whether it is acceptable to you. When the product has rancid or bitter tastes, you should not munch it.

Storage of chocolate rightly

As chocolate may go bad, you need to know the best way to store it so that you will never need to throw away your favorite chocolate.

Store the chocolate in cool dry room

When the product is placed in any dry, cool place (about 55% humidity and 65 to 68°F), it may remain intact for a longer time because the blended cocoa butter as well as the solids can stay steady.

Air tight box for storage

If your chocolate bar is exposed to oxygen, then it may bring about oxidization. As a result, there will be an undesirable modification of the chocolate’s flavor. That is why storing this product in your air-tight jars is recommendable to take pleasure in better tang.

Avoid light

A chocolate container, if left out to artificial light or direct sunrays, it leads to some unusual alteration of flavor, and thus, light must also be averted.


Often, many people say that a chocolate must not be refrigerated. However, when the temperature is very high, you should keep chocolates in the fridge. The chocolate box, if opened, you need to wrap or close it tightly prior to refrigeration. It prevents the product from odor absorption and condensation.

Moreover, keep in mind that you have to close the wrapped product in any air-tight jar. While you take out the product from the fridge, you should allow this to stay under room temperature prior to unwrapping.


Storing your chocolate inside a freezer may assist to extend the shelf-life. Besides, you should freeze the product for one day, and after that, place the item inside the freezer. While you like to consume the chocolate, turn around the steps.

It may be concluded that as every chocolate has a delicate taste, it is better to consume it within one week. If it is left out for a long period, then its color and taste will perhaps start changing slightly.  When you see that some white dots have appeared on different parts of chocolate, you must avoid eating it. So, try to store your chocolates properly after buying them from a store.