Does Coffee Go Bad?

Coffee is one of the carefully produced agricultural items, and it isn’t a pack of sticky worms. In fact, there are several people, who have lots of coffee beans in their household. And coffee lovers want to have a wonderful drink from the fresh coffee beans.

However, it may an unfortunate situation if they wake up in the morning and find that the coffee beans have become stale and rancid. So, the time period for which coffee beans may remain fresh. Here, some discussion may help you to know whether you may store your coffee for a long time.

Shelf life of different forms of coffee

Many of your the brands offer dark and light roasted coffee. Medium to light roasted coffee nowadays has high popularity in the present years as they are able to sustain the original flavor. However, at a particular point of time, the flavor may be lost.

Ground coffee does not last an extensive period. In fact, this is such coffee that is risky for you. The process of grinding produces coffee, which covers the maximum surface exposed to a variety of elements. You may better have those coffee beans that have not undergone the grinding process.

However, for ground coffee, you always need to take some preventive measures as far as possible.

According to some research, your coffee beans may retain their fresh condition for almost 4 weeks after heating. However, there are some experts, who claim that you may store coffee beans for only two weeks. But, the fact about which you may be certain is that within two to four week, there may be a deterioration of coffee flavor. In fact coffee may not become completely rancid. After some weeks, the taste only begins to decline and the beans turn out to be stale. The good fact is that there no serious illness, which may be caused due to intake of stale coffee.

Storage process for keeping the coffee fresh

You have to know some tricks for storing the coffee beans in a proper way. If the coffee beans can be stored well, you may consume the product for a number of years. You have perhaps seen that many grocery shops and large chains store their coffee on a shelf. They do not consider the time period for which it will be placed in one’s cupboard.

When you find that you are going to drink old coffee, you have to look over it, at first, and never use it when the coffee beans

  • Have been stored with no tight sealing
  • Are damp in some way
  • Have stink of mold or include any noticeable mildew

Thus, make your own decision and always be cautious about what you’re brewing.

When the coffee beans are kept in any place, it may get in touch with moisture, air, light or heat and will become affected sooner or later. It is essential to place your coffee inside some airtight container. Besides, there are some people, who want to keep them inside a vacuum sealed container. However, an airtight can or also a solid jar is suitable.

If you like to store a huge quantity of coffee, you may better make use of a huge canister to hold it. But, a small container is right for daily use, and in this way, you may attempt to limit the exposure to air and the light.

There is also an option to freeze your ground coffee beans, though this is a very traditional practice and many people like to keep away from it whenever possible.

Remember that coffee beans have oils that can bring about its rancidity, just as some other kind of oil. In fact, the most excellent means to prevent the spoilage of the oil is by using the coffee within ninety days.  Freezing your coffee beans may surely maintain the freshness for much longer time; however, you may also lose a little amount of coffee beans’ flavor by doing so. When coffee beans have undergone grinding process, they may lose taste and fragrance very fast. As a result, the ground coffee may give out stale stink, just as older chips or bread. The perfect means to sustain the freshness of ground coffee is by keeping it firmly sealed within an airtight can. The container, in which, coffee beans are kept by the manufacturer, are usually airtight; it may last for almost 2 weeks within this container when the cap has been taken out.

Can you store brewed coffee?

If you have already brewed your coffee, then it may become rancid quite quicker than beans or grounds. Brewed coffee may be placed inside the fridge for three to four days before it is the time to dump out. There are, however, some doubts regarding this time period. When you like to heat up your brewed coffee (stored in a fridge) in your microwave oven, you may lose much of its flavor or tang of the drink.

Obviously, the taste may seem to be stale or burned. The same thing can be said in case of reheating your drink that is kept on a counter. Any person, who is coffee lover, may recommend you for dumping out your coffee after almost sixty minute of sitting the drink on burner, because the water may disappear, but oils may still be found in coffee. Consequently, you may get an intense and bitter taste of coffee with horrific taste.

Thus, we may conclude that the capability of your coffee beans to remain fresh depends on various factors, for example, method of preparation, best before date and the way of storing it. Due to addicting aroma and obvious health benefits of coffee, it has become one of the accepted drinks all over this world.

In fact, coffee is applied in several kinds of the items, such as, delicious baked goods. No matter how you want to use coffee, it is always important to make use of fresh coffee. And you must know the right storage options for preserving the coffee.