Does Lime Juice Go Bad?

Lime juice can be a great marinade for fish, chicken and other meats. Also, lime juice can be a great spice for many other dishes. Lime juice has a lot of health benefits, such as weight loss, gum health and the health of the gastrointestinal tract. It helps with digestion and if you drink it regularly, you won’t have problems with constipation any more.

Sometimes limes can be too expensive and they can go bad quickly. It is better to buy a bottle of lime juice from concentrate, because this juice contains preservatives and can last longer.

In this article we will discuss about the lime juice and its shelf life. Does lime juice go bad? How to store the lime juice properly? Continue reading and you will get the answers very soon.

The Shelf Life of Lime Juice

Unfortunately, the lime juice has the potential to go bad, although it contains preservatives that can extend its shelf life. It is sure that lime juice will not spoil easily as it contains acids, but it can go bad after some time. Lime juice has a printed date and it is usually a use by date or a best by date, but it can be good even 6-9 months after that date, if it is not opened. But, after that period of time, the lime juice will have bad smell and it will not taste the same as before.

If the bottle is opened, the lime juice should be used within six months and should be kept in the fridge. One interesting fact is that if the glass of lime juice is uncovered, it will stay fresh for about three or four hours. If it is in the fridge, it will last for a day or more, but it will lose a lot of the freshness.

How To Store Lime Juice Properly?

Proper storage is the most important if you want your lime juice to last as long as possible. It is important to store your lime juice in the fridge if the bottle has been already opened.

If you leave a bottle at room temperature for too long, then bacteria will start to grow and you should get rid of the bottle. If the lime juice is spoiled it will also poison your food and it will cause many health risks. To avoid it, it is best to throw away the bottle of the lime juice that has gone bad. But, if the bottle of lime juice is not opened, you can leave it in the pantry.

Also, it is very important to close the lid tightly, because the process of oxidation can kill the fresh flavor.

How To See If Lime Juice Has Gone Bad?

It is not hard to notice if the lime juice has gone bad. First, you have to be sure if you have provided the proper storage for the juice. The next step is to check the smell of the juice and if the smell is off, you should toss the lime juice out. If the smell of the lime juice is okay, then you should check its color.

If the juice has become darker than usually then it has probably gone bad. One more indicator that the lime juice has gone bad is a loss of the citrus taste. In this case, toss the juice out and buy the new one. But, if the lime juice has not change in texture, flavor or color, it is still good and you can consume it. It means that you have stored the juice properly.