Does Wine Go Bad?

Most of us like to enjoy the taste of wine in special occasion. However, very often, we buy a number of bottles of wine, and have the taste of it, whenever we need it. Obviously, all those bottles of wine cannot be finished within one day, and that is why we are likely to store the wine, for many days. However, many of the wine lovers ask the question- Does wine become spoiled over time? Most of the wine lovers do not know the way of storing the wine. They also cannot determine whether their wine has lost its quality.

Many wine users perhaps believe that the wine has the capacity to last for a long period. However, unfortunately, this is not true. Only if not opened and if stored properly, the wine may be used for a number of years. When the wine has not lost its quality, you possibly want to place it in your cellar or pantry for several years. It will remain in good condition, if you have stored it well. If you have very common inexpensive wine, then it may not be stored for a long time. Rather, it is better to drink it within one or two years.

Some information about preserving sealed wine bottles

As one of the users of wine, you should know about wine aging. This is a procedure, which affects the tang of the drink; however, it never makes the content spoiled. For this reason, some of the wines are much valuable. These drinks have been stocked up for some time; they developed a clear and wonderful taste. While you decide to stock up the sealed wine containers for more than a number of weeks, you have to keep them in lying pose. In this manner, cork may be always moistened and it will not lead to the appearance of any small hole. When the cork worsens and begins to allow air to enter the container, wine discontinues its aging. Then, it starts deteriorating, and finally goes bad.

Most of the experts have found that if opened, the wine may be excellent just for some days or possibly one week. For this reason, you need to utilize it quite fast, as it begins to get worse very soon. A clear sparkling wine may turn out to be dull within 2 days. While the wine bottles remain opened, it is always essential to store them in the fridge. But, before it, storing them in dark and cool place, as pantry, may be good. After unbolting the bottle, you must keep in mind that it has to be sealed firmly. To do it, you may apply the cork, a plastic cover or stopper and any rubber strip.

Can wine be expired? Make out your bad wine

Wine may or may not expire, and this depends strongly on the quality. Many people want to know, how long does last their wine. When it has first-class quality, it may be preserved for almost hundred years. After unlocking, it will be of best quality. The low-priced wines have to be consumed within some years. These facts are applicable for all red, white or sparkling wines. When the container is unsealed, it may be turn into a bad condition within one week. After this period, your wine may give you some vinegary taste, which may be unpleasant to you. The flavor may also seem to be fizzy. While you have a sip, you may feel that you are drinking soda. This indicates that your wine has undergone a subsequent fermentation.

Smell of bad wine

In case of white wine that has gone bad, you may have the smell of burnt meat, and there is one reason behind it. Perhaps, the grapes, used to prepare the wine were exposed to smoke. It occurs while the smoke, generating from forest fire, contacts the skins of grape. The level of the smoke may differ, according to the exposure of the grapes. Many users have also compared the spoiled wine’s smell to damp cardboard, and some other things.

Know the reason for which wine may go bad

There is no highly technical reason behind your wine going bad and gaining a sour taste. If you have opened the bottle and have not sipped the wine, the drink may undergo a process, known as oxidation.

When wine gets in touch with the molecules of air, it becomes oxidized. It will not only lead to the spoilage of flavor but also affect the look. The wine, which gets oxidized, may have the tendency to lose the luster. For instance, the bright red wine may be transformed into brown or brick colored drinks.

How should you extend your wine’s life after opening the bottle?

Though there is perhaps nothing, which may help you to increase the quality of wine, for an indefinite period, you can make use of a tool that may assist you to preserve the opened wine bottle for minimum one week or more. Such tool is known as the tool of wine preservation.

The tool is, in fact, a small pump along with a stopper, which enables you in sucking the air from the container after putting on the stopper and making a vacuum. And this air leads to wine oxidation process. Alternatively, if there is less amount of air in the bottle after closing it, then the wine may not be oxidized very easily. It is a very helpful little device that all wine lovers must possess in their store.

There are some more ways with which you can avoid the adverse effects of oxidation. The wine bottle, which is open, must be placed away from rays of sun as it is noted that the UV rays of the sun may corrupt and age your wine prematurely.

Another factor is to be remembered regarding the temperature. The fast aging sometimes happens while wine remains stored at a temperature, which is over seventy degree Fahrenheit. The slight modifications of temperature do not pose any threat. Rather, you may try to keep the temperature range from 45 to 65 degrees.

Many people often ask- Is it right to preserve wine in fridge for an extensive period? The originality of the drink, stocked with a cork, usually remains undamaged for about 3 to 5 days. However, the sooner this is used, the better.

In fact, most of the common categories of wine, which we often drink daily, should be drunk instantly by any means.

There are some more helpful tips, which you may use, in order to store the wine that you have:

  • Store the wine in such a location, where it humidity range is from 50 to 80% (it should not be your laundry room or kitchen room).
  • Buy any small sized, low-priced wine cooler.

Thus, it may be said though some wines can be stored for several years with the right storage, some others need to be consumed within one day. If left out, most of the wines have the possibility to become spoiled. As a regular wine drinker, you should know these facts in order to keep your wines in the best possible condition.