Dolphin – Spirit Animal, Totem, Symbolism and Meaning

Dolphins are mammals that livve in deep waters of seas and oceans. These aquatic mammals captured people’s hearts from the first moment they saw them. There was something completely different about dolphins that set them apart from all other sea creatures.

Their ability to connect with people and even show them their emotion was extraordinary and that is what seized our attention from the beginning. Dolphins belong to the Cetacea family, together with whales and porpoises.

Most dolphins live in oceans around our planet, but there are also some examples of river dolphins. Symbolism surrounding dolphins was created by cultures and nations that lived near them and had a chance to get to know these beautiful animals first.

Spirit Animal and Totem

Spirit animals teach us about ourselves. They are our guiding lines in life that we need to follow in order to become better people and more honest human beings. Totems and spirit animals represent our characters but they are also our protectors and guardians of our lives. Their energies motivate us and move us into the right direction. When we look at an animal we can clearly see how her behavior can be linked with ours and we sense the connection between us and another living thing.

As a spirit animal, dolphin can be best described by these words:

  • Happiness,
  • Courtesy,
  • Intelligence,
  • Willpower,
  • Teamwork,
  • Wholeness,
  • Humor,
  • Playfulness

All of these words describe a person born or protected by this animal totem. Power of this totem helps us to understand our life and motivates us to become better human beings.

People born or led by this animal totem are playful and happy. They are always approaching the world with a smile on their faces and never with a frown. You won’t ever catch them with a frown on their faces because that is simply not the way they like to spend their days. Even if you just had a bad day, you will never show that to others. It is unnecessary to burden others with your problems because things can be solved in a different way. Why would we be sad when we can spend our lives in happiness and joy.

People born under this totem are highly intelligent. They can get into almost any profession and career option without a problem. Their minds can help them adapt to any surroundings without a problem. Their intelligence is not only limited to schools and colleges, they are also street smart and understand how life functions. Sometimes people underestimate them because they tend to be playful and careless about life, but you definitely know what you are doing. If someone tries to trick you or take advantage of you, they won’t go too well with that. You seem to understand how people think and you can predict their next move.

People born under this totem or guided by it are also team-workers. They enjoy spending time with their friends and co-workers. They belong in the community and this is where they feel the best at. Nothing can mess up their vibe, if their friends are there with them.

They enjoy exchanging opinions with other people and spending time talking about anything and everything. This helps them feel calm and happy inside. There is nothing like a good time spent with friends and family talking about almost anything. This makes them great friends and co-workers. They will never attack first or do something to hurt others. This is not in their nature and they hate when someone else hurts them for no reason.

They believe that people are good and that others will respect them just as much as they respect other people.

People born under this totem are also humorous and love to entertain others. It is in their nature to pull off pranks and to entertain the people they love. Life is boring if you don’t have a person guided by this animal totem in your life. Their energy is something that fills the room up with positive energy and joy. When you are down, these people come just to improve your mood and to make you feel better. It is a true treasure to have these people in your life since they will always be there when you need them.

People guided by the dolphin spirit animal have a strong willpower. This means they will do anything that is necessary in order to achieve their goals. Nothing can stand in their way to success if that is what they want. Even though they won’t cross over dead to get what they want, they are going to use their minds in order to always be one step in front of other people.

As a negative characteristic, some might mention their inability to stay in one place. They love to be on the go and no one can change that. This might become a problem especially if they enter a relationship. Their partners must be aware of the fact that they are never going to be calm and static. This comes from their desire to see as much as possible. They want to experience the world in its entire beauty, so staying in one place is not something they are prepared to do, even for the sake of love.

Symbolism and Meaning

Dolphin symbolism was created by people who lived near them and people who got to know them first. Peculiar dolphin behavior became interesting to humans from the first moment they saw them. Nothing could have been compared to dolphins, since most of the creatures that lived in rivers and oceans were scary to humans. We never knew what kind of an animal this is and what it can do to us. When our ancestors got to knew dolphins they realized that oceans don’t only hide scary and dangerous things.

Ancient people associated dolphins with deities. Because of their kind nature, dolphins were often associated with deities that represented love and gentleness. The Greeks associated dolphins with Poseidon (God of the sea) and Romans associated it with Neptune (God of the sea as well). To them, dolphin represented kingship, rule, strength, freedom, intelligence, fatherly protection of others and compassion. As associations with the highest deities in Roman and Greek mythology, dolphins had a very important role in the lives common of people and were often portrayed in art and literature.

Dolphin was also associated with the Greek God of Love Eros and the Roman God of Love Cupid. Because of this, dolphins were represented as loving, kind, friendly, sensuality, curiosity and joy. They were beloved by people and respected at the same time. Greeks and Romans associated dolphins with the God Dionysus and Bacchus that were symbols of joviality, freedom, wildness and creative self-expression.

According to the Greek myths, God Dionysus would often turn himself into a dolphin and go to Delphi, where a convention of dolphin worshippers took place. To Greeks, the word Delphi was derived from the word delphys that means the womb. Dolphins were often associated with mothers and feminine energy.

In Celtic culture, dolphins were highly honored creatures that were the protectors of the water and sacred wells. To Celtic people dolphins were protectors of the water who took care of fisherman and everyone who was sailing on the sea. Pirates saw dolphins as protectors of the ocean and looked at them as symbols of protection. According to one of the legends of the pirate lore, dolphins were often seen as mermaids or their presence was often confused with mermaids.

Greeks respected dolphins probably more than any other culture. They saw dolphins as protectors and as good omens. Their presence represented a positive sign for all the people who were travelling on the water. If dolphins would swim next to a ship when it sailed off, this was seen as a positive omen and a good prediction for everyone on board.

In popular culture, dolphins are still seen as positive symbols and the meaning of this symbol hasn’t changed that much. They are still beloved by people all over the world and respected for their positive energy. In cartoons and TV shows, dolphins are always represented as positive characters no matter what. Any kind of cruelty against this beloved animal is considered as a crime and highly judged by the rest of the world. Animal organizations protect dolphins and take great care of them.

Dreams about dolphin

Dolphin dreams can have different meanings depending on other symbols that were present in our dream. Sometimes they can have positive and other times negative meaning. The way we felt when we saw a dolphin in our dream is very important and gives a lot of value to the interpretation.

If you had a dream about a dolphin in general, then you are about to have an amazing experience that will change your life. Something positive is about to happen to you and you and you will be more than happy about it. Things in your life are about to take another turn and it is going to be in a positive direction.

Dream about a dolphin in the water is a symbol of good communication with the people in your surroundings. Things will be going great for you, especially if you are trying to build meaningful relationships with people you love. All problems between you and your partner are about to be resolved and taken care without any fuss.

If you had a dream about playing with a dolphin then you can expect some kind of a relaxing period. Things will slowly fall into place in your life and you will gather enough energy to make something great in your life. Rest is probably something you have needed for a while now, and it is finally going to come to you. Playing with a dolphin is a symbol of playfulness and positive energy and a best description of what you currently need in your life.

Dreams about chasing dolphins are symbols of something fun and exciting. These dreams symbolize careless times and fun adventures in your life. This dream is announcing something exciting in your life that could potentially get you out of the dark place you are currently in right now. Use this period to make your life even better than it is now and gather enough strength to persevere through hard moments.

Dreams about riding on a dolphin are symbols of your desire to make something out of your life. This dream indicates you need to gather enough energy to fight against every problem that is coming your way. You have a strong desire to move up in life by hard work and dedication, and you can be sure that this is going to come to you very soon.


Dolphins are symbols of positive and generous things in life. They show us how to be playful but still intelligent in life to recognize what is good for us. Their positive energy is going to help us become better people and better human beings. For centuries, these aquatic mammals have been worshipped and beloved by people and nothing changed since that time. Their positive energy simply radiates and makes us happy as soon as we see them.

They have been our protectors that guided us in time of need, when we travelled on the unknown waters. They have been and will remain to be symbols of positivity, love, friendship, intelligence and kindness. Dolphins as spirit animals give us positivity and joy we all so desperately need in our lives.