Dragonfly – Spirit Animal, Totem, Symbolism and Meaning

Dragonfly is a symbol of prosperity, happiness, strength, change, wisdom, peace, harmony and purity. It is related to our subconsciousness and dreams. It helps us to rethink our hidden thoughts and motives, patterns of behavior that affect our lives and experiences of life without affecting them. Once we have them, their power over us disappears, because then we are able to act consciously and actively in the personal way of thinking and behavior.

Dragonflies are small creatures that belong to the family of Odonata infraorder Anisoptera. The name dragonfly comes from the Greek word Aviooc anisos which means uneven. They are best known for their large eyes and small, elongated bodies. Dragonflies have transparent wings that have the ability to rotate at very fast pace. It is very hard to see a dragonfly because they move at such fast pace you can’t even spot them when they are close to you.

This is what fascinated people for centuries and made them think that these small creatures might have some magic powers. Other insects could have been caught in our hand easily, but catching a dragonfly was a whole different story.  Their agility while flying is extraordinary and can’t be compared to anything people have managed to do over the years.

Dragonflies were often considered to be faithful followers of mystical beings and creatures from the forests, since their appearance would often announce that something magical was about to happen. Every animal, no matter how small or big I is, has its own symbolic meaning and spiritual significance. Even when we think of a certain animal and don’t really take it seriously, there might be a lot to this animal we are missing out on.

Animals often behave as humans and we can recognize their characteristics in our behavior. Spirit animals and totems help us connect with nature more firmly and establish a better relationship with the nature in ourselves. Their unconscious effect on us can be noticed if we only look closer to your own behavior and actions you are taking in life. Connecting on a deeper level with nature is important, and if you ever wanted to learn more about dragonflies and their symbolic meaning, here is a chance.

Spirit Animal and Totem

Spirit animals and totems might seem similar but they do have some differences. They are based on the same principle that we need to connect with nature and all living beings inside of it, because we are natural beings ourselves. Spirit animals are animals that follow us our entire life and you can recognize your spirit animal if you do a little bit of introspection. There is certainly an animal that had an important meaning for your life or that has always been there around you. Whether you feel strong connection with dogs, cats or birds, each of these animals has something special to offer and to teach you. Spirit animals can lead us through life and help us understand life’s struggles and difficulties.

Their presence in our life helps us be better people and do better things in life. On the other hand, they can make us do bad things, if we let those negative characteristics breakthrough. People who are in touch with their spirit animals are more likely to understand their actions and thoughts and to use their qualities in life much better.

Totems on the other hand are animal symbols we are born with and they are something we can’t escape. They can also bring out the good and the bad in us, and make us do good or bad in life. Totems were important symbols for many cultures around the world. They used them as their protection and as symbols of power they wanted to attract for their tribes or tribe members. We can all call upon our totem animals and their characteristics.

When ancient tribes needed help from nature and gods, they would call upon their animal totems to protect them and guide them. Totem animals would send them powers and characteristics that were necessary to overcome difficult moments and to turn their heads towards better days.

Spirit animal

As a spirit animal, dragonfly can be best described by these words:

  • Harmony,
  • Purity,
  • Peace,
  • Good luck,
  • Prosperity,
  • Joy,
  • Lightness,
  • Adaptability

People guided by this spirit animal are often joyful people with a lot to offer to the world. They are happy people who love sharing jokes and fun stories with people they care about.

Other people love being in their presence and listening to their adventures. Whenever you are feeling down, a person with this spirit animal is going to lift your spirits up and make you forget about your troubles. This is one of the best characteristics in a friend and partner, so hold this person close to you when you find it.

People guided by this spirit animal love having harmonious lives and having everything under control. Holding harmony in life is not always easy but they will do anything to achieve it. No matter how hard it might be to control certain situations, they will always find a way to turn things back in their favor. Harmonious relationships with other people are important as well, and they love communicating with others in a kind and pleasant way.

Dragonfly spirit animal is also a symbol of peace. Person born under this spirit animal loves having things calm and peaceful, and every kind of turbulence makes them feel uncomfortable. Harmony and peace are very important for them on the business plan as well as on the personal plan. Dragonfly people love peaceful situations and they can be great in jobs that require diplomacy and managing two sides that are having a conflict, such as lawyer profession or a diplomat.

Dragonfly spirit animal symbolizes prosperity. People guided by this spirit animal have a very big chance of making it in life and achieving greatness. They are highly motivated in their intentions and they will do anything in their power to succeed. They usually manage to form a very good life for their families, because they care about relationships with other people and others respect them for it. Luck is also on their side naturally, so they have a very good shot in making it no matter how much they actually try it.

When your spirit animal is dragonfly, this means you are highly adaptable to various situations. Nothing can surprise you or make you feel uncomfortable. You get along with a lot of people so blending in various social groups is not a problem for you. There is always an opportunity to find a way out of the problem no matter what gets thrown in your way.

Problems in your life are never a big deal, because you are calm and wise enough to come up with a solution. You never rush things and this is what makes you on top of the situation each time.

Dragonfly spirit animals are also symbols of change. You love changing things from time to time, just to keep things interesting. When things become too stale you tend to become bored and not too interested. This is especially so for your career and job. You love switching things up from time to time, just to keep your mind engaged and activated.


Totem powers can help us overcome difficult moments in life. Dragonflies are born in water and later they grow and fly into the sky. This is exactly how a person born under this totem can be described. You are someone who loves to transform and change. Improvement in life is something you crave for no matter how difficult it might be to reinvent yourself from time to time.

Dragonfly totem makes you a very wise and intelligent person. When there is a problem, you tend to sit back and think thoroughly about the solution before you act. This is what helps you to be one step ahead of everybody else and gives you the upper hand in many situations.

As negative characteristics, some might mention your restlessness. While others love having their lives as simple as possible, you love when things are happening or when you are constantly on the go. This can make it hard for you to find that perfect person in your life, to form a family with and to marry. If you learn how to control this side of your character and lay low when things are great, you will be unstoppable.

Symbolism and Meaning

Dragonflies inhabit large portions of our planet. If you ever wondered what do dragonflies symbolize, this is a chance to find out. We can’t only find them in cold parts of Earth, so most cultures had the opportunity to encounter these magnificent creatures. They have been and are today, important symbols in art, literature and even in technology. People enjoyed watching dragonflies and their movements, since it always fascinated them how fast this small creature can actually move.

In Asia, dragonflies symbolize summer and autumn. They are respected insects and symbols in Japan and they see them as symbols of agility, power and victory. Samurais often relate to dragonflies and consider them their symbols. In china, dragonflies are symbols of prosperity, good luck and harmony. Their speed is a symbol of happiness and purity, and the reason why they relate them with purity is because they believed that dragonflies eat from the wind.

In Europe, dragonfly wasn’t always the most beloved creature. People often related them to Satan and witches, because it was hard for them to understand their movement and appearance. Other names for dragonflies are Devil’s Needle, Ear Cutter, Adderbolt and Horse Stinger. Even these names say a lot about dragonflies and the way they were seen by people in the past. The name Horse Stinging came from the fact that in Australia, horses would often kick and move when they had dragonflies on their skin. People believed that dragonflies influenced horses or even pulled some sort of magic on them, so they become restless and dangerous. The truth is, the dragonflies were probably feeding of the dead skin cells on a horse and helping him by doing so.

People in Sweden believed and still do hat dragonflies come to Earth to check for bad souls. They weigh in souls to separate the good ones from the bad. Dragonflies would often sneak to children who were lying and to adults who cursed, in order to stich up their mouths, eyes and ears.

Dragonfly has been present on the Earth for almost 300 million years. Many fossils of dragonflies have been found all over the planet, and they witness about the length of dragonflies existence.

Objects with dragonfly symbols and drawings were found in many cultures around the globe. A blue faience dragonfly amulet was found in Lahun, and it dates back to the Late Middle Kingdom of ancient Egypt. To the Native American tribes, dragonflies represent activity and swiftness. To the Navajo tribe, dragonflies are symbols of pure water. Hopi rock art and Pueblo necklaces with dragonfly symbols were found on areas where Zuni tribe used to live.

People developed an entire symbolic meaning around the dragonfly. Have you ever wondered what does it mean when a dragonfly lands on you? When a dragonfly lands on you this means you will have a lot of luck in the period that is coming. Seeing a dragonfly used to mean good luck, but also bad luck if you used to live in the European countries. Dragonflies were often linked to the devil, therefore seeing one wasn’t such a good sign.

To Indonesians, adult dragonflies are caught with sticky birdlime and then eaten. Dragonflies often appear in Art Novae, and many jewelry styles are embellished with dragonflies. In Portugal, dragonflies are often related to snakes and sinister symbols. In a book written by Lafcadio Hearncalled Japanese Miscellany, dragonfly is an important symbol throughout the text.

Dragonflies are very important in popular culture as well. They have been genetically modified with steering neurons, in order to create the cyborg like “DragonflEye”. The dragonfly movements impressed people for centuries, and we tried to imitate their movements for years. The result is micro aerial vehicle that is much smaller, stealthier and lighter than anything else made by human hand.

People often tattoo dragonflies on their bodies in order to attract or represent dragonfly characteristics. Just like in symbolic way, dragonfly tattoo meaning represents clarity, joy, happiness, change, wisdom and transformation. When you feel like this small creature perfectly embodies everything you want to express to the world, this is the perfect tattoo for you.

Dreams about dragonflies

Our dreams often hold secrets to our subconscious mind. They remind us about things we have forgotten and make us think more about certain people or our own actions. When we dream, it is important to remember as much symbols from the dream as possible. The more you remember about the dream, the easier it will be for you to get an accurate interpretation. Dragonflies had both positive and negative meanings, as you can see above.

To some cultures they were symbols of positive energy and joy, and to others they were evil and it was considered unlucky to see a dragonfly close to you. Our dreams are often related to this cultural representation of animal or insect but other times they are completely independent.

If you saw a dragonfly in your dream, this means you are about to receive a great opportunity in life. This dream is bringing you a lot of positive news and vibes. When this dream comes to you, it can be interpreted as a signal to start the action. You need to use every chance to move forward in life and make sure you don’t miss out on this opportunity because it is extremely important to take it. Once it comes to you, it won’t be hard to recognize it.

If a dragonfly in your dream was flying around you, this means you need to move forward from a situation or person. This dream is telling you to be more active and to forget everything that has happened to you in the past. Better times are coming and you need to be strong to reach greatness and to fulfill your desires.

If a dragonfly in your dream was dead, this means you will encounter some problems in your life. These problems might not be too big, but there is still a chance you might make things worse if you don’t react in time. This problem is probably going to be related to your job, so be extra careful about your co-workers and don’t trust them too much.

If you saw more dragonflies in your dream, this means luck is on your side. Everything you do will be fulfilled with joy and happiness and money related projects will be extremely successful. You will be able to earn a lot of money, if only you recognize the right business opportunity that is being offered to you.


Dragonflies are definitely magnificent creatures, their presence makes us think that magic really exists and that it is real. Their small, but agile bodies are perfect examples how size is not important when you have a healthy spirit and a large will to succeed. Dragonflies represented different things to different cultures, depending on the way different cultures saw this insect. To some they seemed evil and malicious and to others they were fun and brought smiles on their faces.

In popular culture, dragonflies are still important symbols of purity, change, agility, happiness and good luck and have a very important spiritual meaning. Next time a dragonfly lands on your hand or shoulder, be sure that luck is on your side. These petite creatures rarely approach us, but when we get to see them up close their appearance is truly magnificent. No matter what your thoughts on this small insect are, there is no doubt you can’t be indifferent.