Dream About Birds Landing On You – Interpretation and Meaning

The bird is always envied by humans because he can fly. The free flight stands for freedom and independence. Who has not ever dreamed that he could take off from the ground of his own accord, float or fly with wide wings to heaven? However, humans can only achieve this special quality in the world of watchkeeping with the help of elaborate technology.

A bird can also cause discomfort, for example, the dove is a frequently unpopular bird species, as it leaves plenty of bird droppings on car roofs and sidewalks.

Flying or even a bird are dream images that appear quite frequently and can be interpreted in many ways. When you wake up, be sure to look for what kind of bird you met in your sleep, because every detail of a dream is important for a comprehensive dream analysis:

Was it a parrot, a budgerigar, a robin, a thrush, a titmouse, a seagull, a big stork, a crane or a magpie, a proud eagle, an albatross, an exotic bee or the dazzling kingfisher? If you dreamed of a dodo that died out at the end of the 17th century, the dream has another meaning. Even a lark or a snipe have their own way of interpretation. The color of the feathers also provides information about the exact meaning of a dreamed bird, no matter what kind.

We also like to use the word “bird” once in connection with an airplane. Then there is talk of a “big bird” when we have a holiday trip on a plane in front of us.

But we also sometimes call a crazy person “bird” in colloquial language. Whether it is the clothes or other abnormalities – who is not adapted to the social norm, is quickly titled a nerd, a weird bird or a funny little owl, even if he does not really have anything in common with the animal poultry. Maybe you are even as a dreaming in the role of a person, as you do not meet him every day and maybe the dream image “bird” wants to show us only once more our particularity.

Dream symbol “bird” – The general interpretation

A bird in the dream world is often associated with free thoughts and ideas. He stands for freedom and also carelessness, if he can fly in the dream unhindered. He is also considered a symbol of the human soul, which he leads to heaven after death.

In the dream, however, he can also warn against ill-considered high-altitude flights of the dreaming. If this is the case, then the dream bird usually sits in the birdcage. If a bird escapes from the cage to the dreaming, disappointments are threatened in waking life.

In order to correctly interpret a bird in a dream, the bird species is sometimes decisive. In general, a songbird – like the nightingale, the star or the blue tit – is usually a sign of upcoming news. A migratory bird, to which the swallows count, announces a change in the life of the dreaming. Mostly in this case, the dreaming is dissatisfied with his life, he feels lonely and abandoned or he is homesick. Shows a bird of prey in the sleep of the dreaming, then he symbolizes an enemy.

If the dreaming is rather destitute, then the bird announces in the dream an improvement. But if he is rich, then he is in danger of deteriorating.

Dream symbol “bird” – The psychological interpretation

The psychological dream interpretation interprets the bird in the dream as a sign for the subconscious. Since the bird is an air being, it is assigned to the thought and the mind. Often he also symbolizes the soul of man.

If the bird is to be interpreted as a dream image exactly, then in some dreams, the bird species is important. Because some birds stand for special properties that can influence the dream interpretation accordingly. Against this background, it can be helpful to make some notes directly after awakening: Have you seen a dove? Or was it an eagle? Was it a colorful bird? Maybe a budgerigar or a pelican?

Also the behavior of the bird in the dream world is important in the interpretation. If he flutters headlong in a cage or room, then also the soul of the dreaming is in a disoriented and confused state.

However, if the bird flies freely through nature, then the thoughts of the dreaming are free and unencumbered. If the bird is in the cage, then the dreaming feels restricted in the watch world. An aggressive bird, among other things, indicates an internal imbalance.

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If the bird in the dream world has a particularly magnificent plumage, then here shows the self-image of the dreaming and how he would like to work.

Dream symbol “bird” – the spiritual interpretation The bird is interpreted in the spiritual dream interpretation as the soul of humans.

In general, birds in dreams symbolize imagination and freedom. The latter is attributable above all to its physiology, because flying has symbolically represented limitless freedom for millennia. Birds used to be the bearers of the soul. He was credited with magical and mystical powers that still play a role in dream research today.

Before you can interpret a bird’s dream, you must first be able to name what kind of bird it is and what it does in a dream. The rough distinction lies in the dream interpretation between migratory bird, songbird and bird of prey.

Interpretation of bird dreams

The bird as a dream symbol represents the contents of the unconscious. He is considered as a kind representative of the soul and thought world of the dreaming. Just as free as the birds float through the air, our thoughts float in the head. A free-flying bird always represents our desires and desires dar. Flutter many birds aimlessly in the dream, this may indicate a mental imbalance.

Also, the bird can be an erotic component as a dream symbol, so a bird in the dream of a man, for example, the anima represent, so symbolize the female side.

In general, birds, but also insects that move with wings through the air for conscious or unconscious thoughts and fantasies. The larger the bird in this context, the bigger and more significant the thought it is about. Songbirds represent the inner desire of the dreaming to want to express his feelings more freely. Migratory birds symbolize the thirst for adventure. Birds of prey, on the other hand, form a unique subspecies of the dream symbol.

Birds of prey always symbolize an aggressive aspect, as it can happen with the dream symbol dog. This refers above all to the sexuality of man. Typical birds, with aggressive, sexual reference are the eagle, hawk or hawk. The latter forms the opposite of the dove, the symbol of harmony and love. It embodies the anima and the peaceful side of man. Owls are wisdom in the dream world.