Dreaming of Finding Gold – Interpretation and Meaning

Gold – in Latin Aurum – has always been a precious metal that fascinated people. It resists all weather influences and therefore symbolizes long lasting value and immortality. In the past, gold was considered sacred because it was considered a message from the gods. Therefore, for a long time the possession of gold was only allowed to kings and priests.

If the precious metal appears in the dreams, then it should also be considered for a comprehensive dream analysis.

Dream symbol “Gold” – The general interpretation

Gold in the dream stands for the positive qualities of the dreaming. To find gold in a dream means to be able to discover these positive aspects in oneself. Another interpretation of the dream research says that if you find gold in the dream, it means luck and a coming profit.

If the dreaming loses gold coins in the dream world, then he will possibly lose a good friend in the watch world or suffer another loss, which he mourns.

In addition, gold can also be interpreted as power and reputation. If it is a lot of gold, then this also stands for unconscious striving and the will to move forward always and under all circumstances. However, this dream image also includes the warning of castles in the air.

If the dreamer buries gold, then this dream symbolizes that he tries to hide something in the watch world. If he steals gold or jewels even in the dream world, then he will get bad news and additionally have no luck in the game.

If the dreaming works in his sleep as a Goldman, then he will succeed in his undertakings. However, he will also have to work hard for that. Spending the gold symbolizes in the dream financial (money) worries that may be due to those affected.

If the dreamer wears gold jewelry, this may be a warning against a superficial and frivolous attitude to life. If a golden calf appears in the dream, then this suggests the materialistic attitude of the dreaming.

Dream symbol “Gold” – The psychological interpretation

The psychologically trained dream interpreters assume that dreams of gold express the positive characteristics of the person concerned.

The shiny metal symbolizes benevolent, social characteristics in the nature of the dreaming. He is a faithful soul, cares for his fellow human beings, is open for new things and is popular in his environment. Even in difficult situations, the dreaming remains optimistic, and so he is also in demand as a guide for others. Outwardly, the dreaming in the watch world “shines” – like gold. Warmth and generosity emanates from the victim when he sees or gives away gold while sleeping.

If gold is stolen from him, there are envious people. The dreaming should be careful in the real world, in view of his good nature not too naive and impressionable stride through the world. Unfortunately, there are not only people who want good things. Even stealing gold indicates in the dream that one prefers to see his own advantages than those of others.

Dream symbol “Gold” – The spiritual interpretation

The spiritual dream interpretation interprets gold as a sign of a great deal of spirituality, as well as a symbol of wholeness. Sometimes gold represents the sacred side of the human being, who is incorruptible, patient, wise and caring.

In contrast to the watch world, the gold in the dream world symbolizes the emotional or spiritual wealth of man. In addition, gold in any form – as jewelry, gold ring, gold coins or gold bars – is a sign that the dreaming can release new energies.

If the dreaming gets gold in his sleep or finds gold, then according to the spiritual dream interpretation, he will be able to expand his consciousness and get new insights. If the Dreaming Gold gives away to someone, then he should rather stay in the watch world and not be too generous.

Gold refers in a dream to the best and most valuable aspects of the personality. If the dreaming finds gold in his dream, it means that he can discover these characteristics in himself. Gold can stand for power, prestige, influence, and power like money, but it implies that all will endure. Also valuable mental-spiritual properties often appear in different forms than gold. Other meanings can be derived, for example, from the following circumstances:

– Seeing or owning gold indicates safe prosperity and great prestige.

To possess much gold stands for the expression unconscious striving to advance in all circumstances.

However, one should not build so many castles in the air, which cannot be realized.

– Finding gold is considered a common symbol of happiness, especially for the important interpersonal relationships.

– Burying gold shows that you are trying to hide something.

– Spending gold can announce financial worries but also happiness in the relationship.

– Lose Gold warns about old dream books about losing a faithful person.

– Gold washing promises success, but you have to work hard.

– Wear gold jewelry, sometimes warns against a too frivolous, focused on outer glow life attitude;

– Golden calf indicates a too materialistic attitude.

In the dream, the gold always has a positive meaning, it stands for preciousness, wholeness and completeness. In the dream, gold can also represent the sacred side of man. The dreaming recognizes in itself incorruptibility, wisdom, patience and care. In the dream, gold rarely stands for material prosperity. Much more often, it symbolizes the spiritual or emotional wealth that a person possesses. The culture of man develops to some extent with the first gold discoveries. It used to be considered sacred, as it contained a message of the gods;

This also explains why the possession of gold for centuries was permitted only to priests and kings. Because gold resists all weather, it was for our ancestors the symbol of the highest values ​​and immortality. The archetypal male symbol, comparable to the sun, releases new mental and spiritual energies.

– If the dreamer gets gold as a gift or finds it in a dream, it means that he will gain new knowledge and experience, or indicates an expansion of consciousness.

– If the dreamer gives away gold, he must hold back in the awake life.


At this level, gold is a dream of spirituality on a high level.

– almost always in the same sense as money, although it is even more afflicted with the synonym of volatility;

– see: is a good sign and promises that our enterprises will succeed;

– see a lot: dream of the opposite; experience bad experiences and disappointments;

– Own: you build too many castles in the air and try to move forward professionally and financially;

– Nuggets: excellent omen for wealth and honor;

– find: happiness through inheritance; you will find a person who truly loves you; also: own extraordinary abilities will bring wealth;

– find a vein of gold: it will give you a disturbing award;

– Consider working in a goldmine: you want to illegally acquire the rights of others and should be wary of private scandals;

– Gold leaf: there is a future ahead that will flatter the sense of self;

– dig: you will not find your happiness where you hope it will be;

– clean or wash: you will work your way up;

– forge: prosperity;

– take care of yourself: be careful; means a superficial life;

– for a woman wearing a gold dress: she will receive a nice but not serious promise;

– Wear gold or gold clothes: good omen;

– received as a gift: shame and poverty;

– give away: you are invited to a wedding;

– distribute to others: one should be more secretive in the near future;

– pay with: break up with friends;

– spend: you rob or deceive you; means a loss;

– lose: you will miss the biggest chance of life through carelessness;

– steal: you will receive bad news; no luck in the game;

– to dance around a golden calf: one has a far too superficial and materialistic world-view;

– If a woman receives a gift of gold, either coins or jewelry, she will marry a rich but profit-seeking man.