Dreams About Bats – Interpretation and Meaning

Dreams are series of pictures, ideas, emotions, and experiences that are appearing in our consciousness, without our will. Dreams are appearing in certain phases of our dream.

Their meaning and purpose aren’t explained as much as they could be, although they are very popular theme in almost every science, such as philosophy, religion, psychology, medicine etc. Oneirology is a specific area that studies only dreams. They can last from few seconds, all the way to 20 minutes and they are connected with our subconscious.

Content of the dreams can be different, and it can vary from average ones to the unbeliveable and very bisarre experiences. Sometimes, they are a trigger for some creative ideas, inspirations, or they are solution for someones problem.

In further text, imperative will be on the dreams about bats. This isn’t the most common dream, but there is a need to interpret them. In generally, dreams about animals are representing our basic or instinctual emotions, actions and behaviours.

Some interpreters connect them to the peoples physical characteristics, primitive wishes, sexuality, or some other qualities that are depending from the type and behaviour of an animal. In this case, bats are a symbol of impurities, „demons“ and discomfort.

Also, they represent both re – birth and unrealized potentials. Other interpreters say that bats are symbol of a shadow and night. They connect them to the negative things and they understand it like some kind of reminder that something bad is going to happen. Dreams like this are sending you a message to get rid of your old habbits, old „demons“ that are interfering and stopping you. Your current path isn’t in agreement with your new goals and development.

These dreams are a warning that, just like bats, you are going blindly into some situations and businesses that you don’t know very well. You should carefully re – think about all of the facts, ask about the type of business and amount of obligations and responsibilities it demands, find informations about firm or your employer and its reputation etc.

Dreams About Bats – Interpretation and Мeaning

Dreaming about bats. If in your dream you saw a bat, that isn’t a good sign. It represents some bad news that you will recieve soon. Maybe you will not be able to accomplish your plans and because of that you will be in a problem. You thought that you will succeed, and in order to do that, you were making some moves that didn’t ended up how they should have ended. You need to react as soon as possible, and try to adapt to this new situation.

Dreams about bats can be related to your sense of crazines. It could be some part of you that you are hiding and trying so hard to obtain and have under control but you are not able to do that because your need is „going out from the dark“ on the daylight. You should take this as a good remark, as a guideline, not as an objection or a complaint.

Let the findings about yourself entartain and intrigue you, don’t let them to frighten and intimidate you. This type of dream can be dreamed when you are under a pressure, and when your heart and head are in a total mess. Remove everything that is bothering you in order to move on, and forget about the things that weren’t good for you.

Dreaming about swarm of a flying bats. This type of dream can be very disturbing for a dreamer who is feeling  frightened by the bats, especially because there is a lot of them. In reality, it means that you are in a danger, to be more exact you can expect that someone will

rob you. You might be a victim of a robbery, and it that moment you will try to get away, money will be the last thing on your mind. Also, it can be related to some of your business partners that are trying to fool you and take more than they should.

Dreaming about bats coming through your window. If you dreamed about this, it means that you can expect some intruders. That person can be someone who you know very well but somehow that person likes to know everything about you and the things that are happening in your life and that’s what angries you the most.

You should be careful, and think twice before you say anything to that person. You might regret it later.

Dreaming about you killing the bat. This dream represents things that aren’t going how they supposed to do, and your inability to do everything how you imagined. It can be related to some of your qualities that needs to be changed because they are stumbling you to progress further in your life.

Even if you are trying and giving the best of you to make things right, sometimes it feels so hard and in those moments you think about some easy way to make things done.

Dreaming about you letting go bat. Interpreters say that this type of dreams indicates that you are too serious. Sometimes, you are hiding some of your qualities in front of the other people because you have a fear that they will think about you like someone who is frivolous.

This dreams indicates that you need to  relax about it, because you are wrong. People would respect you more if you show them that you are a simple person, and you have mistakes just like the others.

Dreaming about bat that bites you. You should take this as a warning. You need to be more careful, because you might be “bitten” in reality by someone, their words or actions against you.

Another interpretation of it says that you should be careful if you are starting with some new business about which you don’t know enough, or you will start working in a firm that has a bad reputation.

At first sight, you might think that it is a good idea, but soon you will find out that it was something which took a lot of your time, and it was wasted.

Dreaming about white and black bats. White bats aren’t a good sign. Unfortunatelly, it brings bad luck, and it represents a loss of someone very close to you. Black bats also have negative connotation. If you dreamed it, it signifies your personal disaster.

You can understand it as a hint or a warning, not as something that is destined to you, so you should not take it so serious. You should take it as a challenge to reconsider your goals and think about your next steps that you will make in your proffesional and personal life.

Dreaming about vampire. We can connect vampires to the bats. If you had this type of dream, it means that you have in your life is a person who “extracts” all of your positive energy, self – confidence, and who is using you in some way. If in your dream that person was someone who you know, you should think twice before you judge that person.

You need to be sure that it was your “energetic vampire”. Behind the mask of your vampire can be someone who you expected the least, and you weren’t aware of it’s negative influence on you.