Dreams About Bears – Interpretation and Meaning

Have you ever wondered what’s the meaning of your dreams? Why do we dream, and what are those images representing? If the answer is yes, you are not the only one. Since the beginning of our civilization, people are trying to find the answer on this question. Our dreams are mix of our biological instincts, cultural heritage and our personal experience.

While we are dreaming, our mind is creating entire worlds, stories which are made of all the listed things in a previous sentance. Sometimes, the purpose of these stories is to re-survive the events from the past, or they are appeal of our subconscious to solve a problem that we must face. Stories that are coming to our dream are often very complicated and it is almost impossible to understand their meaning immediatelly, and because of that their interpretation isn’t a simple task.

In this text we will try to explain you the meaning of a dreams about bears. Animals in dreams are representing your primal instincts, needs and desires that you might repressed in your waking life. Each animal has specific characteristics that will help you to understand what’s your subconscious trying to reveal you. In our case, we will pay attention on bears.

This type of a dream isn’t so common, even if many of us have dreams about animals. It can be dreamed by someone who acted poorly recently or participated in some event where he or she was “untamed”. Bears  are known for their human – like qualities. They are representing family, strength, health and vitality courage. They are not in a need for fellowship because they are independent and apparently distaned,  self – contained and strong – willed, and are considered as very thoughtful creatures.

Bears can be related to peoples desire for a company just for personal reassurance. Those people don’t see any pleasure in being with friends. If you had dreams about bears, we will help you to find a meaning for it, but it all depends on the details of that dream.

Dreams About Bears – Interpretation and Meaning

Dreaming about seeing a bear. If you dreamed about seeing a bear, it means that you can expect to gain money in the future. Try to play lucky games, who knows, you might win something. Maybe you started with new bussineses that will pay off in the period that’s ahead of you and you will have a lot of success. If in your dream you saw a bear, but he was far from you, it means that you are competing with someone. Rivalry between you is very expressed.

Dreaming about peaceful bear. If you dreamed about a peaceful bear and if in that dream you are just watching him, that means you are very independent person in reality. You don’t need other’s  people help, because you can do everything by yourself.

Dreaming about you being attacked by a bear. This type of a dream is followed by strong feelings, mostly feeling of a fear. In reality, it means that you are full of anger and agression. You are trying to hide it from other people and you are surpressing it in order to be accepted by them. It is often connected with your problems and worries that were bothering you lately. You can’t get rid of them, and you are inable to find a way out from your current situation.

Another interpretation says that a dream in which the bear is attacking you means you should be very cautious because it is possible for you to be in a dangerous situation. Take care with who you are communicating and making business. Someone can set a trap and lead you to an unpleasent situation. Maybe that person is one of your coleagues who is very jelaous on you, or even your friend.

Dreaming about bear attacking someone else. Dreams like this have a negative connotation. Usually, it represents member of your family who is about to get sick. Dream indicates that you should pay more attention on that person in the future, devote to him/her and give as much of your love and support as you can. You need to stay positive and put a smile on your face even if you feel like it is very hard for you to handle that situation.

Dreaming about two bears fighting. This type of a conflict in a dream indicates that there was a disharmony in a previous day’s experience. Also, it symbolizes some of your habbits that are in a conflict. For example, the habbit of a gossiping will find opposition in the habbit of trustworthiness. These two habbits can’t coexist successfully.

Dreaming about black bear. If in your dream you saw a black bear, it doesn’t have a positive meaning. Black color is often connected with a darkness, phobias, fears but also with a strength which someone is having in order to face with problems. This means that you will be in a situation which can be solved only if you have a lot of strength  to handle it.

You need to find a way to confront to the people who are trying to obstruct you. Black bears are known like animals that never run away in dangerous situations with other animals. Because of that, this dream indicates that you shouldn’t run away either and always fight for yourself.

Dreaming about Grizzly or brown bear. Dreams about this bear indicates that you are fearless when you find yourself in situations to face with adversity. When Grizzly is arroused, he is very brutal. In that connotation, you should be like this bear. Just like when Grizzly is overprotective with his innocent young, so as you should stand for your rights and fight for it, but you need to be very careful with your actions.

Dreaming about Panda bear. Panda bear in a dream is a symbol for great propserity and luck. You should take this dream as an indication for you to always be positive, no matter how hard it often seems. You need that positivity in order to handle the challenges you may encounter.

Dreaming about Polar bear. Polar bear in a dream is a symbol for light, purity, openness, simplicity etc. You should have all of this in your waking life. Also, this type of dream signifies success, awakening, and ability to survive dark times which you can have in a future.

Dreaming about you killing a bear. If in your dream you saw that you have killed a bear, it means that you will defeat your enemies. You might be in a conflict with some of your superiors in a firm, but you will manage to turn situation into your advantage. You have a strength to overcome difficulties that may cross your way.

Dreaming about dead bear.  This dream indicates that you don’t like to be controled and you don’t let anyone to have authority over your life because you are only one who is responsible for it. Maybe you should be less proud and sometimes listen to someone’s advice.

Dreaming about you chasing a bear. This type of a dream has a negative connotation. It means that you will be inable to realize what you planned, and you will not reach your goals. Nothing will be how you imagined to, and it will frustrate you because you don’t like to be helpless.

Dreaming about a bear running away. Just how a bear is running away from you in your dream, so as you are running away from your problems in waking life. It indicates that you need to face your problems, try to solve them, and don’t let them to take control over you.

Dreaming about bear roaring. If you dreamed about this, it means that someone will help you in real life. That person might be your enemy who you least expected to do anything for you. It might happen because you will be in a situation which demands from you to ask him or her for help and forgivness.

Dreaming about hibernating bears and their caves. This dream can be understooded as a warning for you to stop and pull back into yourself. You should prepare yourself for a situations that are coming in the future. Find a shelter and safety from possible problems and difficulties. When you overcome it, you will be able to start with a new phase in your life.

Dreaming about mother bear. If in your dream you saw a mother bear with her bear cubs, it means that you should protect someone, or you are in a need for protection. Often, it represents your emotional connection with your mother or any other female in your family.

Dreaming about seeing yourself as a bear. This represents your selfconfidence. You are very sure in your actions, and you know exactly what you are doing. When it comes to your creativity, in order to express it, you are in a constant need for being alone and you don’t need anyone to help you.

Dreaming about bear cubs. Bear cubs in a dream can be seen as a symbol of a innocence, something about you care a lot, or you love it very much but also of something in need for protection. It indicates that you need to help people who are close to you, especially your family members. Be always there for them, and try to solve problems together.

Dreaming about Teddy bear. Dreams like this mean that you will re – emerge some of your memories from a childhood. Teddy bear is a symbol of a livelihood, fun, innocence, playtime and lasting friendship. You might expect that you will soon reunite with some of your old friends, or you will make new friends, or even start a new relationship.

As you can see, there are a lot of interpretations related to the dreams about bears depending on the details of it. Dreams about bears often symbolize a person, or something that has human shape, because a bear standing on its hind legs can walk and do many things just how people can.

If you have been watching some TV show about bears, you should not pay attention on it, because the dream was triggered by it. We hope that this text was helpful.