Dreams About Being Kidnapped – Interpretation and Meaning

Every normal person spends almost third of  its life dreaming. For that time, we encounter with numerous dreams that have different meanings, depending on details of those dreams.

It can be something that you went throughout the day, or it can be something that has deeper message. Obviously, it is something that doesn’t belong to the rational part of our mind, and gives us a chance to experience some other dimensions of our existance.

Our subconscious is reproducing it to the images and scenarios that we are conjuring in our dreams. But, in spite of that, average inhabitant of our planet will give insignificant role to the things that he/she dreamed, and will eventualy search for the meaning of its dreams in some books or sites from time to time.

In this text we will try to explain the meaning of the dreams about being kidnapped. First thing that comes to our mind when we say kidnapping is the feeling of extreme fear. Person who is dreaming this type of dream usually wakes up owerwhelmed with negative feelings. Kidnapping can be seen as a reflection of the stress that you had lately. Some interpreters say that kidnapping symbolizes arguments in your relationship or marriage, but also it symbolizes problems and costs that are expecting you in near future.

But also, it can have positive connotation. This dream is very common, so there is a need to explain the meaning of it. That depends on the details of this kind of dream, for example, you can dream that you are being kidnapped, or that someone else is being kidnapped etc. If you dreamed anything similar to it, this text will help you to understand messages behind these dreams.

Dreams About Being Kidnapped – Interpretation and Meaning

Dreaming about you being kidnapped. If in your dream you saw that you were being kidnapped it is a sign that you are affraid of something in your real life. You are very insecure in yourself and you are not feeling comfortable around people that you don’t know. You like to be around small group of people, and you hardly make new connections.

That’s beacuse you have some sort of social anxiety. Even some of your old friends think that you are a little bit weird and introvert person with whom they can’t make a closer contact.

Also, you have a fear of not being able to do things that are fulfilling you because you are feeling like you are too weak to fight for it. Some interpreters say that it represents your fear of loosing your freedom. You can’t concentrate on your goals, and you feel like you are being trapped and hold against the wall.

There is a positive connotation this dream. You can expect great success on your business plan and you will have good communication with people when you are around them. Another interpretation of the dream about you being kidnapped says that you will soon meet a person with whom you might live for  the rest of your life.

Dreaming about someone else being kidnapped. If you dreamed about someone else being kidnapped that means that you will hear some unexpected news. Also, it means that person who is in your dream is in serious danger. But, there is an opposite meaning. It says that you want to be just like that person, with all of her/his qualities. In some books you can find that this dream indicates you to listen your friends advices.

You should accept the help from someone who is offering it to you in order to solve problems that you had lately. If you saw a child being kidnapped, it might represent some happines that is coming your way. Some people might feel some sort of satisfaction watching that someone else is being kidnapped. It means that there are things in your life which you need to let go and overcome them. Negative connotation of it is in the fact that it represents some sort of fear you have. Maybe your problems are worrying you too much, but you need to solve them as soon as possible.

Dreaming about you seeing a kidnapper. This dream has different meanings, and it doesn’t mean that someone that you know is going to be kidnapped. Some interpreters are saying that this type of dream indicates that there is a person who wants to take control over you and your actions. That leads us to other interpretation which says that you have a wish for freedom and a wish to do whatever you want with your life.

Also, it can represent the things that are pulling you back from someone, or the things that are pulling someone back from you. In this case, kidnapper can represent some projects or your job. If a woman dreams about kidnapper, it can represent her love partner and it means that she will marry him in the future.

Dreaming about you kidnapping someone. This represent some of your hidden wishes that are deep in your subconscious. Those wishes can be related to a need to controle everyone around you, and make them to submit to your will. If you are this kind of person, it is more likely for you to dream this often. But this can be taken as a warning for you to stop being like that, because there will be situations in which you can’t control anyone against their wish and you should change yourself.

Another interpretation says that this dream represents something that you can’t let go and overcome it. That might be some loss, or it might be some issue that is stuck in your head and you can’t stop thinking about it. Maybe you will need help from someone.

And finally, you can relate this type of dream with a pressure that you were exposed lately. You are carrying a big burden on your back and because of it you are negative to other people and you are very unsatisfied with your life.

Dreaming about your relative being kidnapped. If you had this dream that means that you have a fear of loosing someone that is special to you in a real life. Maybe that someone is a person who is in relationship with you. If you had some problems and arguments with him/her, this dream can be a warning that he/she will leave you. There are things that can have a big influence on you.

For example, that can be a change on your job, or your partner has other priorities. You should be positive and stop thinking about it.

Dreaming that introverts are being kidnapped. Inroverts are people who don’t like to be around other people, they have their own world, and they don’t let anyone to come in it.

Those people are tending to dream this often than others because they can hardly adjust to their community. It represents that they are unwilling to accept the rules made by society, because they think that these rules are leading to their loneliness and isolation.

You are constantly under the fear that other people who are more open than you will judge you and make fun of you. Because of that, your mind is playing with you, and you feel trapped. Maybe you should find help from someone who can show you how to overcome those problems.