Dreams About Big Waves – Interpretation and Meaning

Dreams are often reflection of our hiden wishes. We are hiding them from the reasonable side of our psyche, and we don’t want to admit it to ourselves. But somehow, they sneak into our dreams and then appear disguised in symbols.

Those symbols we need to find out later if we want to know what’s the message behind them. Even if they seem unrealistic and absurdly in some situations, they have their special meaning. Froyd said that they are royal way into unconsciously.

Every dream has it’s own meaning, and interpreters are trying to explain it on the best way possible.

Here we will try to explain the meaning of the dreams about big waves. But before that, we will explain the meaning of your dreams about water. Water is usually seen as a symbol of our unconscious. The unconscious is who we are, but we are not aware of it and we don’t recognize it as „us“.

Also, we can relate water to our emotions, positive and negative, and their expression. Тhose emotions are agitations, calmness, clairvoyance or turbidity. Positive side of these dreams is that water symbolizes new life, refreshment and vitality.

Waves in dreams are also connected with human emotions, creativity, aswell as with some events that you will have in the near future. Dreams about tsunamis, tidal waves or big waves in generally are relatively common and in most cases very disturbing. People often have a sense of panic and fear during their sleep.

This type of dream indicates that your feelings and emotions are totally out of control. But in generally, these dreams are usually a sign that we need to understand the messages behind our consciousness.

Dreams About Big Waves – Interpretation and Meaning

Dreaming about you watching waves. If you dreamed about this, the meaning of it depends on whether in that dream you watched small and calm waves, or big and choppy ones. If you watched small and calm waves, it means that in reality you will be witness of someone’s emotions that will be controled by the person who is feeling and showing them in front of you. Big and choppy waves mean that you will be witness of someone’s emotions, but those emotions can’t be controled, so you can expect to see that person’s anger and rage. If you watched big waves from the shore, it can be understood as a sign for you to stand back and think about your feelings.

These dreams usually appear when you are under the great pressure or in periods of big changes in your life. Often, it means that that you will not be able to handle with some situations in the future, and you are very affraid of it. But also, some interpreters say that you will easily adapt to those situations, and you will make your priorities.

Dreaming about big waves. People often dream that the big wave is coming after them, and it is most common dream that needs to be interpreted. The meaning of it can be related to some problems and worries that you have and that are haunting you. As your worries are intensifying, these dreams are tending to appear every night, and every time you dream them waves can come bigger and bigger. You should take it as a sign that you need to reassess what is causing them. It is probably something that you are avoiding and you are not willing to face with.

Things that you are avoiding can be some deadlines, exams that you need to pass or even a change of your current job which you are not ready for. The dream is warning you to face with all of those problems and situations that are out of control, if you don’t want them to take control of you. Take that as a message sent through your dreams.

Also, you can relate them to your emotions if you started some new relationship lately.

Dreaming about big waves in the ocean. If you dreamed about big waves in the ocean which are splashing you, that represents your turbulent emotions and your strong feelings that are overwhelming you. It is important to know what was the water in your dream, and how you felt about waves, because on that way we will recognize type of the feelings that this dream is representing.

If the water was clear and cozy, and you enjoyed in that sight, it probably  represents some lovely experience, which we can connect with love or some creative engagement. But if the water was blurry, the waves were big and intractable, and you felt affraid of it, it means that future situations will be probably unpleasent and they will cause negative emotions, rage, anger etc.

Dreaming about big waves in the sea. This type of dream can be related to your communication with your household members, or even your colleagues. You can take this as a warning to protect yourself from some possible complications between you and those people.

The best way to do that is to be careful when you do something, and think before you say anything. If the waves were strong and frightening, it isn’t a good sign, and it can be seen as something that predicts losses and sadness because of some bad happenings and experiences.

Dreaming about tidal waves. Tidal waves are representing high degree of stress and emotional drama. Some situations and events will be confusing for you. You might be exposed to some serious illness, financial losses, divorce or some unexpected change.

Beacuse of that, you need to find a way to handle those negative situations, and try not to deny those problems. If you were dreaming about surfing a tidal wave, that means that you are trying to be on top of a problem, and use it as your adventage.

Dreaming about you swimming through big waves. If you dreamed this, it means that in reality you are able to control your emotions and your behaviour. In other peoples eyes, you look like person who is always capable to be happy and like someone who will never let anyone to spoil that.

Dreaming about you fighting against big waves. This dreams signifies that in reality you are exposed to very unpleasent emotions, which you don’t know how to control. It can be caused by your emotional dissatisfaction or by some bad feelings, such as sorrow, suffering, turndown, unconformity etc.

Dreaming about big river waves. If the river in your dream suddenly wavered and big waves appeared, it represents a very important event for your life. What kind of event will be depends on the details of the dream. If the water was blurred and there was a lot of garbage in it, dream indicates that the event will be unpleasent, or maybe dangerous.

Dreams about you sailing through waves. In your dream, you can sail through waves with boat, ship, or anything that you can use for sailing. It means that in reality you will need time or support from someone very important to you. That person will help you to get used on the type and intensity of your emotions because you will feel something that is totally unknown and strange for you.

Dreaming about dark waves. If the sea in your dream is very dark and you saw waves that are rising and coming to you, that represents your inner wishes and thoughts you are not aware of because they are product of your unconscious.

Also, dark waves are representing your inability to control your life. You might go back to your old and bad habbits and addictions.

Dreaming about pure waves. Waves that were pure in your dream and the sea that was clear  are representing good things that will happen to you in the future. Those things can be some news that you were expecting, or you will recieve unexpected gift from someone special.