Dreams About Birds – Interpetation and Meaning

Did you know that there are different types of a dreams according to science? Some of them are prophetic dreams, warning dreams, inspirational dreams, transformation dreams etc.

Prophetic dreams are the ones that are consisted of images and events that seems to be unknown. They appear when someone is trying to find new solutions and then he puts enormous effort to realize them. Inspirational dreams are the ones that shows us the path for finding a proper solution while artists are inspired for upcoming achivements.

Warning dreams are warning you on a  real danger which treatens you. If you dreamed about being someone else, or even that you turned into some animal or an item which represents your aspirations in life, then these dreams are classified as transformation dreams.

In this text we will try to explain you the meaning of the dreams about birds. These type of a dreams are the ones that we don’t dream a lot about. But, they can be dreamed, so there is a need to interpret them properly. Interpreters agree in one thing. They say that dreams about birds are symbol of our aspirations, hopes and desires.

Also, it represents good things that will cross your way, spiritual freedom and psychical relief. Person who dreams about this Is someone who has positive thinking about life. But this dream can have also a negative meaning.

In further text we will pay attention on the most common dreams about birds and their interpretation.

Dreams about Birds – Interpretation and meaning

Dreams about birds flying. This dream has a negative connotation and can be understood as a warning for you to be very careful because you might be in a danger. If you are a beginner in your job, you should be aware of senior colleagues who will not be ready to share their experience with you and you will be left to do things on your own. You should find the best way for doing it in order to save your position.

Dreams about birds standing. If you had a dream like this, then you should know that this represents sorrow and a big loss. Unfortunately, it means that you need to prepare yourself because you will lose someone who is very close and special to you.

Dreams about black birds. Black birds in a dream are a symbol of bad actions. You will do something  awfully to a person from your surrounding that you will regret later and this dream is indication of it.

Dreams about white birds. Opposite of the previous interpretation, this one says that dreams like this are a symbol of good actions. You will help someone from your surrounding who needs your help and that person will be grateful to you. Another interpretation says that you will receive good news that will surprise you a lot.

Dreams about gold birds. This dream represents your happiness which will follow you in the period that’s ahead of you. You are satisfied just as long your family is good, and they are your biggest support. They were always there for you and they give you strength to overcome all of the obstacles.

Dreams about catching a bird. Dreams like this have positive meaning, and in the most cases they mean that you will receive certain amount of money in the future. If you invested in new business, don’t worry, it will pay off and you will earn more than you expected. Be careful and don’t let that success to spoil you and try to stay focused on your next projects.

Dreams about big birds. Big birds in a dream are seen as a symbol of leadership and strength.  You are a person who is very secure in herself and you always have success in everything that you start to do. People see you as a true leader, and they have a big respect for you.

Dreams about small birds. Small birds in a dream mean that people envy you and that you need to be cautious because someone from your surrounding will do you harm. You should take this as a warning for you to think twice before you tell anyone your secrets and plans because it can be used against you.

Dreams about bird tweet. This dream symbolize joy, love, happiness and all of the good things that will happen to you. You are a very positive person who sees good in everything so you should take this as announcement of better times coming for you.

Dreams about birds trying to come into your house. If you saw this in your dream, it means that you are not following your life path. There are people who are trying to run your life and make decisions instead of you. You shouldn’t let anyone to do that, and try to be more independent.

Dreams about bird nest. Bird nest is a symbol of independency and safeness. This means that you are someone who does everything on its own and you don’t ask anyone to help you, which can be both good and a bad thing. Some interpreters say that the success which you expect to have will come later than you imagined it to come.

Dreams about bird eggs. Bird eggs seen a dream mean that you will receive money in the future. It can be money that you inherited from someone, or even it can be a gain from game of chance.

Dreams about bird landing on you. If you saw this in your dream, it means that you will receive great news. If you had recently left a job application, you can expect to receive positive answer. Also, if you started a new business, it can mean that you will have a lot of success in it.

Dreams about you killing a bird. This dream means that your actions will do harm someone who doesn’t deserve it. You will do something in order to protect yourself, but you will not pay attention on other people around you. Take this dream as a warning to be cautious when it comes to your relationship with them.

Dreams about dead bird. Dreams like this mean that you can expect to be disappointed in the period that’s ahead of you. Someone who is very close to you will betray you and turn you back in the key moments of your life. It can be your partner, or your close friend who you trust.

Dreams about blackbird. If you dreamed about this, then it represents your lack of motivation. You don’t use all of your potentials and you don’t give 100% of yourself in the things that you do. Also, it is connected to jealousy, lust and temptation.

Dreams about raven. Unfortunately, this dream has a negative meaning, It symbolizes a bad luck and a death. Beside this, it represents dark aspects of your personality.

Dreams about pigeon. Pigeon seen in a dream is a symbol of peace, harmony and love. To be more precise, white pigeon represents fidelity, love, friendship and all of the good things. Some interpreters say that white pigeon is a blessing sent from the Holy Spirit.

Dreams about eagle. Eagle seen in a dream is a symbol of pride, freedom, strength, bravery and intelligence.

Also, it represents your self – awareness and bond with your spirituality. If you saw a nest full of eagles, it means that you will be very successful and people will admire you a lot.

If you watched a TV show about birds recently, or you saw them, then you should not pay attention on your dream because it was triggered by it. If this was not the case, and you dreamed about it, then you should try to remember as much details of that dream as you can. On that way you will be able to understand messages behind it.

We hope that this text helped you to do that.