Dreams About Blood – Interpetation and Meaning

Without the blood flowing through our veins, the human body could not function. Five to six liters of body fluid supply all organs and tissues with important substances that they need for their own processes. Blood is therefore a symbol of life. But at the same time it is a symbol of loss, death and disaster, think of bloody battles and wars, murder and manslaughter.

If you have been confronted with blood in a dream, this may have been a disturbing experience for you at first and left a bad feeling. Maybe you had a nightmare in which a lot of blood flowed, and you woke up sweaty. Some dreaming experience a blood-sucking bat or Dracula in action, others see a veritable bloodbath in the sleep experience.

The interpretation options for the symbol “blood” in the interpretation of dreams are manifold – it always depends on the entire dream situation in which you have experienced the blood. Basically, blood as a carrier of life force is a positively occupied dream symbol.

Therefore, try to reconstruct the dream in as much detail as possible, taking into account all aspects of the nocturnal sleep experience in order to perform a comprehensive analysis and finally make an apt statement about the meaning of the dream.

Blood can run from the wounds of many parts of the body in a dream. Look in the following list for the organ or part of the body that has bled:

Dream symbol “blood” – The most common dreams to the symbol

Body parts from which blood comes in the dream

Dream of blood on the face

In the general interpretation of dreams, the face stands out for one’s own representation. Even though blood on the face may be somewhat disturbing, it still symbolizes the life energy of the sleeping person radiating it. Whether this energy is positive or negative depends on the dream situation and the feelings.

It does not stop bleeding: nightmare of the blood on the head

If you have a laceration on your head in the dream, feeling of hurt symbolically comes to light through the outflowing blood. Worries and misfortunes can occur, so that the dreaming gets a warning in his sleep through the blood from the head. Think about whether an event from the past could still unconsciously occupy you.

In the dream the ear bleeds

If a dream situation occurs, in which the ear bleeds suddenly, the dreaming in the Wachwelt should worry about his state of health, because the blood from the ear points him to possible health problems. Maybe he already feels, as he also feels the blood in the ear, that a disease spreads in him – that can just be a harmless cold. In addition, painful memories can become noticeable on the basis of this dream image.

The mouth is full of blood in a dream

When a dream situation occurs, when blood runs from one’s own mouth or one feels the taste of blood in the mouth, this is a warning, in the waking life the mouth proverbially not to take full or untruths to spread. An injury in the mouth area expresses, according to dream interpretation, that there is a disturbance in the communication. Pay attention to the details of the blood-and-mouth dream: Did blood come from the nose and mouth at the same time and were you afraid of suffocating the blood? There may be self-doubt behind it.

Dreaming of teeth and blood

Tears from tooth loss with blood, but also from tooth loss without blood can be very diverse. Losing a tooth with blood, seeing multiple teeth and blood, or seeing the loss of teeth with blood, for example, when someone breaks off a tooth, is generally a negative sign that points to losses and problems in the watch world. When losing teeth without blood, these losses and problems are less severe. The loss of teeth without blood in the dream moderates the events in the Wachwelt to some extent. Horror!

Bleeding eyes in the dream

Who in sleep dreams of bleeding eyes, blood in the eye or bloody tears, so blood cries, the catches a look in the mirror of his soul. The eyes carry feelings – a look can tell everything. If blood flows from an eye in a dream, the soul is in balance. However, if the dreamer experiences pain and does not stop the wound from bleeding, it may even lose a lot of blood, signs of an illness can be felt.

Non-stop nose bleeds in the dream

Many people not only have nosebleeds in real life, but even in a dream this appears as a dream picture regularly. It indicates a defeat in life, especially if the wound in the dream is bleeding badly and severely. Are you feeling overloaded in your life right now? Take the dreamed blood out of the nose as a warning signal of the soul.

Dream interpretation “the bleeding fingers”

Ouch! Did you cut your finger in the dream and he bled afterwards? If in a dream situation blood flows from a finger and you have blood on the finger, then this is according to dream analysis for respect and love. As the blood flows out of the wound, so the dreaming can be carried away by the stream of passions. However, the interpretation changes, depending on which finger the blood comes from. Or maybe even your fingernails have fallen off?

Dreams of blood from the abdomen

Not only in a dream about menstruation, even for unrecognizable reasons, the abdomen may suddenly bleed in the dream. If a woman dreams of this, her sexuality unfolds gradually; she becomes aware of her wishes. A male person dreaming of blood from the abdomen is confronted with their fear of close relationships. The blood also symbolizes the high energy and the great passion that goes along with it. This is also supported by the dream symbols “blood period” and “bloody days”. Maybe blood in the underpants was in connection with a panty liner? Such a dream image can point to a process of self-discovery.

A bleeding breast in the dream interpretation

You saw an injured chest in the dream? The blood from the male or female breast indicates future grief. But do not worry, you can always take your destiny into your own hands: keep your eyes open to avert negatives in time. If the wound stops in the dream to bleed, then the femininity or the male strength is restored.

Blood from the navel

Having blood flowing out from the navel? Or was it a dream about blood dripping from the navel and you had a bloody-belly? As a rule, in the interpretation of dreams, the belly button points to the relationship with one’s mother. Bleeding the navel shows a strong connection to the mother, which gives both parties a lot of strength. The energy between the two is stable and fertile.

A foot bleeding in a dream

If you have seen a foot or several injured feet in the dream, you have unconsciously perceived the first signs of illness in yourself or another person. The evil that announces itself with this dream image of the blood-foot, however, can be averted. The dreaming should pay more attention to the state of health of his mind and body!

Why do I have blood on my leg in my dream?

To see an open leg or a leg wound in the dream world can mean financial losses and a lack of secure support. If the dream symbol “bloody leg” appears and one does not feel any pain, it stands for a high degree of vitality and mobility. You enjoy your life and are always ready for a spontaneous outing or vacation. Vampiralarm?

Dream of a bleeding neck

No worry: An injured neck, which may even bleed the carotid artery, is by no means negative according to the traditional dream interpretation. The blood flowing from the neck just warns about taking risks. Look for your decisions in the near future and you are on the safe side. The dream of the bleeding neck shows that it makes sense to act more deliberately. When a vampire actually appears, perhaps even persecuting you, you should beware of overloading yourself and do not perform any ill-considered actions. Drowsing from a room flows out of the blood.

Dreams of blood coming from the wall

When in a dream the life juice bursts out of a wall of a house, the wall of a room or a wall in general, then this means that in the awake life you will lose your stability. It can be a family covenant, a partnership or even a professional structure that is changing. The blood does not necessarily have to be a bad omen, because a change can also be positive! Seeing blood on the wall and on walls also gives the dreaming to understand that he can actively intervene in the change.

Dream with blood dripping from or from the ceiling

A room whose ceiling suddenly turns red and drips from the drops of blood , can be very scary in a dream. The blood dripping down from the ceiling in the interpretation of the dream is symbolic of uncertainties and fears, also of a truth that has long been protected and now threatens to come to light. Is it time to clean it up? Blood does not have to appear alone and in a pure form in a dream.

Red juice may be mixed with various (bodily) fluids, hair or feces. The interpretations to this are listed below.

Dream interpretation to the mixture of feces and blood

When blood has mixed with feces in the dream, a load is given up with great effort. A matter that has been dammed up for a long time flows now symbolically with the blood in the chair of the dreaming. These can be previously suppressed emotions or problematic situations.

According to the interpretation of the dream, there are once more happy, happier times ahead! A ball of blood and hair in the dream, which are out of order and broken, symbolizes, according to the interpretation of dreams, a mental imbalance. This may have been caused by a suppression of mental stress.

If the hair remnants mix with blood in the dream or if there is blood in the hair of the sleeping one, the vitality of the dreaming is weakened. The ball of hair and blood can not run off and clump together – think about how you can loosen the knot in awake life.

Try to reconstruct the dream in as much detail as possible, taking into account all aspects of the nocturnal sleep experience in order to perform a comprehensive analysis and finally make an apt statement about the meaning of the dream.