Dreams About Boats – Interpetation and Meaning

Our dreams are something that has always been mysterious and subject for many researches. People are trying to find a logical sense in it for years. In generally, dreams are some sort of the stories and images that our mind is creating during our sleep.

They can awake a lot of feelings in us, such as feelings of happiness, sorrow, fear and many more. It is known that they appear during REM phase of a dream while our brain is most active. Amount of dreams can go around 4-6 dreams per night.

In this text, we will pay attention on dreams about boats.  Boats in dreams have both positive and negative meaning, and it all depends on what you saw in your dream. Just like the other forms of transportation, so as boats can represent phases of a change in your life. Those changes can be the ones that you wanted to, or the ones that you are afraid of.  Dreams about boats can have certain symbolism, so you are able to interpret them.

Important thing about this is that you need to take into consideration all of the circumstances and details which you saw in a dream, and context of it. Meaning of it depends whether you saw a boat in your dream or you sailed with it, or the boat sink and many other situations. Very often boats are representing state of your emotions and your ability to face with it.

In further text, you will see the most common dreams in which boats are dominant.

Dreams About Boats – Interpretation and Meaning

Dreaming about seeing a boat. If in your dream you saw a boat, it means that you are very suspicious when it comes to your love life. You don’t believe enough in your partner and you don’t see him or her as someone who will be there for you when tough times come, and you don’t expect his or hers support. Other interpretation has positive meaning, and it is also related to your emotional status. It says that you will start a new relationship, which can be based only on sex.

Dreaming about seeing a boat in the distance. This dream is warning you to stop thinking about past and the people you once know. You need to forget about it, try to move forward and live in present if you want good things to start happening to you.

Dreaming about you being on a boat. This can be related to your capability to show your emotions. For this dream is important for you to remember whether the water was calm or choppy, or maybe blurred or clean. It can show your ability to face with unconscious parts of your personality. Also, you can take this dream as a warning to be more careful, and try not to challenge destiny with your reckless actions.

Dreaming about big boat. If you dreamed about big boat, it means that you can expect to gain certain amount of money in the period that’s ahead of you. If you invested in some business project, you will earn more than you invested in it. Your financial situation will be very good and you will be very successful in the future.

Dreaming about small boats. Small boats in your dreams are a symbol of your modesty in reality. You are very aware of yourself and your qualities, but somehow you don’t like to show them in front of the other people. You should try to change that, and try to be more confident because people nowadays are very cruel and they will fool you if you aren’t strong enough.

Dreaming about sailing on a boat. This dream is indication that you need some changes in your life. Somehow you aren’t able to handle everyday monotony, and it is killing your spirit and creativity. You are very adventurous person and you are always searching for something new to move you, and because of that this dream tells you to start doing things that will make you happy.

Also, having in mind your personality, this dream can be related to your relationships and your inability to be with one person forever. Because of that, you are someone who changes partners very fast, and this dream means that you will be in a situation to cheat him or her. No doubt, you will do it, but you need to change yourself if you don’t want to be forever alone.

Dreaming about stranded boat. If in your dream you saw a stranded boat it signifies situations that are not changing. Everything in your life is in stagnation. It can be related to your business projects which stopped for some reason and you can’t continue with their realization.

Also, it represents your lack of self-confidence. You are someone who is very insecure and always in a doubt. But if in your dream you managed to take boat back to the water it means that things will change in a good way.

Dreaming about sinking boat. Sinking boat represents negative emotions which are overwhelming you. It can be a sign that some things are coming to an end. Maybe you will break up with your partner, or you will end your partnership with important business partners and projects you had together. Take this as a warning if you don’t want this to happen.

Dreaming about you navigating a boat. If you dreamed about this, it is a good sign. You will be able to realize everything that you planned to, and you will achieve your goals in the future. All of your hard work will pay off and you will be very successful.

These were some of the most common dreams about boats, and their interpretations. If you watched a TV show about boats, and maybe sailed with it recently, than this dream hasn’t meaning because it was just triggered by it.

But if this was not the case than you should try to find a message behind it. We hope that this text helped you to do it.