Dreams About Broken Glass – Interpretation and Meaning

We all have dreams. Some of us see them as something important, like some kind of message.

Other say that dreams are just unclear and unrelated images of our mind. But for those who believe that dreams are sending some important messages, it is good too know meaning of them. There are a lot of interpretations for every dream, and it all depends on details of it.

Here we will try to explain what it means to dream about broken glass. In almost every interpretation of this dream, interpreters say that it has a negative connotation.

If you see glass in your dream, it can represent some invisible wall that you are building around yourself which protects you from other people and their bad intentions. It can be related to your vulnerability or naivety, and thickness of the wall can represent intensity of it.

Also, glass can be a sign of your passiveness. For example, you don’t see that something big is happening around you because you are letting other people to take control of  it. You could feel helpless, and unable to control the things in your life.

Your patience might come to an end, and because of that you will be furious, wanting something postive to happen.  Just like in a real life, if you break something, you can’t expect nothing beneficial from it.

Dreams About Broken Glass – Interpretation and Meaning

Dreaming about broken glass. Broken glass is a common dream and it is usually a bad sign. It is symbol of broken promises, your disapointments, negativity, goals that you didn’t reached etc. People often dream about this when they end their relationships. In that case, broken glass represents broken hearted person.

Also, this dream symbolizes a negative impact that bad decissions had on your life and it is connected to your inability to make things right. You will have feeling that your life is in pieces and that you are unable to assemble them. It can be connected to bad habits that you taken up lately. If you dreamed about broken glass window it represents your disappointments and broken promises. In some cases, it can be related to breaking some rules that you have been experiencing lately.

Dreaming about you breaking a glass. Usually, when people dream about this, it has something to do with their problems and worries in real life. Maybe you have someone that is very close to you, and you worry about him or she, but that person doesn’t see it in a right way. Because of this, you should be prepared to possible arguments with that person.

If  in your dream you broke a glass in purpose, it can be a good sign. That means that you will win against your competitors and rivals.

Dreaming about you walking across a broken glass. This is a very bad sign, and one of the most negative interpretations that has to do with dreams about glass. It represents pain that you will feel  in the future, and it is some kind of warning that you should take serious, and prepare yourself for whatever future brings to you. Maybe that will be some emotional heartache that you tryed to suppress in the past.

Dreaming about you eating a broken glass. This type of dream isn’t the most common thing, but it is possible. It means that in reality you are very vulnerable person, insecure in yourself and your decissions, and that you are very friable, but you don’t want others to see it. Maybe you will find yourself in situations that you don’t understand, or you will have a feeling of being trapped in them, and you will hardly find a way out. You can feel that the whole world is turning upside down for you.

Also, it means that you have said or done something bad to someone who is very special to you, and this dream indicates that you should find a way to change things right. You should do that very carefully, and try to make stronger bonds with that person. But, you must count on the fact that outcome can’t always be pleasent.

Dreaming about a boy or a girl who breaks a glass. If in your dream a boy breaks a glass, he will find out who has been spreading bad rumors about him. But if in your dream girl breaks a glass it means that she will hardly find someone for a long time. Sick person who dreams this can expect that he or she will get well soon.

Dreaming about fragments of broken glass. This dream has two meanings, depending on the size of the fragments. If those fragments are small and there are a lot of them, it means that you will hear  news that aren’t important and relevant to you. But if glass broke, and separate into two big parts, it means that you will need to make some choices soon.

Dreaming about having a cut from broken glass. If you dreamed about having a cut from broken glass, it suggests that you are being undermined and let down by others.

Dreaming about removing a broken glass from your skin. If you saw this in your dream, it can be symbol of healing. Pulling out shards of glass from your hand means that you are trying to remove problems and obstacles from your life. It has positive connotation and indicates that things are getting better soon.

Dreaming about you breaking a mirror. Mirrors are some sort of glass, so in that sense we can connect dreams about them to this text. In almost every culture, broken mirrors represent a very bad sign. It is seen as misfortune, and usually interpreters say that person who broke a mirror will have seven years of bad luck.

If you saw a broken mirror in your dream, or maybe cracked one, it means that you have a poor perception about yourself. You should take that as a sign to start changing yourself and get rid of your bad  habbits.