Dreams About Bulls – Interpretation and Meaning

The dream of a bull can be interpreted quite differently. Therefore, it is important not only to look at the dream symbol itself, but also the accompanying circumstances. What did the bull do in a dream? Was he peaceful or full of aggression?

Did you perhaps fear the strong stature of the bull? Was it just one or more animals? All these questions should help you to interpret your dream. Because only with the inclusion of as many details as possible can a comprehensive dream interpretation be made.

Dream symbol “bull” – The general interpretation        

In the general interpretation of dreams, the dream symbol “bull” mainly embodies the male principle and is a sign of fertility. The bull in the dream can also be a symbol for the handling of the dreaming with his masculine sexual parts of personality. In addition, the dreaming, if he dreams of a bull, should be aware that he has a very pronounced masculinity and great sexual potency. Another interpretation in the general interpretation of dreams interprets the bull in the dream as a symbol of determination, energy and assertiveness.

The sight of a bull in the dream sometimes also illustrates the stubbornness or persistence of the dreaming in the watch world. Similar to the bull with its horns, the dreaming in the awake life tries with the head by the wall to go and to enforce his will ruthlessly. However, this behavior can also have a negative effect on him. He should therefore think carefully and decide on a case-by-case basis whether he should really stick to his opinion without compromise.

If the bull storms towards you in the dream, this can be understood as an invitation to show more perseverance and to act more decisively. But the dreaming should also be aware of when he should act actively and at what time he should rather wait. If the dreaming is pursued by a bull in the dream, on the one hand this points to annoyances in the business area.

On the other hand, it can symbolize the dreaming that he is afraid of his own passions and he should learn to control them. In contrast, the fight with a bull as a dream symbol reminds the dreaming to be more compliant in the watch world.

Dream symbol “bull” – the psychological interpretation

Psychologically speaking, the bull as a dream symbol can illustrate the yearning for exploring the male side of the self.

Or the opposite: The dreaming tries to avoid exactly that. The exact interpretation always depends on the behavior and the living conditions of the dreaming.

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In the psychological interpretation of dreams different dream situations with the dream symbol “bull” are known, which can be interpreted differently. Thus, an aggressive bull in the dream can warn against a false friend, who in truth only wants to harm the dreaming.

A bullfight in the dream wants to make it clear to the dreaming that it is urgently necessary to find a solution to a troublesome problem as quickly as possible. The dream of two struggling bulls may indicate open or hidden disagreements between siblings. The sacrifice of a bull as a dream symbol is often a symbol of a past or future success.

Dream symbol “bull” – The spiritual interpretation

At the spiritual level of dream interpretation, the bull in the dream is a fertility symbol and often embodies determination, energy and power.

The bull, the male ox, impresses us with his pride and his muscular strength. In Spain and southern France is still the bullfighting in the arena to watch the fight between humans and animals, in which the torero goes into mortal danger. Denounced by animal rights activists as tormenting, transfigured by lovers into a spectacle of courage and elegance, this spectacle has inspired many artists and writers, including Goya and Hemingway. And every kid knows that it’s better not to climb over the fence when a bull is standing in the pasture.

Here, bulls are mostly found in southern Europe. In the northern latitudes we know them more from film and television.

What does it mean when we dream of a bull or several bulls? What does the bull stand for in the interpretation of dreams?

Dream symbol “bull” – The general interpretation

In general, the bull points to masculinity and fertility as a dream symbol. The dream can refer to one’s own male parts and the associated qualities such as energy and assertiveness.

He can also stand for a wish that the dreaming has long been, but never fulfilled. This is especially true when the dream of a woman is dreamed. Moreover, it may indicate a rich friend or patron if the dreaming sees a bull in his dream.

However, the dream symbol “bull” also warns against wanting to head through the wall.

When the dreaming struggles with a bull, in truth he wrestles with himself and his own passions. He should abandon the proverbial stubbornness of the bull and his temper, his lack of domination will not help him in life, but on the contrary, he will harm him. Instead, he should be more forgiving, with others, but also with himself.

Further interpretations are:

  • See it: desire for marriage or minor inconvenience in the family
  • Being one: loss of professional or social position
  • having one: wealth or material benefits
  • kill, slaughter or sell: loss of a rich friend or patron; financial loss, mostly self-inflicted
  • to be pursued by one: loss of a loyal friend; professional problems; Neider; sometimes stands for the power and courage of the dreaming, which he would only have to apply
  • in the dream of a young woman: she should refuse an early marriage proposal
  • Bull with long horns: urges caution
  • grazing bull: the dreamer will receive a message.

Dream symbol “bull” – The psychological interpretation

In the psychological interpretation of dreams, the dream symbol is usually interpreted sexually. The bull in the dream embodies its own drives, the power of desire.

In women, the dream image for unfulfilled sexual desires, in men rather for their own lack of control. If the dreaming in the dream with the bull fights, the interpretation of the symbol depends on the outcome of this argument: if the bull takes the dreaming on the horns, then it concerns a warning that the dreaming his impulses will have no more control soon , mostly because he suppresses them.

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Relationships with an animal

If the dreamer defeats the bull, he sensibly repositions his concentrated energy, “stands his ground”. On the other hand, if the dreaming runs away from the bull, he is afraid of his own passion or does not want to accept it.

Dream symbol “bull” – the spiritual interpretation

On the spiritual level, the bull stands as a dream symbol for the male principle and life force, and is also a fertility symbol associated with the forces of the moon.