Dreams About Butterflies – Interpretation and Meaning

Have you ever thought about dreams and their meaning? Did you wondered why do we even dream and what causes our dreams? Science is trying to find an answer on these questions, but there is no general opinion about it. We can find both psychoanalytic and neuroscientific explanations of the dreams.

When we talk about psychoanalytic approach, it is considered that psychoanalysts are trying to find a meaning for the dream, and connect it to the dreamers history.

Neuroscientists are concentrating on the structures of the dream organizations, and dream productions, but also on the dream narratability.

In this text, we will pay attention on the dreams about butterflies. These type of a dreams can have a different meanings, and it all depends on the details of the dream.

Butterflies are a symbol of happiness in many cultures. In some other cultures, butterflies are a symbol of transformations, phases of growing up and changes in us. For example, people in Japan consider that they are representing family happiness and harmony.

Also, they are used as a metaphor for spirituality and regeneration. Symbolism of the butterflies in a dream is often connected with guardian angel and messages sent from spiritual sphere.

We can find interpretations which say that they represent souls of dead people. Butterflies in a dream are warning us to enjoy in every perfect moment of our lives. Some interpreters say that they announce new love relationships.

Dreams About Butterflies – Interpretation and Meaning

Dreams about seeing a butterfly. If in your dream you saw a butterfly, it means that you will be happy in the period that’s ahead of you, but unfortunately, it will be short breathed. There is someone from your past who once was very close to you and he or she is coming back into your life. Maybe it was your ex, with who you were in a relationship, but for some reason you couldn’t continue being together. Obstacles that were interfering you will appear again and there isn’t any chance for you to succeed. That will be very disappointing for you, but you need to know that it is all because of your and partner’s character, to be more precise, because of your stubbornness.

Dreams about a butterfly in your hand. Opposite of the previous dream explanation, this dream has positive connotation. Interpreters say that you will find someone in the future who will fully respond to you. You can expect to be in a serious relationship, full of love and happiness.

Dreams about butterfly flying. If you dreamed about butterfly flying, it means that you can expect to have difficulties in your life. Some things will change in negative way, and nothing will be how you imagined. In your professional life you can expect to have some business failures, and you will need to handle it on the best way possible. You might be in a situation to ask your money back from the partners who borrowed it from you, but that will be the only way for you to stand on your feet for a while.

Dreams about butterfly who can’t fly. If in your dream a butterfly lost his wing and can’t fly, then it means that you have health problems. Take this dream as a warning for you to take better care of yourself, and stop ignoring messages which your body is sending to you. You should visit your doctor and do a routine check up.

Dreams about a butterfly landing on a flower. Dreams like this are a sign that you don’t trust your partner enough. That can be a consequence of your relationships from the past which didn’t end up well because there wasn’t enough honesty between you and your partner. Because of this, you hardly open yourself in front of your new boyfriend/girlfriend and you always think how he or she will disappoint and betray you. Try to be less distrustful and get rid of that feeling that everybody lies.

Dreams about a butterfly on a pillow. Dream in which you saw a butterfly on a pillow means that you will soon have a love adventure. There will be someone who will come into your life and shake your world. There will be a lot of passion between you.

Dreams about catching a butterfly. If you dreamed about catching a butterfly, it means that someone who is very close to you will betray you. You need to be very cautious before trusting anyone and try to check his/hers intentions before telling your secrets to him/her because there is a chance that he/she will use it against you just to set you up.

Dreams about killing a butterfly. If in your dream you killed a butterfly, then it has a negative connotation. It means that one of your family members is in a danger, or will have serious health problems, which can even end up with death.

Dreams about butterflies with a different color. If the butterfly in your dream was red, then it means that you will be in a relationship soon. Green butterfly is a symbol of a happy and harmonic life, full of love and understanding. White butterfly means that someone from your surrounding (or even you) has a health problems. If the butterfly was blue, it means that you will go somewhere on a road trip. Purple butterfly means that you will have a lot of success in your professional life in the period that’s ahead of you. If the butterfly in your dream was colorful, then it means that you will earn a lot of money, and have a lot of business achievements.

These were some of the most common dreams about butterflies and their interpretations and meanings. If you watched a TV show about butterflies, or even you saw a butterfly, then you shouldn’t pay attention on your dream because it was just triggered by it.

But, if this wasn’t the case then you should try to remember as much details of your dream as you can and try to find a proper meaning of it. We hope that this text helped you to do that.