Dreams About Crabs – Interpretation and Meaning

There are an estimated 6500 different crab species worldwide. The size of the crab ranges from one centimeter (microcrab) to fabulous four meters (Japanese giant crab). Crabs move sideways. This is due to the anatomy of her body. For their armor is short in length, but very wide in relation to it. That is, the legs of the crab are very close to each other, which makes a forward movement difficult. Pleasant and with more “legroom”, the shellfish therefore pulls it sideways.

Crabs can not only meet us on the beach, but also in our dream world. What this can mean for you as a dreaming, you will learn in the following article.

Dream symbol “Crab” – The general interpretation

As a dream image, the crab raises the question of what value you attribute to yourself in life. Are you ready to acknowledge how one is and do you give yourself the necessary appreciation? Or do you criticize yourself in everything you do and you are always in doubt about being a valuable and lovable person?

If one sees living crabs in the dream situation, one can be involved in the awake life without own intervention in complications. Here only helps to keep a clear head and an objective view of the situation. Only then can we search for the right solution and finally find it. For lovers, however, the appearance of living crabs can announce a tough and exhausting way to each other. If love is strong enough, patience and stamina will eventually pay off. If the dreaming crab eats, he may be pleased in the opinion of the general interpreter of dreams about wealth and success in the future.

Dream symbol “Crab” – The psychological interpretation

When crabs move, they do so sideways. If you have this picture in your mind, you may be in real life a person who likes to act with evasive maneuvers. Depending on the phase of life, this can certainly be beneficial.

However, one should honestly ask yourself if you avoid avoiding problems by avoiding them too often instead of facing them. Most commentators such arthropods – find this to be a good sign. So, dream interpretation Zhou-Prince Gong combines crustacean in the dream of a speedy recovery. The Expositor of the XXI century is written that this vision – too fast wedding or luck in family life. Why Dream of a Crab on Dream Interpretation Apostle Simon the Zealot?

Crabs have scissors, with the help of which they dig themselves in the sand. For the dreaming person hide behind such a dream experience different interpretation possibilities.

On the one hand, the burial can stand for greed and possession thinking. You want to accumulate as much wealth as possible and call your own.

On the other hand, the crawling of the crab can also make the dreaming aware of their own tendency to retreat. These are very pronounced in him, because he believes that only so can protect himself from the dangers of too much human proximity.

Dream symbol “Crab” – The spiritual interpretation

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The dream image of the crab points the dreaming in a spiritual context to his emotional experience. In addition, the crab as an animal of water embodies the life energy.

Son of man can tell a lot. At the heart of night vision is often something constantly surrounded by sleeping in a real life. What he thinks, what he lurks every day, or some faces. Everyone has a hidden thought, dreams, desires that are not flaunted. It is possible that the concept of man himself does not think about these, fears, fears, but they are in each. Since in ordinary life they can not only analyze themselves through their own night vision, we can find them and think about what is happening. Perhaps that is why so many people are addicted to the interpretation of all that is possible to see in a dream.

This process is not always easy. If the dream is composed entirely of abstractions, we can only vaguely assume that the same meaning. If all, the topic is enough to open the dream book and determine the value of their own vision. Suppose someone had a dream trip or dinner in the restaurant. In this case, the protagonist of the night vision was an ordinary crab. And it does not matter, he was a live or freshly prepared. The main thing is that you can find in almost every dream book the answer to the question: “What crab dreams, interpretation in all interpreters of the books, of course, different?

The interpretation of the night vision of the crustacean

Guided by the banal logic suggests that sea creatures in a dream vision mean crabs in reality. That is, people can see him at bedtime. This goes a little further, it is necessary to consider the fact that the crab – somewhat slow, always goes ahead to his goal, and is presumptuous enough. In this case, the crab is more an allegory. So, whatever crab dream lives on, it seems pretty obvious. This vision indicates the real encounter with a man who is very similar to this underwater world. He is slow, persistent, strong-willed and closed type. Such a person at first glance does not seem attractive. Does this simple chain of logic mean that a person should definitely be cautiously dreaming of crabs?

Most commentators such arthropods – find this to be a good sign. So, dream interpretation Zhou-Prince Gong combines crustacean in the dream of a speedy recovery. The Expositor of the XXI century is written that this vision – too fast wedding or luck in family life. Why Dream of a Crab on Dream Interpretation Apostle Simon the Zealot?

Interpretation in other dream books

Alternatively, the light crab is treated, for example, in dream interpretation  as a Wanderer. According to him, it symbolizes the arthropods disease, injury, physical or moral.

Authoritative interpreter psychologist Miller also believes that the crab in a dream – it is several problems, the solution requires a large amount of effort and energy. There is also another version. Cooking and eating crabs in a dream – the prediction which means that in real life you will begin to communicate with an unpleasant person.

Crab in the water, what does such a vision mean?

And what does crabs dream in the water mean? In fact, the dream only means meeting a person like these arthropods. If the animal is thrown ashore from the water, then you should expect the life of the unforeseen situation that you have not encountered before.

Interpretation for lovers

Why dream of crabs are usually of big and medium ones? The interpretation of this vision should be awareness for all lovers. For them, the dream is very symbolic, regardless of the size of the dream of the crustacean.

Many crabs in a dream

And if there are a lot of crabs in the dream? A large number of crabs – a sign that heavy and stubborn character will not lead to anything good, and will help make you swear many make mistakes.

What big crabs mean in dreams

This of course will not go unnoticed. After all, everything has its price, so be careful. The most appropriate would be as little as possible guided by its own nature. Actions in the night view, what they stand for? But not only the number of crabs in a dream has a meaning. It is also important to pay attention to those measures that you do in relation to animal and vice versa. So, if in a dream crab claw you pinched, get ready for the fact that in real life you can soon be seriously affected.

If you are intimately pinched, so he is in danger, and probably very serious. In real life the possibility of error miscalculation, which lead to negative consequences is not unusual. If you want to know what a dream about catching a crab means, it’s worth keeping an eye on it. Maybe you are hiding, shyness and shame are perceived negatively by someone. If someone else catches crabs in real life, this means you cannot get very close to important people.

What crabs in the water mean

When trying to find the support, protection and advancement, it is better to choose this other method. Or even denied help, try to do everything yourself. So what a dream about crab in water means? If you carve your meat in the kitchen, then it’s all much luck and victory.