Dreams About Crocodiles, Alligators – Interpretation and Meaning

Dreams can tell a lot about us. They are a symbol of our hidden wishes and desires. They are classified as natural physiological process that cannot be stopped. For some people they are just a result of chemical and electrical processes in our brain, but for some people they are something more. Those people believe in messages hidden behind dreams.

Messages are appearing like persons or symbols which needs to be understood and decoded in order to our consciously Me recognizes it and accept it. It was always considered that they are something magical. It was believed that there are dreams which could predict future, the ones that have healing power, etc. Things, places and people that we dream about are giving us a better insight in our psyche and sometimes they can help us to solve some dilemmas and problems.

While we are dreaming, we can feel different emotions just like happiness, anger, love, satisfaction and many more. There are  six most common scenarios that can be seen in a dream which all of us had at least once in a lifetime. Those are dreams about running, flying, food, animals, symbols and nudity. Researches had shown that only more developed species can have dreams.

In this text, we will try to explain you the meaning of the dreams about alligators and crocodiles. In generally, dreams about animals have special meaning which depends on species. Animals in a dream are representing your fears and hopes, or parts of your personality. If the animal in your dream was wild, then it means that you are struggling with part of your mind which is hidden deep in your subconscious.

If you dreamed about domestic animals, it means that you are a very reasonable person. Ancient cultures believed that animals in a dream are representing your soul just like totem and that animal suits on the best way possible to your character. They believed that you can follow animals in your dream in order to aknowledge the truth about you.

If the animal in a dream was talking, then it represents hidden knowledge  which is hard to reach on usual ways. Defining dreams helps you to learn more about yourself, about who you really are , and many of our feelings come to an express even  if we are afraid of showing them in reality.

Alligators in a dream are a symbol of changes and beginnings in reality. Negative meaning of this dream is that it represents danger for you and it warns you to be more careful. Someone from your surrounding is trying to make decisions and run your life instead of you. Usually this dream appears when you are under the influence of the negative energy from the people around you.

Also, it is a reflection of your inner feelings about other people and alligators are connected with your soul. Dreams about alligators and crocodiles aren’t so common, but you should know that it is a bond between conscious and unconscious state of your being. Some interpreters say that crocodiles are a symbol of the aggressive side of your personality.

Maybe you are someone who isn’t sincere and you are showing false emotions. This can be understood as your way to protect yourself because you are afraid to let anyone close to you. If you had this type of a dream, you should remember every detail of it, and then find the meaning of it. In further text, we will help you to do that.

Dreams about Crocodiles, Alligators – Interpretation and Meaning

Dreams about seeing an alligator. If in your dream you saw an alligator, it means that there are people from your surrounding that are your enemies, even if they represent themselves as friends to you. It is very possible that this dream represents a person which you had once known and you were very close but for some reasons you distanced during some life circumstances. You will want to renew your old friendship, but soon you will see that nothing is the same and that this person isn’t sincere to you. So you should be cautious and distance yourself from her on time.

Dreams about alligators in the jungle. Dreams like this are a symbol of the new things and beginnings in your life. If you are a single person, it means that you will soon find someone who will have everything that you ever imagined. Also, when it comes to your professional life, this can be indication that you will find a new, better job. Tamed alligators are symbol of your influence on other people. People see you as a true leader and they admire you a lot.

Dreams about crocodile in a water. This dream is indication that you aren’t aware enough of the potential that you have. You are suppressing that side of your personality but somewhere deep down in you, you are a lot more braver than you think you are. Also, this means that you have some moral principles which doesn’t allow you to deviate from it. You are always trying to realize everything that you planned to do, and it goes in that direction.

Dreams about crocodile on a land. If you dreamed about crocodile on a land, it means that you are someone who has a fear of the new and unknown things and you feel better when the situation is familiar to you and when circumstances are the same always. Try to take this as indication to widen your horizons.

Dreams about aggressive crocodile in a water. Similar to previous dream explanation, so as this dream means that you are afraid of the changes that will appear in your life. Just because you are used on your current life situation, it doesn’t mean that things from the future are bringing you worries and problems. You should relax and stop thinking about it, whatever happens, it happens for a reason.

Dreams about multiple crocodiles. This dream means that there are a lot of the things that threatens you, and you don’t know how to get rid of them. Take this as a warning to try to find a way out from that situation. If the crocodiles in your dream were surrounding you and trying to attack you, it means that you should never give up from your dreams.

Dreams about swimming with a crocodile/alligator. This dream is a symbol of your material, emotional and physical needs. Usually this dream is dreamed by people who were alone for a long time, and because of it this dream was triggered by their desire for finding someone who will love them unconditionally.

Dreams about aggressive crocodile on a land. Dreams like this are indication that you let people too much to make choices and decisions instead of you, even if you sometimes disagree with them. You should change this, and be more confident in yourself, because no one knows what’s the best for you.

Dreams about you standing on the crocodile. If you dreamed about this, it means that there are a lot of negativities in your life. It is indication that you will need to face with obstacles and intrigues, in order to solve problems in a proper way. Maybe you should stop believing in people who doesn’t deserve it and distance yourself from them.

Dreams about crocodile attacking someone. This dream is a symbol of betrayal. People who are dreaming about this can expect to be disappointed in the future because someone from their surrounding who is close to them will betray them. That will be someone who represents himself as a true friend. If you dreamed about this, you will soon find out who is that person.

Dreams about running away from an alligator. If you dreamed about this, it means that you feel like you are trapped, and you can’t find a way out from your current life situation. It leaves you desperate because you put enormous effort to achieve something, but it is useless. It will just do you harm. This can be related both to your professional and personal life. Dream is just reflection of you worries. Also, it means that you will encounter enemies on your way to find a truth about something, and they will oppose you and try to prevent you in your intentions to do that.

Dreams about running away from crocodile. Dreams like this mean that you will discover parts of yourself that you weren’t aware of, and it is on psychic level. It is very important to remember what happened in this dream. If the crocodile bit or killed you, it means that you will move from your current way of thinking and you will try to widen your horizons. Also, it means that someone who you know is very deceiving.

Dreams about killing an alligator. This dream means that you will successfully overcome all of the obstacles that come across your way. Even if there are people who are trying to do you harm, you are your worst enemy and you are still learning how to win against your fears. This will change in the period that’s ahead of you, and you will overcome everything that was bothering you.

Dreams about killing a crocodile. If you dreamed about this, you should know that it has positive meaning. It means that you will be very happy and successful in the future. Regarding to your professional life, this indicates that you will have success in realizing your projects which will bring you a lot of money. You will use every business opportunity in order to achieve your goals.

Dreams about baby crocodile. Dreams like this are connected to our reality. This dream means that you are acting patronizing towards your children. This type of a dreams are often dreamed by parents. Also, this means that there are people from your surrounding who are acting childish and they are always asking for your support in everything that they do. You are someone who is very committed to your family and you see their happiness as your own.

Dreams about small crocodile. If the crocodile in your dream was small, then it means that you are feeling guilty because of something that you have done in the past. Interpreters say that this dream can appear when you have problems which you need to overcome in order to move on. You need to remove everything that is stopping you to do that and forget about it. The less you think about it, less it will bother you.

Dreams about crocodile trying to bite you. This dream represents your inner wishes and desires for finding someone who will make you feel loved and happy. If crocodile manages to bite you, it means that there is someone who will use you. Also, this can be understood as indication that someone close to you will disappoint you when you least expect it.

Dreams about crocodile who bit you. If you saw a crocodile in your dream who was trying to bit you and opened his mouth, then it means that you need to take responsibility for your actions. If the crocodile in your dream bit you on the hand, it means that there are people on your workplace who are representing themselves as a friends to you, but you should be very careful and try not to trust everyone. If the crocodile bit you on the leg, it means that you will find obstacles on your way to success.

These were some of the most common interpretations for the dreams about crocodiles and alligators. If you watched a TV show recently about them, or even you saw them, then you should not give importance to this dream because it was just triggered by it.

If this wasn’t the case, then you need to remember as much details of your dream as you can, and try to find a meaning of it. We hope that our text helped you to do that and you are able to understand a message behind it.