Dreams About Diamonds – Interpretation and Meaning

World of the dreams had always been something mysterious, interesting, intriguing, but sometimes dangerous and because of that people were always trying to understand it. We spend third of our lives in a dream.

Most of our dreams are forgotten as soon as we wake up. Scientist say that we remember only 10% of our dream. If you ever wondered how long can we be without sleep, the answer is four days. After that, a person starts hallucinating.

Quality of a dream depends on a phase of a dream in which we are dreaming. It means that dreams with most of the details are appearing during the REM phase of a sleep. Unlike that phase, dreams in a phase 1 and 2 are simple and short.

In this text, we will concentrate on the dreams about diamonds. These type of a dreams  aren’t so common, but there is a need to interpret them. Diamond is the  hardest material in the nature and its most beautiful and precious work while diamond hone is human contribution to that beauty. Its glow is eternal, and its esthetics are perfect.

Dreams about diamonds can have different meanings and symbolism, but it all depends on the details of the dream. It can represent self – assumption, vanity, and your ego which can distance people from you.

But it can have also a positive meaning and represent love and wealth. In further text, we will try to explain you the most common dreams about diamonds and its interpretation and meaning.

If you want to discover real symbolism of your dream about diamonds, it is very important for you to remember exact situation in which you dreamed diamond and everything that you saw in it.

Dreams About Diamonds – Interpretation and Meaning

Dreams about seeing a diamond. If you had this type of a dream, then you should know that there is a possibility that someone from your surrounding is representing himself false as your friend. This person intentions are beyond friendship, and you need to take this dream as a warning for you that you need to be more cautious. Don’t trust people so easily, and think twice before telling your plans and secrets to them until you are not sure in their intentions. Stop being so naïve.

Dreams about you finding a diamond. If you dreamed about finding a diamond, it means that you will receive good news. Those news can be related to your professional life. If you applied for a job, you can expect to receive a positive answer. Even if you doubt it, happiness will knock on your door soon. You need to use the chance given to you on the best way possible.

Dreams about you losing a diamond. This dream means that someone who is very close to you is having a lot of problems lately. Those problems can be related to that person’s financials. You need to give that person a support and let him or her know that you will be there for him/her and offer your help.

Dreams about your partner giving you a diamond. This type of a dream has a positive meaning and it means that your partner is loving you truly and unconditionally. Your relationship is going in the right direction and we can say that you are a very lucky person for having someone like that beside you.

Dreams about you giving someone a diamond. This dream  has  a negative meaning. It means that there is possibility that you will have financial problems. Partly, you will be responsible for that because you will make some wrong business moves that will lead to failure. Also, you are someone who is spending more than you can earn, and you waste your money without thinking on future. Try to be more cautious and start to save money instead of spending it on the things that you don’t need.

Dreams about you wearing a diamond. This dream means that you will be a subject of gossiping and warns you to choose wisely who do you trust. Don’t tell your secrets to everyone, especially to someone new in your life, because there are always people who can use it against you just to do you harm.

Dreams about you having a diamond. If in your dream you have a diamond, then it means that you will have problems because you are way too good. It sounds silly, but it is true. You are a person who is always there for others and you care about their needs and feelings. But you should know that there is always someone who will betray you in spite of the fact that you don’t deserve it. This dream is a sign for you to stop being good to people who don’t deserve it.

Dreams about you buying a diamond. Dream in which you are buying a diamond means that you will have a lot of success in the period that’s ahead of you. You will have a chance to achieve your goals and your plans will come to a realization. If you invested money recently in some business projects, you can expect to be successful in it, and you will gain a lot more than you imagined to.

Dreams about diamond ring. If you dreamed about this, it means that there is a chance that your partner will propose you or it can be a reflection of your desire for proposal. If in your dream you lost a diamond ring, it means that you are unhappy in your relationship and you have a constant feeling that something is missing, or maybe your emotions aren’t strong as usual.

Dreams about fake diamonds. This type of a dream has a negative connotation. It can be understood as an announcement of a bad period that’s ahead of you. There is possibility that your business plans will fail and you will lose trust of your supervisors. If it happens, you need to stay positive and try to make things right, if there is any chance to do it. Don’t let problems overcome you.

These were some of the most common dreams about diamonds and its interpretations. If you had recently bought some diamond jewelry or someone gave it to you, then your dream was triggered by it.

Also, there is possibility for you to dream about it if you watched a TV show about diamonds recently. If you didn’t do anything of this, then you should to remember as much details of a dream as you can, and then find a meaning for it. We hope that this text was helpful, and you are now able to understand message behind it.