Dreams About Earthquakes – Interpretation and Meaning

Dreams are often very fascinating and intriguing to us, and experts believed for a long time that our dreams have a deeper meaning.

However,  they think nowadays that dreams can give us very important details  of our helath condition and even warn us few years before real illness comes. Many scientists are trying to find out why are we dreaming, and this subject is very present in their arguments. The fact is that the most of us are dreaming between four and six dreams during the night.

If we wake up in the middle of our dream, we can remember it, but if we continue with sleeping even after dream finishes than we forget about it forever. It is proved that woman remember most of the dreams that they dreamed during the night, and it is probably because they have easier dream.

In this text, we will try to explain you the meaning of a dreams about earthquakes. Earthquakes are scary natural disasters that are appearing suddenly and leave behind them havoc and death. Dreams about it can be very disturbing, and followed with bad emotions and feelings, such as feeling of a fear and horror. They can represent changes in your life that are very catastrophic and they are considered as some sort of a physical thing.

Those changes are often connected to your job and other aspects of your life such as losing your personal and life stability but they also indicate that you will overcome all of these difficulties. This dream can be triggered by a TV show about earthquakes that you watched recently. But, if this was not the case, than you should read this text in order to understand your dream and find a meaning for it. The meaning can be different and it depends on the details of your dream. For example, you can dream about watching an earthquake, feeling it, being killed by it, or survived it etc.

Usually, these dreams aren’t the ones that are foretelling something. In this case, they don’t foretell earthquakes in reality. It is just something that can be seen as a symbol of your security and stability.

Dreams About Earthquakes – Interpretation and Meaning

Dreaming about you watching an earthquake. This dream indicates that you can expect to be visited by someone who you don’t like. That person is very negative and energetic vampire, but you will need to endure his presence.

Also, it represents problems on your job and in your emotional relationships that you will have in the period that’s ahead of you.

Dreaming about very strong earthquake. If you dreamed about this, than it has a negative connotation. This means that you will have a lot of problems and worries in the future. Those problems will be related to your family and friends. You will be in a very bad situation and beacuse of that you will need to have a lot of patience and time to get out from it and you will need to put an enormous effort to do it.

Dreaming about destructive earthquake. Dreams like this indicate that you willl face with some dangerous situations in your life. Try to be very cautios, and don’t argue with anyone. Do your best to avoid any conflict.

Dreaming about you avoiding an earthquake. This dream means that people from your surrounding who are very close to you will reject you, and you will no longer be a part of their company. This will disappoint you and make you feel bad about yourself.

Unfortunatelly, it will have a big influence on your selfconfidence because those people will critisize you and leave you without their support. You should take this as a warning to think about your actions and find out what is the thing that’s making you unwanted.

Dreaming about you feeling an earthquake. If you dreamed about feeling an earthquake, it means that you have a lot of problems on your job which are bothering you. These problems are reflecting on your love life, and you are very unsatisfied. You feel stressed about it, and because of that you triggered this dream.

Dreaming about ruins after an earthquake. Dreams about ruins indicates that you will finish some of the important things in your life, but also it can be related to the poverty and big changes. If you dreamed about being stuck under those ruins, it means that you will have a big loss in the future. That can be some financial loss, or even loss of someone very close to you.

Dreaming about you saving someone from an earthquake. If you dreamed about saving someone from an earthquake, it means that one friend of yours needs your help. Try to be there for him or she and help them to solve his or hers problems.

Dreaming about you surviving an earthquake. This dream has a positive connotation. You can expect to solve your problems and worries that were bothering you lately and you will succeed to resist temptations which are arround you.

Dreaming about you being killed by an earthquake. Dreaming about this means that you will need to put an enormous effort in order to achieve your goals and everything that you planned to realize.

Also, you will need to give up from many things in order to succeed in your intentions. This will not be an easy task, and you are aware of it. You should be very patient and don’t let any obstacle stop you from realizing your goals.

Dreaming about cracks in earth after an earthquake. If you dreamed about cracks in earth and escarpment after an earthquake, than this dream indicates that you will soon recieve some news  from abroad. Those news can be both good and bad, and they can be related to very  important things for you.

Dreaming about you trying to find a shelter from an earthquake. Dreams like this are indication that you are making decisions too fast without any preparation and you don’t even try to think twice. Because of that, you are inable to realize your plans and goals and you need to postpone them.

Dreaming about you finding a shleter from an earthquake. This dream is a good sign. Interpreters say that you will be able to overcome difficulties and temptations in your life that were stopping you from progress. Always keep in mind that nothing in life lasts forever, and because of that never stop being positive.

Dreaming about ground shaking because of an earthquake. If you dreamed that the ground below you is shaking because of the earthquake means that you will have financial problems. This dream is a sign for financial instability and insecurity. Take this as a warning to be more rational and try to spend less money on unimportant things .

Dreaming about people running away from an earthquake. If you saw in your dream people who are running away from an earthquake it means that in reality there is someone who needs your help. Maybe it is one of your family member or a friend.

Dreaming about hearing that an earthquake happened somewhere. If in your dream you heard from someone that an earthquake happened somewhere it means that you will soon go on a trip that will be very interesting and pleasent. You will meet a lot of new people and become friends with some of them.

Dreaming  that an earthquake lasts for a short, or for a long time. If an earthquake in your dream lasts for a short time, it means that you are feeling very irritable and nervous. Try to get rid of those feelings, and relax. But if an earthquake in your dream lasts for a long time it means that your friend is sick and you are worried about him.

Dreaming about an earthquake which was far from you. This dream is a warning for you and means that you need to be very cautious when it comes to your relationship and your partner. To be more precise, it means that your partner isn’t loyal to you and he/she was cheating on you for a long time. This isn’t very pleasent and it indicates that you will soon break up. Maybe that is the right thing to do.

These were some of the most common dreams about earthquakes. As you can see in this text, these dreams have mostly negative connotation and they can be understooded as an announcement for possible  problems and worries that are expecting you in the future.

They will shake your world and you will be restless because of it. Earthquakes are symbol for big concerns, fears and feelings of insecurity. You are someone who isn’t organized and you can’t have control over the things in your life. You are constantly in a fear and your thoughts are undefined. It is considered that people who are having dreams about earthquakes are the ones who are in a very bad financial situation, and the ones who are having problems with their health.

These dreams can help you to understand better your current situation and they can show you how you should  act  in the future. Dreams about earthquakes can have different meanings in different cultures. In Eastern tradition it doesn’t have negative connotation because it represents victory.

Also, it means that you will hear some news in the period that’s ahead of you. Persians and Westerners consider that this dream represents a change that will be sudden, unexpected and large. We can find interpretations of this dream even in a Bible. It says that earthquakes are symbol of God’s anger and power. We hope that this text was helpfull and you found a proper interpretation for your dream.