Dreams About Eggs – Interpretation and Meaning

Eggs always have a perfect shape. You don’t say in vain that things are similar to each other like an egg is to an egg. Any egg, big or small, brown or white, is spherical on one side and slightly tapered on the other.

Eggs are a symbol of perfection and the beginning of all life. On Easter we dye eggs; paint and decorate them, they express the joy of the beginning of spring and the hope of fertility. The throwing or slinging of eggs for Easter has a long tradition: an Easter egg is placed in a small bag with a long ribbon and then thrown, preferably on a thick, soft meadow or a pasture. Often two or more people throw the hard-boiled eggs until they break the shells.

Eggs are an important staple food for us. We peel them, cook them, beat them and make a pancake, omelette or scrambled egg, but also in cakes and other pasta.

If someone dreams of eggs, he may be afraid to break them. He may wish that they hatch in the nest and hatch chicks, illustrating the miracle of life. Then he will probably try in a dream to keep the fertilized eggs warm. Maybe the dreaming sees no ordinary chicken eggs, but green, yellow or speckled from other birds or reptiles. For the dream interpretation, the appearance and condition of the eggs are as important as the wider context in which they appear.

Dream symbol “Eggs” – The general interpretation

In dream interpretation, the dream symbol “eggs” is a symbol of fertility and new beginnings, but also of fragility. If the eggs in the dream are fresh and undamaged, they are a sign of the creative potential of the dreaming. He should use his opportunities to make long-cherished plans.

Eggs with a broken shell announce in the dream interpretation that something will happen soon: An idea takes shape, the birth of a child is imminent or certain measures are taken to achieve a desired goal. If the eggs are eaten in the dream, a fundamental change is in the house. The dream symbol can also mean that the dreaming can no longer stop the events and now has to live with the consequences.

Eggs in the dream embody success and prosperity. In the dream interpretation, however, it is revealing, what exactly happens with the dream symbol. Dreaming of eggs, warns the dreamer to meet a once received commitment in the future. Hard-boiled eggs indicate the exertion of pressure. The dreaming exploits a situation or certain circumstances to force something.

In the popular dream interpretation, the dream symbol announces the marriage with a partner, who already has children when the dreaming takes eggs from a nest. If he sees himself laying eggs, he will be a caring parent. Lazy eggs, however, warn in the dream interpretation of slander and slander.

The color of the dream symbol is also enlightening: red means danger or misfortune, yellow, black and green stand for serious illnesses or a death.

Dream symbol “Eggs” – The psychological interpretation

From a psychological point of view, eggs are a dream symbol for germinating life, for change and rebirth. In the dream interpretation, eggs can be an indication of the subconscious that the dreaming is between two phases of life. In the dream he experiences the need to throw off emotional burden to start a new section with a fresh attitude to life.

Often the dream symbol “eggs” is also a symbol for abilities and talents, which still have to develop.

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In addition, in the dream interpretation, eggs that are discovered in a surprising way in a dream can also be a symbol for the miracle of life, its infinite cycle and finally the immortality of the soul. Especially dreamers, who have a difficult mental period behind them, discover in the dream the sublimity of being, the gift of life anew.

Dream Symbol “Eggs” – The Spiritual Interpretation

Eggs contain the germ that makes life possible. In dream interpretation they are a dream symbol for the spiritual principle of life. In the dream, man discovers his spiritual power and his potential for perfection.

For many, the origin of life lies in the egg. Not least because of the philosophical question of what first existed – the egg or the chicken? What is certain is that the egg is a perfect biological system to provide protection and nourishment for a developing life in the initial stages of its existence. In the yolk of a hen’s egg, for example, there are valuable, high-energy reserve substances that supply nutrients to the small embryo until, as a chick, it is big enough to break the eggshell and hatch in the nest. In addition, the constant supply of heat plays an important role in the development of the offspring in the egg, which is why oviparous animals usually breed.

The laid egg of some animal species serves humans as a source of food because it provides valuable proteins. We especially like to eat chicken eggs, peel and peel them. As a baking ingredient, we beat it into a dough or process it in the raw state to scrambled eggs. We pour a dough of eggs, flour and milk into the hot pan and look forward to fresh pancakes or crepes. At Easter, we dye the egg, paint it elaborately and decorate it; Throwing eggs at Easter is a popular custom in many regions of Germany. In China, the rotten egg is even considered a delicacy, while a duck egg is 100 days in a pudding mix of loam, water, salt, lime juice and herbs inserted and fermented. The result is a black egg that tastes very aromatic.

How does the interpretation interpret the symbol “egg”? What are the interpretations of this dream symbol?

Dream symbol “egg” – The general interpretation

The dream symbol “egg” in the general dream interpretation is an indication to the dreaming that he should make himself aware of his abilities. In the egg in the dream, so to speak, the life energy of the dreaming rests. In the general dream interpretation, there are a number of dream situations that can be interpreted differently. The sight or possession of an egg in the dream stands in the general dream interpretation for wealth, success in future projects and domestic harmony.

If the dreaming finds the dream symbol “egg” in his sleep, then he may expect in the watch world with a firm connection to another person. An engagement or a marriage can not be ruled out either.

The discovery of a nest of eggs in dreams brings the dreaming money, possibly even an inheritance, and profits in the near future. By buying eggs while sleeping, the dreaming in the awake life receives perks. If the dreaming sees a big egg in the dream or holds it in his hand, then this indicates an advantageous experience for him.

Eating an egg in a dream brings the dreaming in the watch world a stable and good health and profit. A beautiful chocolate egg asleep means the dreaming that he will soon meet a noble lady or a womanizer.

For the general interpretation of the dream, the color of the eggs is also important. Colorful eggs in the dream symbolize a large crowd of children. If the dream symbol “egg” is colored red, this indicates on the one hand a death or quarrels among friends, on the other hand a possible fire. A yellow egg in the dream can be interpreted as the advance notice of a disease.

Dream symbol “egg” – The spiritual interpretation

In the spiritual dream interpretation the dream symbol “egg” stands first of all for the germ cell of the life. In addition, the egg symbolizes in a dream the ability of the dreaming to perfection.