Dreams About Flowers – Interpretation and Meaning

Trees, shrubs, flowers or in general any kind of plants are also present in our dreams.

Sometimes we dream of an idyllic meadow, another time we climb in a dream on a tree and yet another time we get lost in a dark forest. In dream interpretation, plants play an important role, because the very nature and condition of the plants, flowers and trees allow deep insights into our human nature and state of mind.

Meaning of plants in the dream

Plants are symbols of life. Whether it is a small violet or a strong oak, each plant is made from a tiny seed, much like a human being develops from a sperm and an egg. The seed begins its development under the earth, it forms roots and trunk or stem make their way to the surface in order to continue to grow there.

Just like humans, plants need air, light, water and nutrients to live. If the plant is deprived of it, it withers and dies. This also applies to the largest and strongest tree. Plants are so fundamentally very similar to us humans, so that hardly anyone should be surprised why they are linked in the interpretation of dreams with our lives.

Interpret plant dreams

Flowers and trees symbolize life and human development. With such a complex theme, of course, it is impossible to interpret the dream symbol plant as something absolute. In the individual interpretation of plant dreams, it depends on the nature of the plant. However, the importance of the plant can only be found out if you take a closer look at the entire dream context.

One aspect of the dream context, for example, is the complete appearance of the plant. Is it a small daisy, a fir, an oak or a rose bush? Is the plant healthy or dry and withered? Is it a young or very old plant? Does it have special features, such as an unusual color? Where is the plant? Is she alone, on a meadow, in the woods or in an unusual place?

There are many occasions when flowers play an important role. They serve as a gift, as a decoration and adornment in the garden. Almost every person associates something positive with flowers that pleases or relaxes them. There are also flowering plants that are poisonous and should therefore be treated with care, such as the lily of the valley, the cyclamen or the gold varnish.

This also includes questions about the further dream action and the experienced sensations. Did the dream feel nice? Were there certain smells or noises? Were plants planted, poured, picked or felled? But the dream symbol tree offers scope for numerous actions, all of which have different meanings. For example, you can fall off a tree, climb it, sit on a branch, or try to hang yourself. Therefore, it is important to not only deal with the plant itself, but also with the symbolism of the respective actions.

The numerous types of flowers are hard to enumerate: There is the tulip, the beautiful blooming magnolia, various rose varieties, the big sunflower, asters, the primula and geranium, daffodils, violets, chrysanthemums, the cowslip, the digitalis (also called digitalis), the dahlia , the blue gentian, the orchid, little daisies and many other species more on our planet.

Most flowering specimens have in common that they smell good and are pretty to look at, so flowers are usually always a positive element in the dream. If flowers are given away, they are a sign of love and friendship or show sympathy.

Dream symbol “flowers” – The general interpretation

Flowers are in the dream usually associated with something positive. Their exact appearance gives an indication of how they can be interpreted in individual cases. The flowers can be neatly arranged, which indicates the order in the social life, or they can grow in the garden in confusion, then they symbolize the joie de vivre. In order to interpret the flower dream correctly, what happens to the flowers is crucial.

A flower house or an ever more colorful garden should cause the dreaming to allow more joie de vivre and worry less. Wither the flowers or destroy them with pests, then announce sadness or worry. If the dreaming is concerned with the care of the flowers, he should also take care of his relationship and look after her.

Buds or blossoming flowers are interpreted as a symbol for ideas, new relationships or the start of a new phase of life. The flowers grow wild, they symbolize naturalness, while cut flowers represent the artificiality.

If the dreamer gives someone unknown flowers or gets flowers from them, then this dream is interpreted as an invitation to strengthen one’s self-confidence. For the same meaning is also a flower garland.

Dream symbol “flowers” – The psychological interpretation

In the psychological interpretation of Freud, the dream symbol of flowers always stands for the feminine principle. Childhood is also symbolized by flowers, as they also stand for innocence. When a bud appears in a dream, it is considered an indication of the hidden potential of the dreaming. If the flower already opens, then it shows the imminent development.

Flower dreams are often dreamed of by girls and young women and usually associated with love affairs. The flowers symbolize the feelings in a dream and are usually positively documented. For the exact interpretation always the flower type and the color should be considered.

Was it perhaps a pink orchid? Or was it a white calla? A hyacinth? Maybe you have seen a whole bunch of flowers with many different flowers. Likewise, the relationship that the dreaming can have to a particular type of flower should also be included in the interpretation in order to be able to interpret the flower dream correctly. Here we have described different types of flowers for you:

Sunflower: symbol of trust and love

Dahlia: Awareness of innate abilities

Chrysanthemums: desire for luxury and prestige

Rose: Insight that opposites belong together; Symbol for the female

Lilies of the valley: talents that still have to develop

Cowslip: Vitality and sexual needs that awaken

Daffodil: The stage of flowering indicates mental maturity

Asters: a vengeance is imminent

Violets: restraint and modesty recommended; Longings, a secret love

Thimble / Digitalis: balance, intentions of the dreaming

Orchid: looking at your own beauty, reputation in society.

The parallels that are drawn between the growth and the withering of a flower to the life and death of a person can often be transferred from the dream to the waking life of the dreaming.

Dream symbol “flowers” – The spiritual interpretation

In the spiritual interpretation, flowers in the dream are associated with love and positive feelings for each other.