Dreams About Flying – Interpretation and Meaning

In general, dreams are reflection of reality and real situations and symbolism in them can have a big influence on our life. People, things and events that we dream can give us better insight in our own psyche, and they can even help us to solve some dilemma that we have.

During the day, we make choices and we act consciously. But, during the night our conscious is working full time. Dream is complexed psychical phenomen and process where we are expresing our deepest „me“, changed state of our consciousness where conscious and unconscious contents are mixed.

In this text we will concentrate on the dreams about flying. These type of a dreams are very common and they can signify power and possible problems with selfconfidence. Key moment in those dreams we can find on the very start of flying, during takeoff. That moment means that you are winning against your limitations. We can define flying as a symbol for a freedom which we can find beyond human possibilities so when we are flying we are recognizing our own sense of power or lack of it.

Also, we can connect flying with the state of your mind. When you are having easy takeoff  it represents some positive events in the future, while falling during flying means that you have moral doubts. Hindus believe that flying represents possibility of astral traveling. That means you can fly and see real places and locations while you are dreaming. If you watched TV show about flying, or you have recently flied with a plane, there’s no need to interpret your dream because it was triggered by it. But, if you didn’t do anything of these things than you should read this text and try to find a meaning for your dream. That meaning will depend on the details of your dream, so you should remember as much as you can.

Dreams About Flying – Interpretation and Meaning

Dreaming about you flying. If you had this type of a dream, it means that something big is happening in your life. Maybe that is some positive change that can have a big influence on you, where you will move from one phase to another. Some things that were pulling you back will initiate and nothing will be the same anymore. You will feel free and happy.

Dreaming about you enjoying while you are flying. This dream means that you are feeling perfect and very confident and you are keeping everything under control. You are selfconfident and certain about your decissions and you feel like nothing couldn’t disrupt you. But also, it means that sometimes you are arrogant and you see yourself like you are better than people from your surrounding. Maybe you should change that, because you might lose those people. Put your feet on the ground and try to be less arrogant.

Dreaming about you being scared while you are flying. This type of a dream means that in reality you are going through difficult and unpleasent times and you are filled with negative emotions. You are having a lot of problems which you don’t know how to solve and because of that you are very frustrated and helpless.

Dreams about wings. If you had a dream about wings which are helping you to fly, that means you are very strong and that is something that’s moving you forward.

Also, we can relate it to your high principles which most of the people doesn’t have. It means that in reality you are high above certain situation and because of that you see things clearly. Black wings are representing possible disappointments that you will have in the future.

Dreaming about you flying through the air. Dream in which you are feeling wind and you rush through the air means that in reality you are running away from something. It can be some unpleasent situation in which you were lately, or even some problems which were bothering you for a long time. Dream indicates that you will finally be happy and satisfied.

Dreaming about you finding obstacles while flying. If you had this dream, that means that you will find people who will obstruct and oppose you. Don’t let them to shake your world, and disrupt you from achieving your goals. It is very important for you to remember if you overcomed obstacles in your dream, or you had to stop your flight. If you overcomed those obstacles, it means that in reality you will find a way to outwit your enemies and you will get out as a winner. But if you had to stop your flight, it means that your enemies will outwit you and you will need to give up from your plans. Take this dream as a warning to be more concentrated on yourself and don’t let anyone disrupt you.

Dreaming about you having trouble flying. This dreams can be very confusing and frustrating. It can be related to your inability to change things that are stoping you to move on.

Also, that can be someone who is trying to trick you. If in your dream you are having troubles to fly, it means that you are very insecure and you don’t have enough confidence. Maybe you are affraid of changing your job, or a place of  living because you are used on your current life situation. Maybe you should reconsider about it, and realy change something. Who knows, maybe you will be happier.

Dreaming about you flying low above the ground. If you dreamed about this, it means that you don’t have enough strength and determination in reality. Also, it can represent some kind of illness that you might have in the future. You will feel like the whole world is going to fell apart, but don’t worry, nothing in life lasts forever. Your situation will be better soon and you will get well. In the period that’s ahead of you, you’ll succeed to achieve your goals without any difficulties.

Dreaming about you flying high. This means that you are too ambitious and very confident in yourself. Your ambitions are much higher than it is supposed to be. Be very careful, people don’t like persons who are acting like you do. Put your both feet on the ground, and try to be less arrogant. If you are married, you can expect to have problems with your partner.

Dreaming about you flying upwards, backwards or downwards. If in your dream you were flying upwards, it means that you are on your way to another level of spirituality. If you were flying backwards in your dream it represents your desire for vividing situations from the past and some of your best memories.

And in the end, dreams about you flying downwards means that you are in a need to understand messages from your consciousness.

Dreaming about you falling during your flight. If you had this type of a dream, it means that you are very affraid of failure and loosing control of your life and your actions. Try to change it, because good things can come only if you get rid of your fears. You need to stay positive, and leave negativity behind you.

Dreaming about you flying above blurred water. This dream is a negative sign and you should take it as a warning because it means that in reality you are surrounded with a lot of bad people who are trying to harm you. Be very careful who do you trust, and don’t make bussineses with someone before you check that person and his reputation.

Dreaming about you seeing a sun while flying. Dreams like this have positive connotation. If you are worried about your life, or bussines that you started recently, don’t be affraid. Fortunatelly, everything will change in a better direction and you will be very happy.

Dreaming about you not being able to land. This means that in reality you are feeling very frustrated and fooled. You should consider about reanalysing your goals and on that way try to find what is stoping you from progress.

Dreaming about you flying fast. If you dreamed about flying fast, it means  that you are having a lot of problems in your life and you are trying to run away from it. You are feeling like you are not able to face with your problems. Instead of facing with them, you are trying to leave them behind you because you think that is the key to your happiness.

Dreaming about you not being able to fly. Dream in which you can’t fly means that you you don’t have any ambitions, and you are very satisfied with your current situation. You don’t like changes and you don’t have any goals to achieve. People like you are called flegmatic and boring and they don’t care about anything. Do you really think that is a good thing? Try to be more ambitious and do something with your life.

Dreaming about flying an airplane. Dreams like this are very positive sign and it means that all of your dreams will come true. You had it very often, and you can finally expect to realize every single one of them. This will make you very happy and satisfied because your hard work will pay off. Every oportunity for success should be taken by you no matter if it is something about bussines or relationships.

Dreams about flying in the sky. It can be related to both good and bad events that you can experience in your life. You can relate it to your current situations. If you are happy at the moment, it means that you will be even happier. But if you are feeling sad, it means that bad period is ahead of you. Some interpreters connect it to your health, and if you are feeling good it means that you will be very well for a long time.

Opposite of that, if you are feeling bad, unfortunatelly, that isn’t a good thing because you can’t expect to be in better condition.

Dreaming about short and long flights. If the flight in your dream was short, it means you will remove obstacles from your life and solve your problems that were bothering you lately. You should be very fast and take this dream as an indication to start change things in a  positive direction. If that flight was long, it means that you have insecurities and because of that you should find a way to be happier. Try to do everything that you can in order to make yourself happy and satisfied.

Dreams about flying can be followed with different emotions and feelings. While you are dreaming it, you feel like nothing can interrupt you and stop you from achieving your goals. You feel very strong, happy and satisfied.

Also, you feel very euphoric and excited. In some cases, you can feel affraid and intimidated. Sigmund Freud connected this dreams to sexual release. He believed that society morals suppressed it, especially during Victorian era when people were sexually oppressed. Another interpretation for it says that dreams about flying are some sort of  out – of – body travel.

This interpretation is very mystical and interpreters think that is situation in which we are leaving our body while we are sleeping. Spirituals agree in one thing. We have ability to travel out of our body to the non – physical dimensions. This theory comes from different cultures, mostly Tibetan Buddhists, north – american Indians and Shamans.

We hope that this text was helpful and helped you to understand the meaning of your dreams about flying.