Dreams About Food – Interpretation and Meaning

For some pure need, for others the pure passion: As you are on the subject of food, food intake is an elementary part of your life, a basic need. Nutrition is a relevant topic in many areas of our everyday life: it is part of education, it is the foundation of our health.

The preparation of our food is a cultural trait and social ritual. And it can also be the subject of dreams, the food. Whether as a feast or snack – what do dreams that revolve around the topic of food mean?

Dream symbol “food” – The general interpretation

In general, dreams of food refer to your feelings and, in particular, to your unfulfilled needs. Decisive for the dream interpretation is whether you, as a dreaming or dreaming, take the food voluntarily or involuntarily and what you consume in a dream. If it comes to food intake in the dream, it indicates that you can satisfy an urgent need, perhaps because you are ready to take new steps. The food can stand for the incorporation of experiences, insights and spiritual values.

If you are denied food in a dream, this indicates an existing deficiency. While awake, think about what you are fundamentally lacking in life and how you can improve your situation. If you are forced to eat, this can point to unpleasant feelings and obligations in everyday life.

And even a very simple interpretation of dreams around food is possible: Maybe you are simply hungry (due to a diet, for example). If you are dreaming of a particular food, it can also be a sign that you are physically missing certain nutrients.

Further interpretations of the dream symbol “food”:

  • Richly laid table with the favorite food: spiritual abundance and inner wealth
  • eat your own fears and feelings or those of others you consume
  • Shopping for food: you might try to attract the attention and sympathy of others
  • Cook food: real nocturnal hunger; a new task in life occurs
  • Dreaming about sweets and treating them with pleasure: sexual dissatisfaction, needs
  • Eating eggs or pancakes: hidden talents and abilities develop and emerge
  • heavy food like cream sauces: a sign of extravagance
  • To devour many dishes alone and quickly: possessiveness and lack of compassion for others
  • Sharing food: sharing in the hardships of others
  • Going out to eat: need satisfaction, longing for socializing
  • Childhood comfort food: longing for simpler times
  • Invitation to the menu or banquet: troubled times are approaching.

Dream symbol “food” – The psychological interpretation

Psychologically interpreted food in the dream is a satisfaction of needs on an emotional level. So a dream of food can be an indication that you lack a basic feeling or feedback in life. Relevant for the psychological dream interpretation is the quality of the food in the dream.

If you feed only leftovers in the dream, this can indicate that you are emotionally content with the bare essentials even in real life. Think about which ingredients can enrich your awake life emotionally.

Your feelings about the food in the dream refer to your general emotional state. Dine with pleasure, this reveals a deep sense of satisfaction with your life. They believe that good times await you.

Greedy food that you shovel can point to a starved side of yourself, unfulfilled needs, lack of affection, support, and love. Perhaps this expresses the fear that good times will not last long and are now to be savored. A scanty meal that you do not like can indicate that you have achieved little success that does not make you happy. Maybe you also feel guilty.

If your dream is that you are not eating or actively refusing your diet, it may mean that you will not allow positive change, even though you need it. It may also be that you are emotionally isolated or dissatisfied with yourself and your body.

Dream about food also often appear as part of a addictive eating disorder. If necessary, they can provide information about the causes of the disease and should be discussed with a therapist.

Dream symbol “food” – The spiritual interpretation

A well-known saying is, “Man is what he eats.” Dreaming about food can point to a spiritual hunger that you should breastfeed. Dreaming of your favorite food, this stands for spiritual and spiritual growth.

Eating something is important for human survival. However, it is also a social event when you have dinner with others. Even in the dream world, food can not only be food intake, but also provide an important clue to dream interpretation. Therefore, the details in the dream should be considered.

Dream symbol “eat something” – The general interpretation

If the food in the dream plays a special role, then this can be both an emergency dream as well as a sign of an antipathy to the food in the watch world. Sometimes this dream image also symbolizes the hunger for sexual gratification.

The eating of fruit, such as melons, is in this context the symbol of hoped-for kisses. If the food is burnt, it symbolizes bad news. If the dreaming eats very hastily, then this points to his good health. Eating delicacies while sleeping promises happy and satisfied times ahead.

The company while eating is another important hint for the dream interpretation. If the dreamer eats alone, then either a loss or melancholy can be read from it. Eating a large meal is interpreted as an indication of his unpopularity due to his recklessness and lack of compassion. If it is a small meal, this suggests some regret of the dreaming.

The dreaming sitting alone at a large table, then he wants more socializing. If the dreaming is eating together in company, dream research interprets this as a positive sign for professional success and a good business climate.

If the dreaming cannot find something edible, although he would like to take a meal, this is interpreted as a sign of future changes in the waking life. If the dreaming eats in the dream world, but simply does not get enough, then this is interpreted as a request that he should renounce his wealth. If the food is already cleared, even though the dreaming has not yet finished eating, professional problems with employees and subordinates are announced.

Eating in the dream world other people and the dreaming is watching, then announce success and joy in the watch world.

Dream symbol “eat something” – The psychological interpretation

If food plays an important role in the dream world, then the psychological dream interpretation sees this as a sign of a lack in the waking life of the dreaming. Frequently, the food is for satisfying needs and appears especially in dreams of people who have to struggle with addictive eating disorders. Sometimes even experiences or insights can be symbolically recorded about the food in the dream.

The food itself is also important for the interpretation of dreams. If remnants are eaten in the dream world, the dream research interprets this dream image as a sign of little quality of life. In this case, the waking life is enriched. Delicious food indicates satisfaction in life.

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If it is lush food, then the life in the watch world is rather extravagant. If the personality of the dreaming is literally starved, then she devours the food in the dream world. This gives an indication of unmet needs. If the dreaming is alone, then this dream image symbolizes possessiveness and little compassion.

Dream symbol “eat something” – The spiritual interpretation

Eating something in the dream is also interpreted as spiritual food in the spiritual dream interpretation.

It is a luxury that we like to treat ourselves to in everyday life: to go out for dinner. When we visit a restaurant, we do not have to cook ourselves, we can choose from different dishes and we serve them. At the same time, for most people, dining is always about meeting friends and (or or) family members, sharing experiences, and spending time together.

These aspects play a role when we eat in the dream. Again, we enjoy the meeting of friends next to the pure food intake. But how exactly will the food go interpreted as a dream symbol?

Dream symbol “go eat” – The general interpretation

Whoever goes out to eat in a dream has, in the general opinion, certain needs that he wants to be satisfied. These relate primarily to sociability. The dreaming is reluctant to be alone in everyday life and wants to have people around him. Social contacts play an important role in his life and at the same time he is always open for new acquaintances.

In addition, shows the food go in the dream but also that he cannot let others close to him or wants, because he does not invite his friends in his private living space, his home. Despite his constant desire for company, he always wants to maintain a certain distance and not reveal everything completely.

This aspect also plays an important role especially when the dreaming lives in real life with people with whom he dines in a dream. This is generally believed to be a major problem in their everyday lives, as they are dissatisfied, yearning for more luxury and, above all, for more peace and distance in relation to the people with whom one lives under one roof.

Dream symbol “go eat” – The psychological interpretation

In the psychological dream interpretation, the symbol “eating out” can represent the loneliness of the person concerned. Maybe he has the feeling that he has to handle his everyday life completely alone and longs for interpersonal exchange.

It is important against this background to consider what the emotions of the dreaming are based on. Is he basically too shy of contact and does not dare to approach others? It should also be taken into account with whom he is eating in a dream. Could this be the person from whom he desires more emotional affection in the deepest interior?

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Psychoanalysts see in the symbol occasionally also an indication of excessive demands in everyday life. The person concerned needs in this case a break, moments of rest and relaxation, which could give him a real food in real life.

Dream symbol “go eat” – The spiritual interpretation

In a spiritual dream, eating shows a need for belonging. The person concerned is looking for a group of people with whom he can fundamentally share values, opinions, attitudes to life, as well as the way of life.