Dreams About Funerals – Interpretation and Meaning

The death of a person and the funeral is a drastic experience for the relatives and friends with loss and sadness. This experience also conveys the dream symbol funeral, which on the dreaming first negative and worrisome. If one deals more intensively with the interpretation, one will notice, however, that there are also positive elements of this dream and a funeral burial must not be a negative omen.

Not infrequently, dreams are about a funeral of relatives, friends, or ourselves. But beyond that, there are many dream situations in which a funeral in general occurs. Here are some of the main interpretations of funeral dreams.

Dream symbol “funeral” – The most common dreams to the symbol

Mom is dead! The dream symbol “your mother’s funeral”

The funeral of your mother – as a son or daughter, there is hardly anything worse. If the mother dies in a dream and is buried, the deceased mother represents an important phase in the development of personality, which goes hand in hand with the parting of shares of one’s own personality. Depending on how the death of the mother is understood, there are various positive and negative interpretive possibilities.

The funeral of your father appears in the dream

When the dreaming sees in his sleep, his father’s death or dream symbol “father’s burial” appears, this symbolizes a detachment from the father figure. Over time, the affected person has been in the care of the father and is now ready to stand on his own two feet and explore the world himself.

Dreaming of grandmas and grandpa’s funeral

Behind the dream image “funeral grandma”, when the grandmother dies and is buried, hiding the hint that it is time to say goodbye to old principles. The same applies to the dream symbol “Funeral Grandpa”. Here the death of the grandfather stands for the separation of superfluous experiences.

The dream image “funeral child” – an absolute nightmare!

Whether in the real world or in a dream – the funeral of a child is terrible for everyone involved. The dream “funeral own child”, in which the child dies, can be interpreted as subconscious Urangst or an occupation with the own childhood. If you look at the dream image “funeral baby”, this is a  sign of something new in life.

The funeral of the daughter: shock dream for parents 

The funeral of the daughter and the previous death of the daughter is not to be seen as a dark premonition. Rather, behind it may be conflicts with their own daughter, but in a parent-child relationship but completely normal. So there is no need to worry!

In dreams, the sister is buried

According to the general dream interpretation, the dream symbol “funeral sister” represents a warning to the dreaming person: their situation may already deteriorate in the near future. Pay attention To take the right precautions to maintain your current standard of living and health.

“Funeral Brother” – What does the dream mean?

Unforgettable times and bad events can come to light when dreaming of your brother’s funeral. At the same time, such a dream can also point to a growing alienation from the brother. Perhaps the right moment has come again to pay more attention to the brother.

Also, relatives have to go: Auntie’s dream funeral

The dream image “aunt’s funeral” is in the dream interpretation as a symbol, which embodies the processing of the loss of an expected profit. Maybe the dreamer hoped to achieve financial success, but they did not. The aunt’s funeral signals the processing of this experience. Time for the dream goodbye of the uncle If the sleeping person says goodbye to his uncle in the context of a funeral dream, she may soon receive some sad news that will lead to quarrels within the family can. In addition, the sleeping person in the guarded world should beware of malicious competitors and adversaries.

Until death does us part…

The dream symbol “wife’s funeral” is seen in the dream world, the funeral of the wife and you yourself remain as a widower or widow, our desires, and expectations that one has in the watch world, currently in danger. You may also be afraid of the responsibility that can result from experienc  es in the past.

The dream image “husband’s funeral”

Who dreams of the funeral of husband, is certainly at first unsettled. However, with the dream symbol of the dead husband being buried, quite positive things are related. Such a dream symbolizes on the one hand changes and developments in a relationship, on the other hand, it probably comes to a problem-solving in the partnership.

The funeral of the partner in the interpretation of dreams

Different interpretations allow a dream in which one has seen the dream image “funeral partner”. If the partner dies and is aware of the death of the partner and his burial in the dream world, there are changes in the life, which can be very diverse, whereby the own partner can be affected.

Dream-burial of the ex-boyfriend

Funeral Ex-boyfriend – Although the relationship may be overlong, the funeral of the ex will probably fill the affected person with grief. Such a dream symbolizes from the point of view of the psychological dream interpretation that the dreaming is in the last phase of the processing of a past relationship.

My funeral: Why am I buried in the dream world?

Go through the dream funeral yourselfDid you see your own death and burial in the dream and be afraid of it? Do not worry, this does not mean that you will really die soon. Rather, this dream symbolizes the completion of a period of life that can contribute to a positive change. When can it be? Planning your own funeral in a dream It’s a strange feeling to plan your own funeral in a dream.

Basically, it is useful in a dream like this, to pay attention to their own emotions. Because the forging of a plan, also the own burial, points in the dream interpretation often in a certain direction. Horror, fear, and panic! Hardly a person worries about being buried alive in the dream. And indeed the general dream interpretation under this dream situation understands a hint for a concrete fear in the real world. Is there anything that is currently causing you anxiety and anxiety and crushing you?

Dream Analysis of the Symbol “Funeral Man”

It is relatively easy to interpret the dream funeral of a man. Since men in the dream are representatives of the typical traits such as zest for action and self-confidence, the funeral of a man is accompanied by an increasing loss of these qualities in the dreaming person.

Dreaming of the funeral of a deceased person

Can a dead man be buried again? In the dream, this is quite possible! When the deceased is buried in the dream again, certain feelings may have accumulated in the subconscious mind, who is now in a dream to find their way into the thoughts of the sleeping.

Death and funeral – even in a dream close together

For the dreamer to recognize the dream image “death funeral”, a certain chapter in his life comes to an end. Furthermore, it may be that the person concerned has to fight in the watch world with a hard to surmount hurdle and in his sleep trying to develop strategies for coping. Such a crap!

To come to the funeral late in the dream world

To come late to a dream funeral gives the dreaming to understand that he is in front of responsibility in the watch world, possibly even afraid of her. It looks different when he has missed a funeral because then he can escape an imminent loss in the real world.

When the wedding funeral comes up in our dreams

Wedding and funeral are for most two clearly separate things, but in the dream interpretation, there is quite a connection between them. This is because both funeral-related death and marriage are symbolic of beginning and end.

Dreaming of Funeral Home

The Funeral Home or morgue indicates to the sleeping person in the dream world that they are professionally doing a certain thing in the watch world and want to finish without further problems. This can be a relationship, unloved situations or even character traits.

The last flowers: In the dream see funeral floristry If in the dream mourning floristry or corpse flowers on the grave were to be recognized within a cemetery, they are contrary to the sad dream situation for a high degree in joie de vivre. They are a true Frohnatur and manage to infect other people with your good mood.

When in the Dream a Hearse Comes

A hearse, also known as a funeral car or funeral vehicle, symbolizes in the general dream interpretation that something is temporary. This can be the life of the dreaming, but also an important project. Decisions Should Now Be Made.

What Does a Morgue Mean in My Dreams?

From the point of view of spiritual dream interpretation, the dream of a morgue encourages one to examine and question one’s own mental center. Emotions, thoughts, and life situations may not always have had a good influence and left their mark. Cleanse yourself of these to restore the inner unity.

Dream symbol “funeral” – The general interpretation correctly interpret the dream symbol funeral, the circumstances of the dreamed   funeral are decisive. looks