Dreams About Ghosts – Interpretation and Meaning

Ghosts and spirits are dream symbols that tend to have a negative connotation. However, they are not purely negative dream symbols, although in most cases they stand for something bad, scary or bygone. If one dreams of a ghost or a spirit, it may be mostly of negative origin, however, the message is often positive nature, since ghosts and spirits in dreams very often as an indication or warning of something appear.

Ghosts and spirits are something you cannot grasp. They can take on a wide variety of manifestations or they can be invisible. Ghosts and spirits are surreal beings who can track you or who you can chase after in return. Even if you get caught or attacked by them, nothing happens. You cannot feel or grasp them, just see or feel them (in the sense of “perceiving their presence”). They are also associated with death in almost all cultures. Deaths in dreams disturb many people, but mostly wrong.

Difference between spirit and ghost

Ghosts and spirits can be confused. After all, both are disembodied beings, who somehow exist despite the absence of matter. Fundamentally one can equate the spirits and ghosts of their essence and their characteristics. In the vernacular, the ghost is often used as a synonym for the spirit. In esoteric, religious and spiritual circles, however, there are subtle distinctions between mind and ghost.

Ghosts usually describe the souls of the dead. Each spirit stands for a particular deceased. The mind is that which remains of a living being after bodily death and is therefore often equated with the soul. In everyday parlance, one also speaks of having seen a ghost or that a ghost appeared in the dream. It is almost always possible to assign the published spirit to a real person.

Ghosts, on the other hand, are also immaterial appearances of the deceased, but more “general” in nature. Unlike ghosts, it is much harder or impossible for ghosts to associate the appearance with a particular person. For example, one speaks of a castle ghost or specter when one sees something ghostly, but that is not clearly identifiable. Ghosts are therefore not “so close to humans” and unknown origin.

It can be said that ghosts are a genius, spirits a specific species, just as the cat is an animal genus, tiger or longhair cat is   its own species of this genus.

Dreams differ when you dream of spirits and ghosts

To interpret dreams of a ghost or spirit, one must first determine whether it is a “specific” ghost or a “general” spirit. Because of the similarities of spirit and ghost, it is difficult to separate them clearly. Here one should rely on his feeling. The only exception would be if the nocturnal appearance has a clear and recognizable form. Then it’s a ghost. However, the fuzzier the mind becomes, the greater the likelihood that it will be a spirit.

In the differentiation between spirit and ghost, the context of the dream appearance is an important help. Ghosts are more associated with memories and experiences, while spirits are associated with character traits and specific fears. Ghost dreams are therefore more often associated with the feeling of having experienced something once before, be it the dreamed situation or an unpleasant feeling that one has ever had and tries to suppress.

Dreams of spirits are more personal. They are usually characterized by relatively concrete fears and associated escape instincts. A spirit usually has a certain shape in a dream. He can look like someone you know or have known.

But it is also quite possible that you appear as a spirit in a dream. Even prominent or historical persons can appear in dreams. It is not necessarily important to be able to assign the mind to a specific person. The plot or context is less relevant in a ghost dream than in a ghost dream.

Dreaming of ghosts

Dreaming of a ghost or several ghosts, one is usually confronted with the past. In most cases, dream ghosts are not really processed experiences. The memories haunt literally in the head of the dreaming. This may well be something you are no longer aware of and think you have already processed. An example could be a long-standing separation that one  the ghost in the dream pursues the dreaming as a kind of insubstantial feeling.

Ghost dreams are often described by the dreaming as extremely emotional. This is not necessarily because the ghost spreads fear or terror or acts as an aggressor, but rather because the ghost conjures up the most negative feelings of a past event.

The appearance of the ghost plays a rather subordinate role in these dreams. In order to find out what meaning the ghost dream had, one should accordingly analyze in which situation one has felt exactly the same as in the dream.

According to the dream interpretation, it is up to the dreaming to wonder why he has not yet overcome the corresponding experience and why he is haunted by the past emotions again. Spooks appear in dreams as a kind of ambassador who draws the dreaming to certain aspects of his personality should do. Often, therefore, they are interpreted as a symbol of the inner voice.

But you can also point to positive things. So they can also stand for wishes and big goals of the dreaming, which he could chase after and probably should. If one speaks in the dream with the ghost, this is to be understood usually as good sign. Talking with a ghost indicates that you can face your fears and enter into dialogue with them.

Among the mythical creatures that terrify people are the ghosts and ghosts. According to legend, a spirit is the soul of a deceased person, who haunts people every night in the witching hour from 12 to 1 o’clock. In Islam, the jinn is a spirit that is summoned to fulfill wishes. When a ghost appears in a dream, it usually causes worry among the dreaming there as well.

Dream symbol “spirit” – The general interpretation

When a spirit appears as a dream image, it is often interpreted as an altercation with death. Therefore, most of the time a spirit is in the dream to see if there was a death in the surrounding area. In another interpretation, the spirit in the dream world is a reminder. The dreaming should not believe in false hopes or hang a pipe dream.

Often a spirit in the dream is interpreted as a negative sign. It threatens misfortune, enmity, and strife when it appears.

If it is the spirit of a relative or friend who is still alive, then the dream image is a warning, because a friend or relative is negative to the dreaming. In addition, the dreaming should better control his own projects, so they succeed.

If the spirit is angry, then it can announce the early death of that relative or friend. If, however, the spirit is a natural spirit in the form of an elf, this announces to the dreaming – depending on the exact dream situation – in some cases happy times in love matters.

When the spirit or a poltergeist makes music in the dream world, negative changes and grief threaten. If it concerns a poltergeist, then it announces difficulties. If the spirit is behind curtains, then it is a reminder to the dreaming that he should better control his feelings so as not to become indiscreet.

Dream symbol “ghost” – The psychological interpretation

Especially for children, a ghost can appear as a dream image. The cause can be a cryptic experience. The psychological interpretation of dreams interprets the ghost in the dreams of children mostly as a symbol of an unpopular person who is known to the children in the watch world.

When adults see a ghost in a dream, it usually symbolizes the qualities of deceased people that the dreaming has known. These can be both good and bad qualities, which the dreaming usually carries in himself. In the dream world, the positive qualities appear because they are lost to the dreaming and the negative qualities because they threaten to come back.

If the spirit appears in the dream world as a ghost, then the dream research interprets this dream image as an indication of a confused inner life of the dreaming. Sometimes the ghost is also a sign that the dreaming has a fragile character that is easily tempted.

Dream Symbol “Spirit” – The Spiritual Interpretation

In the spiritual interpretation of dreams, the ghost is interpreted as a vision of the rising faculties of spiritual development.

Ghosts have something weird for most people, even if you do not actually believe in them. They often stand for the past that overtakes us, as in Charles Dickens’s Christmas story of Mr. Scrooge, and also for misdeeds that we cannot cover up. At midnight, the spirits rumble in old mansions and cemeteries, according to some people’s beliefs. Goethe’s sorcerer’s apprentice calls in the face of the supernatural apparitions: “I called, the ghosts, I will not let go now”, and we too sometimes feel that we can overestimate ourselves and the consequences can no longer avert. Who conjures a djinn like in the fairy tales of 1001 Nights, must reckon that the desire for his later disadvantage fails.

What do ghosts mean in our dreams? Are we being followed by a phenomenon? Or is the past busy

Dream symbol “ghosts” – The general interpretation

Dreamlike spirits can be traced back to a preoccupation with death. Everyone sooner or later has to accept that he will die, dreams of spirits can help to accept this inevitable fact more easily. It used to be thought that a ghost in a dream indicates the death of close people.

The dream symbol can also stand for the fugitive, the bad and the illusion. Ghosts from friends or from a parent warn the dreaming not to be too gullible to let others in. Instead, he should be on his guard and avoiding his enemies. Anyone who sees the ghost of a beloved friend may undertake a journey that will, however, be marked by unpleasant travel companions and disappointments.

In general, ghosts in the dream are often interpreted as a sign of bad times. If the dreaming does not frighten but faces the ghosts, then he can conquer the adverse circumstances and need not be afraid. Speaking with a ghost indicates that the dreaming will soon succeed and outwit enemies.

Dream symbol “ghosts” – the psychological interpretation

Ghosts appear in the dream, this can on the one hand on uncertainties and weakness refer. The haunting of the ghosts in the dream, this speaks for a confused inner life that is currently a bit confused. The dream act and the emerging persons can give insight into why the dreaming feels so confused.

On the other hand, the dream symbol is less for the people who represent or resemble them than for the characteristics that they are shadowing. These may be qualities or abilities that the dreaming would like to have, and which are worth raising in him, as well as unloved traits that he has repressed and thought to be dead, but which he now returns to Recall be called.

Dream symbol “ghosts” – The spiritual interpretation

A dream of spirits gives the spiritual access to the collective consciousness. In sleep, one’s own ghost is released from the body and can go on a journey to communicate with others on the astral plane.