Dreams About Grass – Interpretation and Meaning

Grass can meet us as a grass or meadow or simply as a weed in our garden. And how wonderful can it be to walk over dewy grass, or to lie down and watch the clouds in the sky?

Sometimes grass can also be quite dangerous, if one wears the summer time unclothed through high meadows and thereby caught a tick. In what context was it? What was his appearance? Rethink your dream and pay attention to the details you have seen. Include everything in your dream interpretation.

Dream symbol “grass” – The general interpretation

On the general level, the dream symbol “grass” is interpreted as a symbol of new growth and victory over unimaginativeness. Therefore, the grass in the dream can also show new ideas and plans for the dreaming in the watch world.

In addition, the grass is to be understood as a dream symbol as an invitation to the dreaming to organize his thoughts and prioritize. Because the dream symbol “grass” can also illustrate a variety of trains of thought, emotions and other mental and spiritual content according to the general dream interpretation.

Green, juicy grass in the dream can be interpreted as an indication of a long, happy life, health and moderate wealth. High-standing grass is to warn the dreaming in the Wachwelt against the waste of its power reserves. He should quickly learn to distinguish important from unimportant.

If the dreamer sees very tall grass in his dream, he should not take new paths in decisions in the awake life, but rather rely on the proven ways of working.

Drought grass as a dream symbol illustrates according to the general dream interpretation worries and misery, sometimes poverty in old age. Mow the dreaming grass in the dream, he can hope in the watch world for more possession and security. Lying in the grass in the dream points the dreaming to have no false expectations and longings. These are unlikely to be fulfilled.

The food of grass in the dream calls on the dreaming to a behavior change, in order not to be ridiculed in the watch world.

The sight of a large meadow in a dream promises the dreaming a happy and good time. If the dreaming runs over green grass with burnt surfaces in the dream, he receives according to the general dream interpretation the warning against a illness.

The cutting of grass as a dream symbol indicates encounters with nice and friendly people in the watch world. The plucking of grass in the dream is seen as a symbol of futile efforts.

Dream symbol “grass” – The psychological interpretation

For a psychological dream interpretation the condition of the grass in the dream has a very important meaning. From this, the individual perspective of the dream symbol “grass” opens up to the dreaming.

Rich green grass in the dream illustrates to the dreaming that he will develop in the mental-spiritual area. It is also a sign of good condition and vitality. A colorful flower meadow as a dream symbol is interpreted in psychological interpretation of dreams as emotional harmony or the desire for it.

Very tall grass and overgrown meadows in the dream are to be understood as a warning against the increase in ideas in unattainable ideas. The dreaming should better arrange his thoughts and behaviors.

A meadow or a lawn, on which only very little grass grows, symbolizes emotional and mental dissatisfaction. Weakness, illness and losses are also possible interpretations in this context.

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Occasionally, the dream symbol “grass” can also be interpreted in such a way that the dreaming in the Wachwelt should let over a thing “grass grow”.

Dream symbol “grass” – The spiritual interpretation

The spiritual dream interpretation interprets the dream symbol “grass” as a change in the consciousness of the dreaming.

There are about half a million different plant species on earth, about one fifth of which are threatened with extinction. We could not exist without plants because they supply our breathing air with oxygen.

Man uses the plants in many ways. In the form of wood, for example, plants serve to supply energy by burning, they are consumed as food and also as a remedy plants are indispensable. But also for pure adornment one likes to surround oneself with beautiful green, a fern, an exotic palm, a cypress, a cactus or with blooming ones.

Often we are drawn to nature, because in the silence of the forest and the good air in the countryside, we find peace and relaxation. Here we find herbs of all kinds, grasses, ferns and plants like the climbing honeysuckle or the poppy. Between paved roads we encounter one or the other dandelion, also called “Pusteblume”.

Our body can recharge, especially when it consciously withdraws into nature and perceives what lives and grows around it. If you then find a 4-leaf clover, the luck seems perfect.

Plants also appear in our dreams in many ways. The dream interpretation has found out interesting.

Dream symbol “plants” – the general interpretation

Dreaming of plants, this is always in the dream interpretation in close relation to nature. Plants as a dream symbol promise growth, but also change, as well as the natural cycle it fights us in nature. However, there are different interpretations of the individual plant species in the interpretation of the dream, which should be included here in the analysis.

For example, a tree stands for vitality and strong earthiness through its deep roots. It can be indicative of the energy and energy of the dreaming, depending on how he shows himself in the dream. A dry tree with a diseased trunk can therefore also show the opposite, namely a rather weak and troubled state.

Flowers, when they appear bright and gloriously colorful, reflect the joie de vivre. Wilt them, announce grief and worry, or point to the weakened state of the dreaming person. According to the general dream interpretation, the sight of plants and shrubs can also announce a beneficial relationship. Depending on what kind of relationship it is, there may even be a wedding here.

Young plants that you heal and nurture, you associate with the success of a good education and also with a large family. If one sees in the dream many plants that pass away and wither away, one should in a certain situation clarify whether this has perhaps arrived at a point where it can not go on as before.

Just as the life cycle changes the plant, so does it happen to us humans. Experiences shape and change us, but often we do not want to see this and stick to the old. The dream symbol “plants” can help the dreaming to regain inner clarity and make necessary changes.

Dream symbol “plants” – The psychological interpretation

Wild plants are seen in the psychological dream interpretation as an indication of a possible strong desire for freedom of the dreaming. If the plants you see in the dream are all evenly and symmetrically planted, the dreaming person attaches great importance to the opinions of other people. He should rely more on his own intuitions and perceptions in the future. This will also help him to develop a new and strong self-confidence.

Green plants in full bloom often symbolize the desire of the person concerned for health and eternal beauty. But this dream image can also advise him to do something more for his vitality so that he does not lose his vitality so quickly.

Dream symbol “plants” – The spiritual interpretation

Spiritually interpreted, all kinds of plants symbolize the life force and the constant change in the life cycle. On Earth there are about half a million different plant species, about one fifth of which is threatened with extinction. We could not exist without plants because they supply our breathing air with oxygen.