Dreams About Hair – Interpretation and Meaning

Many people have dreamed of their hair. The dream image created in sleep shows the dreaming, who is doing their hair. You do the hairstyle, add a little hair spray over the hairstyle or even pomade. Suddenly a strand or locks jumps out of line. The dreaming desperately tries to grab the one runaway, smoothly brush it – but he does not succeed.

Again and again the strand of hair escapes, as if by magic. Angrily, he takes the scissors and cuts it off. All other hair suddenly falls out! – The dreaming wakes up with a beating heart from his sleep. What did this dream mean?

This dream scenario is only one of many, as they can occur in connection with the vision of the hair. In principle it can be said that our head hair symbolizes the very own animal instincts. Try to remember the dream as accurately as possible: how short or long were the hairs you saw? What color were they? Were they strong and healthy, or were they brittle and lackluster? Did you perhaps wash your hair in a dream with shampoo? Did you wear a hair band or a hair tie?

Every detail of your dream is important in order to make an accurate statement about the meaning of your night dream experience. If necessary, make note of the dream after awakening, so that you do not forget it again in the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Since we constantly see hair on ourselves and other people in our everyday life, it is not surprising that this dream symbol is relatively common. If you also had a hair dream and would like to interpret it, please note the following dream situations we put together:

Dreams of hair on or in the body

Hair grow in the face in the dream world

Hair on the face is a normal thing, just think about eyebrows and eyelashes. The woman’s beard is rather unloved among female persons. With a dream of hair on your face, you should ask yourself where your hair was exactly. Were the hair on the chin like a beard? Then there are currently satisfactory living conditions for you.

Hair on and in the nose: a dream analysis

Every man has hair in his nose. Stranger it is already, if someone has hair on the nose. Seeing hair in conjunction with the nose means that the dreaming comes to his own power. However, take care in front of the hair from the nose: Here, another person wants to dispute the success.

In the dream I have hair in my ear

The meaning of hair in the ear depends on the particular dream situation in which they occurred. It is therefore important to pay attention to the exact details of the dream. Generally the dreaming after such a dream should pay more attention to his male personality shares.

Hairy like a bear – The dream of hair on the back

Like body hair in the form of armpit hair, many people, especially men, also have hair on their backs. If you have the dream symbol “hairy back”, it is important to take care not to burden yourself with too much work, otherwise this can be a major problem.

What does the dream symbol “hairy legs” mean?

While hair on the legs on men almost does not bother anyone, most women remove these hairs regularly. Having long hair on your legs or even on one leg in your dream is evidence of a pronounced self-confidence of the affected person. She does not throw anything off course so fast!

The dream of hair on the behind

In the dream of having hair on the buttocks can be a funny or even shameful feeling for the dreaming. So it is not surprising that the hair on the behind in the dream interpretation has a rather negative meaning. The sleeper could be exposed in the near future in the wake of others.

Hair in the mouth and throat in the dream

Not very appetizing: dreams of a mouth full of hair

Hair in the mouth, according to the general dream interpretation announces negative experiences. Having the entire mouth full of hair can also indicate sexual desires.

Furthermore, the appearance of the dream symbol of hair pulling out of the mouth is possible. Behind it is the desire for an exchange with other people.

Dream interpretation: hair between the teeth

Those who have hair in their teeth between their teeth exert a sexual attraction on other people.

However, it is advisable to pay attention to the condition of the teeth. If someone has hair on their teeth, as it is perhaps known from the proverbial context, this person is in part too dominant in their dealings with other people.

I dreamed of hair on my tongue

It is certainly a strange, furry feeling that feels the one who has hair in the dream on the tongue. According to the general interpretation of dreams, this dream symbol is a call to the dreaming to question their own behavior. Are you sometimes too focused on your own self-expression?

Dream hair in the throat and neck

The dream symbol “hair in the neck” is very diverse and can contain different dream images. If you eat hair, eat hair or swallow hair, you subconsciously feel the desire for sexual satisfaction. Pulling hair out of your throat means, just like pulling hair out of your throat, that somebody will disprove your professional success through superiority. Hair vomiting and vomiting is considered a loss of vitality.

Dream of hair-cutting

In the dream, you cut your own hair

In the dream with a pair of scissors to cut off your own hair can be interpreted as a kind of liberation. They manage to leave bad times behind. It is different, however, to cut someone’s hair. In this dream situation, worries and grief are announced for the dreaming.

My hair was cut off in the dream

With a dream of hair cutting different dream symbols are connected. The dream image “hair cut barber” brings for the sleeping person changes that are rather negative and affect professional life. If someone has cut their hair, but in the dream it was that the hair was cut off unintentionally, this is a warning that warns of caution against the influence of other people in the watch world.

Long hair cut short – Why do I dream of it?

Have you seen in the dream world how long hair was cut short? If so, ask yourself what you felt about this long haircut. Positive feelings signal a good start into a new phase of life, while negative feelings can be an indication of anxiety, ie a bad sexual symbol.

Cut blonde hair in the dream

Blonde hair is in the dream interpretation for zest for life, but also for instability. Cutting the blond hair in the dream leads to the restriction of one of these two things in the watch world. Decide for yourself which of the two dream interpretation options best fits your current life situation.

Time for a change: cut and dye hair in dreams

Interested in a new look? Then hair is cut and dyeing just right! In the dream world as well as in the watch world, this represents a change. However, such a dream can mean much more than a simple change of appearance: The change can affect almost all areas of life!

Dream of a woman with short hair

The two dream symbols “short hair woman” and “hair cut woman” common in a dream of a woman with short hair, both point in the same direction: They stand for the balance of female and male personality shares in the dreaming.

Shave your hair in a dream

Shaving your hair and standing with a bald head – this is also a courageous step in the dream world. Behind this dream image are very different meanings, ranging from the fear of loss of power in men on wisdom and seriousness to the protection against attacks. Find out what the dream means to you!

Oh no! If in the dream world hair was cut wrong

For anyone who loves his hair, it’s a nightmare if the hair is cut too short or the hairstyle is just wrong. To dream of this is a warning that things will soon go wrong in the watch world as well. But do not worry: the hair is growing and so the problems in the watch world will not last long.

Nightmares about hair loss

Dream of losing hair

Losing hair may have different causes, for example as a result of chemo, and you may decide to wear a wig in the future. Losing hair is not a nice thing and even in the dream world this is a negative dream image, which symbolizes the loss of vitality.

The hair falls out in the dream

Hair loss is in the dream interpretation, among other things for coming bad times. The hair falls out, fall off or go out and you do not feel well in the dream. In the dream symbol “failing hair” also reflect different fears, which refer in men especially on sexuality.

My hair is falling out largely – What a nightmare!

Did you have a tuft of hair in your nightmare? Have you experienced how you lose hair in tufts? Her hair falls out in bunches in the dream when there is a disturbed relationship between you and your instincts. This need not only refer to the sexual level, but may also affect your everyday behaviors.

My hair is broken in my dream

“Oh no, my beautiful hair is breaking off!” – In addition to the loss of hair and the cancel is a dream symbol, which can put us into night terrors. Behind a dream of the breaking off of hair is the fear of negative influences in the watch world.

When in dreams hair and teeth fall out

Hair and teeth fall out in the dream world and we just feel miserable and at the same time unsure. Unfortunately, the relatively common dream symbol of tooth loss and tooth loss associated with hair loss sometimes has a negative cause, because it could soon make losses in the watch world noticeable. Keep your eyes peeled to avoid problems at an early stage.

Help, my hair is ripped off!

Were your hair torn out in your dream, did you feel someone tear your hair and maybe you saw your hair rip? This is a problem in your personality that you should pursue. The proverbial hair-grabbing, in which one may have several hairs in the hand, symbolizes helplessness and conflicts in the watch world. The hair-pulling, if you have pulled someone by the hair, symbolizes the smaller problems, which have received too little attention.