Dreams About High School – Interpretation and Meaning

A  high school is a place where much of his time was spent in his childhood and youth. Here you learn things about the world and life, meet friends and enemies and gather useful experience. In a sense, the institution also shapes the character.

As a dream symbol, the high school stands for the process of learning, which is not completed after graduation but lasts a lifetime. It is not for nothing that the concept of the “school of life” has been established in this context. Depending on the context, there are different meanings of high school dreams.

Interpretation of high school dreams

Basically, the dream symbol of high school is to be understood as an allegory of life itself. If you are back in your dream back to high school, then it always has something to do with your own development, personal life, and your own character. In the interpretation of the dream, the high school points out that one never learns in life.

As a knowledge mediator, the teacher or professor appears, who always functions as a symbol of his own ego in the interpretation of dreams. Freud described the teacher as a symbol for the superego of the dreaming, to whom perhaps not enough attention is paid in the watch world.

Doubts about your own performance?

The high school building does not always match the actual building from the past. Even the teacher can appear in the dream as a completely different person, either as a stranger, as a colleague, boss or perhaps even as his own father. Here already can find a first interpretation approach.

Sometimes the high school of the dreaming can call attention to his own insecurities and fears. If the teacher in the dream takes on the form of the supervisor, then this indicates that the dreaming at the moment has doubts about his own ability. Maybe he feels overburdened with his job, unfairly treated or is currently in the introductory phase. This interpretation is made acuter when you have to take an exam in the dream.

Some people experience themselves in their dreams again as the student of their past. At that time, after unpleasant teaching situations, the idea of high school truancy surely came up, which could lead to negative consequences. There were also annoyances when giving a call or announcements, so one often stood alone as a student, if one could not answer the question of the teacher. A high school assignment, which was written off quickly by the classmate before the lesson, was a nerve test when reading aloud and even one or the other  high school work was certainly not the way you would have liked it as a student.

But the actual memories do not always match the images of the dreams. The high schoolhouse may be a completely different building, and the teacher, who is over-sized and threatening in front of the blackboard, does not even resemble the colleague, who always likes to stand out and never miss an opportunity to show you who this is the boss is?

But maybe you are sitting in your dream in front of a written exam task in the high school lesson and the pen in your hand just will not write or the time runs away in seconds. You see in the dream the teacher’s red pencil already about their exam fast. You may be asked for the multiplication table. Or you’re wandering around in the high school building, with the backpack on your back, desperately looking for the right classroom, and no one is there to ask?

If you encounter such situations in a dream, you will certainly feel the unpleasant feelings of sleep as fear and panic arise. But what is the exact dream meaning of the symbol “high school”? In what connection is the educational institution in the dream with your today’s life?

Dream symbol “high school” – The general interpretation

The dream image “high school” can bring us into contact with our innermost insecurities. At what point in our lives are we and where do we see ourselves threatened in our existence? Are we safe in the job and can meet the requirements that are placed on us? Are we perhaps teaching a course ourselves, teaching and educating our children, and unsure if our chosen methods are right for that?

If the sleeping person sees a classroom in the dream, then he should remember after waking up to his attitude to the high school time back: If the stay in the room of the high school building with positive thoughts on the cohesion of the students is linked, the dream symbol also gives a sense of well-being. If the experiences are negatively marked, one remembers test anxiety and unresolved tasks on the board, the whole dream context is felt rather as a nightmare. Look for other dream images that have appeared in the classroom and interpret them in context.

Maybe we have doubts about our own accomplishments at a high schoolroom, or wonder if we’re good at what we do. The dreaming is asked here before the question whether there are still things in his life that want to be reached or even changed.

Often dreamers in a high schoolroom also see a caretaker working there. This is representative of a decision that employs the person in his sleep. He should always be aware of his own values and act accordingly.

Dream symbol “high school” – The psychological interpretation

The high school points out in the psychological interpretation of dreams that we never learn anything in life. The Instance of the Teacher here represents our own “superego”, to whom we may perhaps listen in the conscious state too little. Do we want more from us than we are able to provide at the moment? How is it about my own relationships?

The high school itself is a place of community, getting to know each other and giving us the opportunity to communicate. You learn social norms and social skills, not only in the classroom but also increasingly on high school trips, where students spend the night away from home.

It pays to ask how it is about its own social networks. How does the dreaming see himself in the dream? Shining as a class best in front of the class, this may indicate that he may receive too little attention in real life. Where does he feel unseen and not appreciated?

We may also experience a dream high school trip that we did during our high school days. This shows that we also associate positive aspects with the dream image “high school” and maybe in life before sometimes we go back to our carefree youth.

In many cases, the dream “high school” causes unpleasant feelings. Failure fears and sense of duty become the subject of our thoughts. Maybe the dreaming is facing a true life test or a complete change in his life situation? The dreaming should become aware of his life circumstances and question whether he wants to go on his life path, or if there is something inside him, which urges for change.

The high school as a place of community

The high school is not only a place of knowledge and authority but also a place of community.

Here, you get to know many people in the course of your youth, with some you also make friends close to high school, others are easy to forget after graduation.

If the focus is more on fellow human beings than on the building itself, then this almost always plays on the human relationships that exist in the life of the dreaming. What about your own human relationships? How pronounced is the social life of the dreaming? Are you lonely or do not feel valued enough by others?

In the high schoolroom, it can, therefore, be about social contacts or about one’s own perception of other people. Standing in class as a class best in front of the class can mean that you do not feel valued in real life. In this sense, the high school space functions as a compensatory dream, in which the inner desire of the dreaming for recognition comes to light.