Dreams About Horses – Interpretation and Meaning

Are you a person who remembers his dreams or you are someone who doesn’t remember anything that you dreamed about last night? There are a lot of theories regarded to this subject where we are trying to find out why are we dreaming and why some of us remember our dreams. Scientist are trying to find answers to these questions, but so far they couldn’t agree with one another. But one thing is for sure, they have some interesting theories.

Sigmund Freud said that the dreams which we are dreaming, even nightmares, are reflection of our daily events. He considered that dreams have symbolic meaning and that they are hidden wishes of our subconscious. Some researches have shown that people who are dreaming about some of their hard tasks and challenges in reality are very successful in solving them. People who had these dreams had 10 times better results than those who were just thinking about their tasks.

In this text, we will try to explain the meaning of a dreams about horses. Horses are considered as kind, very strong, mighty and beautiful animals which are hard to tame. Usually, people who are dreaming about this are the ones who are investing a lot of effort in the things that they do. For example, those people are students who are learning hard, people who are giving 100% of themselves in a business which they do, people with strong sexuality etc. Dream about horses symbolizes strength, endurance, power, sexual potential and maturity.

Also, it represents something wild in you that needs to be tamed. Sometimes, it can be a bad sign and it can be related to your ambitions which are set  very high and they might harm other people. Meaning of this dream can be different, and it all depends on what you saw in your dream. Maybe you dreamed about seeing a horse, riding a horse, falling from a horse etc.

Dreams About Horses Interpretation and Meaning

Dreaming about you seeing a horse. If you had this type of a dream it means that you are way too much arrogant and you need to slow down a stand with both feet on the ground. You can’t always think of yourself as if you are the best in everything that you do, and don’t try to overestimate yourself. You have a bad habbit in putting your goals too high, and because of that you can’t achieve them how you imagined to. Your possibilities are way too small compared to your goals. Take this dream as a warning to become much more realistic in the future.

Dreaming about you riding a horse. Dreams like this have positive connotation and they are usually a good sign. It means that you can expect to be promoted on higher position in the period that’s ahead of you.

Also, your position in society will be much better than the current one. Some interpreters say that this type of success in which you will be promoted indicates that you will find easier, dishonest way to reach your goals. We can connect this dream to your relationship. It means that you are living in a harmony with your partner, and emotions between you are very strong.

Dreaming about you riding a horse who lost control. If in your dream you rode a horse who lost control, it means that you will not be able to keep under control your emotions and passions. You will be overwhelmed by them, and you will not be able to see things objectively. Prepare yourself because in the future you will find a lot of obstacles on your way to success. Don’t be affraid of failure and don’t let those obstacles to take you away from your path.

Dreaming about you falling from a horse. This type of dream is very common in the world of dreams about horses. It indicates that you will not have a lot of success in your job in the future, and maybe you will be fired because you didn’t manage to do things how your bosses imagined  to.

Dreaming about dead horse. If you dreamed about dead horse, it represents your personal failure. It means that you didn’t had success in achieving your goals and your efforts were  futile. Dead horse is always a bad sign and it can be understooded as a symbol of some unpleasent situations and circumstances that are expecting you in your near future.

Also, it indicates that you will hear bad news. Those news will be about someone who is very close to you and it will be something unpleasent that will bother you a lot. Or you will hear something that will have bad influence on your business. Maybe some of your partners will betray you.

Dreaming about talking with a horse. If in your dream you talked with a horse, it can be seen as a metaphor for some knowledge. Keep in mind that you always need to try remembering  every single word that horse said to you in a dream because it could be something that brings some important message regareded to you and your future. For example, if you talked with a black horse, then the message which he is carrying is something that comes directly from your subconscious. If he was blue, it is a bad sign and it signifies sorrow and suffering and you will be in a need for someone’s help.

Dreaming about a horse with two heads. Dreams like this are indication that your energy isn’t distributed properly.

Beside this, intepreters connect it to your confusion about some sexual thing. But imperative is on the fact that you have too much responsibilities, ideas and goals that needs to be realized, but you can’t deal with them how it is supossed to deal with. You don’t know how to make priorities between them. Take this as a warning to concentrate on one thing and transmit energy to that in order to have some results.

Dreaming about black horse. This dream symbolizes mistery, wildness and unknown. You are always looking for a chance and you are prepared to take a risk in unknown situations. Sometimes you are very obssesed with your ambitions and you don’t care for other people. But, there is another interpretation regarded to this dream. It means that you will be disappointed in people who are very  close to you. Maybe you are having too big expectations from your relationship, or even your business relationship. Try to be more objective and cautious. Not everything is always as it seems.

Dreaming about white horse. If you dreamed about white horse, it has positive meaning. White horse is a symbol of prosperity, happiness and success. In your case, it means that you will have happiness in everything that you start to do, either relationship or new businesses and you will be healthy for a long time. You are  someone who has balance in his life and who is very aware of himself and his possibilities.

Also, this dream can be connected to your desire to be perfect and successful in all areas of your life.

Dreaming about riding a white horse. Dreams like this are related to your sexuality. It means that you have some sexual problems which you can’t tell anyone because you are too shy. Those problems are related to your relationship with your partner. Maybe you are having problems with your intimacy and you can’t be closer with your partner.

However, there is  an opposite interpretation with a positive connotation which says that you will start some new relationships which you hope to mantain for a long time.

Dreaming about brown horse. This dream signifies difficulties and problems that you will have in the period that’s ahead of you. Currently, you are very satisfied with your life, but you should prepare yourself for the bad things  that will come and try to stay positive no matter what.

Dreaming about herd of the wild horses. Herd of the wild horses means that you are feeling very freely and freed from any type of problems and worries. You don’t have any responsibilities and duties which can boder you and after a long time you feel peaceful. If you dreamed about riding a wild horse, it represents your sexuality and hidden sexual fantasies.

Also, it is connected to obstacles which you could encounter on your way, but don’t let them to take you away from what you planned.

Dreaming about harnessed horse. Cab and harness in your dream are representing force of a life and normal life path, from youth to old age. This can be related to the inner power of a human to vivid his toughts, especially those which he was surpresing. Connected to this, cab and harness are symbol of your strong mind and your ability to control it.

Dreaming about you being scared of a horse. If you dreamed about this, it means that in reality you are very affraid because there are a lot of problems which are bothering you, and you don’t know how to solve them. Everything that’s new  is intimidating you because you are not sure what changes it brings with itself.

These were some of the most common interpretations and meanings for a dream about horses. If you saw a horse lately, or maybe you watched a TV show about him, then this dream was triggered by it and you don’t need to pay attention on it. But if this was not the case and you dreamed about it, we hope  that this text helped you to understand the message behind it.