Dreams About Miscarriage – Interpretation and Meaning

About 30 percent of all pregnancies are terminated by a miscarriage – termed “abortion”. The reason for this is that the embryo was not viable and nature protects the woman’s body from dangers. Since many miscarriages happen at a very early stage of pregnancy and are not detected until a gynecological examination, sometimes they do not realize that they were even pregnant.

If the embryo dies at a later date, it is usually a traumatic experience for women. The pain of losing the child is often accompanied by guilt. For medical progress today makes it much better than in the past that a pregnancy usually proceeds without major complications. Dangers for mother and child as well as illnesses can often be recognized early. – The greater the horror, if a pregnancy ends with a premature birth with death.

The dream symbol “miscarriage” occurs predominantly in dreams of women. Anyone who dreams of a miscarriage will certainly be very afraid to lose something. At the same time he is plagued by the feeling that he has not prevented the loss. In the interpretation of dreams, however, something completely different can be behind this symbol.

A miscarriage can hit any woman – even in the dream world. Even men can experience during sleep that they are pregnant and lose the child early. What these interesting dreams, which are often experienced, mean in the following:

Dream Miscarriage – The most common dreams about the symbol

Being pregnant in a dream and seeing a miscarriage

The dream symbol “pregnant miscarriage” is experienced by many women – not only when they are actually pregnant. In the dream to see a miscarriage in pregnancy and to get the miscarriage is an indication of a setback in life. By no means does the dream situation announce a real stillbirth. It is more about the end of a project or the task of a goal. What are you working on right now? Try changing the switches to reach the finish.

However, if you actually carry a baby in and dream of a miscarriage on several occasions, you probably worry and worry about the little life in the stomach. The dreaming wonders if she behaves correctly during pregnancy and does everything to protect the well-being of the child. Most such worries are unfounded because they stem from a lack of experience. Those who accompany such dreams of a stillbirth over several weeks of pregnancy should entrust their gynecologist or gynecologist.

Do not get pregnant and still lose a child – the dream analysis

If you dream of giving birth to a child and losing it, even though you are not pregnant in the watch-world, a failure can occur. This can relate to both the professional and private level: The loss of a job or the termination of a relationship can go hand in hand with this dream image.

Twins lose in the dream – a double shock

Anyone who experiences in his dreams, that he is pregnant with twins and loses both children in a miscarriage, whose plans in the awake life do not run as expected. Maybe the dreamer had planned a new beginning, whether with a new job or a new partner. Even a new residential area can be meant. The symbolic miscarriage of the twins in the dream makes it clear that the subconscious has already perceived the failure of the project.

Other people suffer a miscarriage while sleeping

The man and the miscarriage: in the dream everything is possible!

Even men dream of miscarriages. Not only do they experience the miscarriage in a woman in a dream, but also in themselves. Suddenly, male dreamers appear pregnant during their sleep and are confronted with the situation of experiencing the loss of their own child. Often this dream symbol occurs when the man tries to disregard his own misconduct. Even financial problems are so often expressed in sleep.

For example, if you’re a female, you’re dreaming that a friend or partner is pregnant and has a miscarriage If you have suspected problems in or with this person in the watch world. The dream image urges to help this person or to have a serious conversation if there are disputes.

Dreams of the sister losing her child

If the sister has a miscarriage in the dream, she may well feel real sadness after waking up , Anyone who has a good relationship with the sister suffers with her – even if nothing like that has happened in reality. The vision of the pregnant sister, who suffers a miscarriage, indicates the worsening of a state of health. The dreaming girl should take good care of herself.

The girlfriend has a miscarriage – Why this dream?

The girlfriend’s miscarriage is often an issue in both women’s and men’s dreams. Women usually dream of their best friend, men of their girlfriend in the sense of the partner. In both cases, the feelings for each other in the foreground of the dream: It worries and worries about the well-being of the girlfriend. The miscarriage expresses a stressful and difficult time for those affected.

Try to help! Somebody else has a miscarriage in the dream

Did a person in the dream have a miscarriage or stillbirth that was completely unknown to you? Strangers are usually symbolic of a part of you. So one faces a personified personality aspect in the sleeping process. This character trait has caused problems in the past, expressed through the miscarriage of the other in the dream.

Try to find out what it is. The miscarriage in the dream runs off with a lot of blood

There are often cases where blood is seen during pregnancy. Similarly, a miscarriage in connection with blood in the dream event is experienced. Fear of failure lies behind this dream image. If you are really pregnant, you unconsciously question your abilities as a (expectant) mother. If one can imagine childbearing later, the dream of bloody miscarriage is also a sign of self-doubt. Anyone who has already had children and sees this dream symbol is afraid of having made mistakes in their education.

Dream symbol “miscarriage” – The general interpretation

The dream symbol “miscarriage” is a symbol of modern fear of failure, but also stands for a sudden end or a setback. A miscarriage can be an indication of an aberration in life in the dream interpretation. The dream of the failed pregnancy, however, also relate specifically to the loss of a job, the failure of a relationship or a project. The dreaming may have an idea that is not fully developed yet. The miscarriage dream symbol can also be a warning to pay more attention to physical health and personal happiness. Indirectly, the dream can also mean that the dreaming is uncertain about his plans, and therefore expects a failure.

Who in the dream can recognize a malformation on an ultrasound image and fears a stillbirth, in the watch world has an original idea – this but not recognized by the environment. Behind the back of the dreaming person is blasphemed and the project is not supported. If a man dreams of a miscarriage, the symbol in the dream interpretation points out that his love life is endangered or that he gets into trouble with his money acquisition. The dead child in this case symbolizes a failure.

Dream symbol “Miscarriage” – The psychological interpretation

A miscarriage in the dream – one’s own or another’s – makes the dreaming aware of the fact that something is wrong. This may be an unexpected loss or the dissolution of a part of the personality. The dream symbol surrounding the death of a baby indicates in the dream interpretation uncertainty and change in real life. If the dreaming is a man, behind a miscarriage in the dream is often the repressed negative feeling about own misconduct. If women dream of a birth of a dead child, behind this dream symbol the fear can lay that a longing wish does not come true.

If the woman actually has already experienced a miscarriage as an expectant mother, this dream in the interpretation of the dream is a sign that she did not have enough time to mourn and has not yet processed what she has experienced. The mental work-up of an abortion can also be found in the dream symbol.

“Miscarriage “show

In pregnant women, the fear of the unborn child is often expressed in a dream with the miscarriage symbol: does it die because I behaved wrong during pregnancy? Does it give birth to the world because of me?

Dream symbol “Miscarriage” – The spiritual interpretation shows in spiritual terms

In the dream symbol “miscarriage” in the dream interpretation a strong fear of loss, which can even lead to depression in the worst case.

Interpret dreams of birth

In the case of birth dreams, first and foremost the life situation of the one or the dreaming person has to be considered. If you are dealing with pregnant women in your environment because your colleague or boss may be pregnant, it is not unusual to work it out in the form of dreams. Self-explanatory is certainly why expectant parents often dream of childbirth.

In this case, the cause of the dream is clear. The dream content provides information about the fears and hopes of the parents. Dreaming of an expectant mother from a very simple, trouble-free birth, she is in good spirits. She looks forward to her being a mother and is confident that the birth will proceed without complications.

Birth dreams can also point to birth trauma, which may have been suffered even during birth. Likewise, dreams of birth may indicate deep-seated fears and post-traumatic stress disorder. Depending on the dream context, the dreamed birth can have very positive to very negative meanings.

Moreover, in dream interpretation it is of great importance whether one gives birth to a child or whether one is born, how the birth proceeds, whether there are problems, whether one is happy about the birth and much more. In the following, the different interpretive possibilities of birth dreams are discussed.

Birth dreams as a precognitive indication of pregnancy

In some cases, childbirth dreams are indeed forward-looking dreams. At the beginning of a pregnancy, a lot happens in the mother’s body, which she does not even notice. Even before the first direct indication of a possible pregnancy, the absence of menstrual bleeding, pregnancy hormones are formed in the body, which can be detected with modern urine or blood tests already at this time.

The hormonal change is not yet perceived by the consciousness, since the hormone concentration is initially very low and have no noticeable effects on the body and psyche of pregnant women. However, the subconscious registers the changes anyway. Birth dreams do not necessarily indicate an unrecognized pregnancy.

However, it can still be observed that pregnant women occasionally have birth dreams, although they do not yet know about the pregnancy and have not suspected it yet.

If one sees birth as the conclusion of something and the beginning of something new, birth dreams can also point to a new beginning in the life of the dreaming. The dream of giving birth then means that you may be close to successfully completing an important project or starting a new phase of your life.