Dreams About Necklace – Interpretation and Meaning

Dreams can have multiple interpretations and meanings, depending on how we are able to process them and what is happening in our lives. Psychology alone has offered a very wide range of stances on this, since therapy using patients’ dreams is a very successful therapeutic method for certain types of personalities.

According to prof. Jordan Peterson, it mainly works for those very high in trait Openness in the Big Five personality typology. Other popular interpretations worth noting can be found in mystical, cultural and religious communities.

As far as psychology is concerned, dreaming is a way for our brain to process information, though they still haven’t reached a clear consensus on why, or even how, as the brain remains our most highly unexplored organ. We only hope to offer you some of the more used interpretations, which will aid introspection and hopefully achieve deep insight into what your dream was attempting to tell you, if it was trying to tell you anything at all.

Freud for one mentioned that dreaming you were wearing the necklace indicates you are submissive in a relationship with a romantic partner, or a family member, and, while you might perceive your submissive behavior as ok, in reality this behavior is pathological. The shiny gleam of the jewelry you are wearing in reality represents superficiality and your delusion.

The necklace itself is your slavery to someone you are in a parasitic relationship with, with you, of course, being the host to the parasite. If this interpretation rings true, we’d recommend you take a second look at your partner and consider if you are being respected in a relationship.

The more mystical Esoteric Dream Book seems to parrot Freud’s interpretation of dreams, though it isn’t clear that Freud himself hasn’t taken a note from the mystical.

Psychologist George A. Miller noted that as far as his clinical experience was concerned, a dream about a necklace that was being given as a gift, was a sign of incoming happiness, abundance and peaceful family life. Dreaming about a beautiful necklace richly adorned with jewels indicates that you are receiving accolades you aren’t sure you deserve, while losing a necklace is your mind attempting to tell you, you are being bitter and depressed over something you should be given more time to reconsider. If you’re unsure about your future, you intuition might be attempting to prepare you, according to Dr. Miller.

Psychologist’s Tsvetkov’s less popular interpretation of dreaming about a necklace is simple a sign of a troubled life, while Hasse claims a necklace around your neck is a signal of a happy marriage and losing one, means sadness due to a relationship you have with a person you love.

In the country of France and a so called “Ancient French” dream book says this is a warning about an impending attack on your reputation and it’s suggested that you attempt to find it while dreaming if you can.

The ancient Maya claimed that if you are wearing the necklace you are dreaming about, it means you’ll soon experience a romantic evening. Antient Zedkielya, old Eastern tradition and a famous Dream Book of Lovers all claim that if an adult woman of marriageable age dreams about a necklace, chances are very high she will soon marry to a rich man. Zedkielya warn however that if a necklace is broken inside this woman’s dream, it means her children will suffer, and most likely, die very young.

A common cultural and religious interpretation of dreaming about a necklace from ancient times in general was an impending proposal, because a necklace was given as a wedding present in most cultures. This interpretation was also famously noted by a French physician Nostradamus in his dream book as well.

New Family Dream Book seems to have taken this direction, while also claiming that receiving a necklace as a gift is an announcement of the woman in question soon building a beautiful home with a loving husband, while losing one means an impending loss. It also says that seeing your face on this piece of jewelry means you will receive honor and acclaim you feel you didn’t truly deserve, while becoming surrounded by admirers whose sincerity you will also doubt.

White magician Yuri Longo seems to have taken this approach to his interpretations as well and claims that a luxury necklace indicates an incoming pleasant surprise. A promise of a necklace about to be gifted indicates two surprises, while the same dream for men means that they will have their money returned, by a friend who owes them, that they’ve almost forgotten about.

A necklace that is crumpled in your dream is a bad omen according to Longo, because it is announcing that a person you once deeply trusted will turn out to be a traitor.

Lastly the Lunar dream book claims this is simply an unspecified good omen, while Snotokovatel claims it’s a sign of honor and respect in one’s life.

In most religions, a necklace is also an indication of honor and power, while the prayer beads are strung together in order to guide you in a spiritual direction trough material means. It’s a symbolism of religious devotion and humble piety dignified by God.

We offer you these interpretations in some loose hierarchy of credibility, as credible as humans can make them in our attempt to understand our reality. Finally we should point out that these dreams indicate the concept of adornment. If you are a big fan of, or related to the modern fashion industry, you might want to pay attention in your dream, because you may have missed another important symbol you should have been paying attention to.

As Freud noted, a worn necklace can be related to an idea of ownership and control, so tumulus relationships might need to be given proper attention. Getting one as a gift obviously can indicate you are being loved and cared for, while also possibly indicating someone is attempting to influence you for better or worse.