Dreams About Peeing – Interpretation and Meaning

To those who don’t know this, to dream, about going to the bathroom urgently, and then waking up with the actual need, sometimes means “waiting until the last second”. It’s not just children that are sometimes wet in dreams. In general, urine – like other body liquids such as feces – is not necessarily positively represented in our society. Some people even disgust at the idea of ​​urine, especially when it smells strongly or is used as manure for plant fertilization.

So what does a dream mean when this dream symbol appears? Is it just an indication of the body, to go to the toilet as soon as possible, or is there more behind it?

Dream symbol “urine” – the general interpretation

There is no reason to be disgusted or even be ashamed of such dreams. The sense of shame in the face of the the bodily processes is historically quite new. Urine is considered a remedy in many ancient cultures, and homeostasis therapies are also used in the modern world.

In the dream interpretation urine is actually a mainly positive symbol. The one, who urinates, feels relief and let’s go at the pee – in the truest sense of the word. And so, in the interpretation of dreams, urine can also mean well-being and letting go of burdens. Either this relief will be forthcoming in future, or the dreamer should deal with how he can procure himself in his own life.

Another meaning of this dream symbol is linked to the health of the dreamer. Who urinates in the dream, is in the healing process.

Drinking urine also indicates recovery and healing. On the other hand, if you see other people urinating, that sight will symbolize a warning to false friends that will let you down in the event of illness. Seeing a urinal symbolizes impending anger or excitement in the dream interpretation.

Bedwetting or general incontinence in the dream symbolizes too much of the good, too exaggerated a lifestyle or overconfidence. Anyone who dreams of urinating in their own bed should take care to moderate their awake life.

Dream symbol “urine” – the psychological interpretation

In the psychological interpretation of dreams, the dream symbol “urine” is associated with sexuality. The urethra and genitals are close together, and the relief felt after prolonged urination is, in principle, not unlike an orgasm. At least in both cases a feeling of well-being arises. In a dream, the urine can indicate sexual needs or sexual tension.

If the process is associated with shame or disgust while dreaming or after awakening, the relationship with one’s own sexuality may be disturbed. But even without the sexual component disgust and shame are important clues for the dreamer. They point to a disproportion to their own self, to their own work.

You may unconsciously reject an important part of your personality. To be ashamed of your own urine or pee can also point to excessive demands and lack of self-confidence: in the dream you have let go and get relief – later you are afraid of your own courage.

Dream symbol “urine” – the spiritual interpretation

Spiritually, urine symbolizes healing and purifying the body and mind. Perhaps you are preparing for such purification through the symbolic need in the dream, or it may be time to embark on the healing process.

Urinating in the dream on the toilet gives you the hint that something in your life is a burden on your development and you should free yourself from this burden, in the truest sense of the word should provide relief.

The metabolism of our body is structured in such a way that we absorb fluid, utilize it and then excrete it again. So although every person has to urinate several times a day, this is not an issue that people talk about in society. So no one says that he has to make pee, but one describes it elegantly with escape, water or make emergency.

However, there are also plenty of hearty expressions for going to the bathroom. The subject of public discussion is the issue of wild peeing, when people are doing business on the street or in the bushes.

Pissing in a dream can make the dreamer feel the need to relieve him. He feels the urge and the tension involved, followed by the feeling of relief. Maybe his bladder is actually full and he has to go to the toilet as soon as he wakes up. For the dream interpretation, the context of the dream symbol “make pee” is important.

Dream symbol “peeing” – The general interpretation

Making a pee is a dream symbol in the interpretation of dreams in which different feelings can be reflected. For example, shame or anger may manifest itself in showing strong emotions in a situation and exposing too much of oneself. The sense of relief in urinating in the dream shows that the dreaming is working to clarify these sensations for himself.

The dream symbol “peeing” is also an invitation to let go. Is there a person in the environment of the dreaming who does not want to let it go? In dream interpretation, the dream is a reminder not to cling to one.

Maybe the dreaming does not dare to express criticism in real life. The dream symbol “peeing” can be a hint that the dreaming has the need to “pee on the leg of a certain person”, so bluntly to say his opinion, even if this brings disadvantages for this person.

In the interpretation of dreams, urine is also a remedy and purifier. The dream can be an invitation to take care of your own body more attentively. In addition, the dream symbol “peeing” may point to future relief, for example, in business matters. In the popular interpretation of dreams, a dream of urinating is also a bad omen for love relationships.

Dream symbol “peeing” – the psychological interpretation

On the psychological level, the dream symbol “peeing” in the interpretation of dreams represents a state of sexual tension, which in the ideal case leads to mental and spiritual stimulation. The release of the pressure, which the dreaming perceives when urinating, can release psychic powers in the dream.

If one dreams that one feels an urge to urinate, but cannot relieve oneself, the dream symbol indicates suppressed desires and emotions. In dream interpretation, the unfulfilled desire to go to the bathroom may reflect the need to be sexually free. The dream symbol “do pee” may be a sign of the subconscious mind that there is too much control and too little spontaneity on the erotic level.

If the dreaming is feeling disgusted by the water, the dream symbol “peeing” is a warning signal. The dreaming rejects a part of his own personality vehemently. In dream interpretation, this lack of acceptance usually refers to the sexuality of the dreaming, since the urethra in both sexes with the sexual organs in direct connection.

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However, the dream can also represent the unconscious fear and shame about personal misconduct. If someone dreams that he cannot control his bladder or wets himself in his sleep, the dream symbol “peeing” in the dream interpretation is a reminder to a more serious lifestyle. Often, the psyche suffers when the real life is characterized by excessiveness and the search for meaning is missing.

Dream symbol “peeing” – The spiritual interpretation

In the interpretation of dreams, urine is a magical substance with a medicinal effect. The dream symbol “peeing” symbolizes the physical relief that leads to spiritual healing.

Going to the bathroom to do a “small business” is a need that we meet several times a day without much thought. The problem may be to pee or urinate, if we have to, but we cannot. Certainly, each of us has ever experienced a situation in which you had to “pinch”, because there was no toilet, you just stood in a traffic jam or other circumstances made a relief of our bladder impossible. In earlier times, a chamber pot helped to be able to give in to the need at night even when the mostly outside, cold and cumbersome to reach shallow toilet had little inviting effect. Stopping urine for an extended period of time can eventually be an unpleasant and painful affair.

Even in a dream, it can happen that we urinate or that we have to but cannot. The dream interpretation depends on the exact dream situation. Therefore, it is helpful to remember as many details of the dream as possible.

Dream symbol “urinate” – The general interpretation

In the general dream interpretation, the dream image “urinate” is interpreted as a positive symbol. Anyone who urinates frees themselves from pollutants and is able to let go of the stressful. Applied to the life of the dreaming person, this dream experience shows that in reality, one may be dealing with themes of letting go and one’s own well-being. Perhaps this will also raise the dreamer’s question as to whether he really cares enough about his own needs and acts accordingly.

Did one feel the urge to urinate in a dream, but found no toilet or any other way to meet his need? These points to a very clinging and uncertain personality in the dream analysis.

Maybe you are still very much tied to your own parents. Maybe you shy away from the responsibility for your own life and therefore rather remain under the protective wing of the parents. Another interpretation sees in the inability to urinate but also the opposite. One may still be under parental influence and it is very difficult to get out of this family circle.

The dream symbol in this dream situation can be the invitation to free oneself from too close bonds and let go, which may be familiar but still restrictive and prevent the dreaming from finding and going their own way of life.

Dream symbol “urinate” – the psychological interpretation

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For the psychological interpretation of dreams, the dream image “urinate” is directly related to the topic of “sexuality”. To urinate in the dream life can point to a sexual state of tension, which the dreaming person either in the awake life is not aware or which she has successfully endured so far. Ask yourself the honest question of whether you are satisfied with your sex life / your partnership. Or if there are longings and desires that urge for fulfillment.

Perhaps it is the fantasies of your partner that cause expectation anxiety and pressure in you. The dream image “urinate” can be a very valuable sign of your psyche to open your own sexuality more. If you try to stop controlling, it will probably be much easier for you to simply indulge in feelings and live and enjoy a passionate sexuality.

Dream symbol “urinate” – The spiritual interpretation

Urinating from a spiritual point of view embodies in the dream a purification process through which body and mind experience healing.