Dreams About Robbery or Getting Robbed – Interpretation and Meaning

Falling victim to a burglary or noticing an intruder is a nightmare for many people. In fact, the reverse is true and dreams of burglary are often perceived as nightmares. If we dream of a break-in, there is always a connection between the transmitted pen  etration into the subconscious.

Dreams of burglary can take many forms and it is of great importance, whether one is the victim of a burglary in the dream, breaks itself somewhere or whether it comes to a confrontation with a burglar or intruder. What all such dreams have in common is the relation to the violation of private or private sphere.

Interpret dreams of burglary

To interpret dreams of burglary, one must logically always pay attention to the dream context. If you yourself have been the victim of a burglary, your dreams are usually the memory of it. In this case, the dreams are to be interpreted as a sign of the processing of this event. If such dreams occur frequently in this context and have a nightmare character, a visit to a psychotherapist could help to process the experience so that the experience does not develop a trauma or a permanent state of anxiety (chronic anxiety disorder).

If no link can be established between the dream and a real burglary, the dreams have a different origin. In the vast majority of cases, the cause of burglary dreams is an experienced or feared violation of privacy or one’s own psychological limits.

Dreaming of a burglary thus symbolizes a sense of fear and oppression. Often, these dreams are responses to someone in the watch world hurting the dreamer’s privacy, perhaps blabbing private, intimate things. Or someone forced him to divulge something he preferred to keep secret.

Another interpretation is the fear of letting someone get too close. For example, those who have an intimate and intense love relationship and are suddenly confronted with separation, because the partner wants to be with someone with whom he or she has cheated the dreaming for quite some time, not infrequently develops a mental defense mechanism to him hinders loving or letting a human being like that again. But if the dreaming develops feelings for another person, it is precisely this fear that shows itself in the form of burglary dreams. As a result, he should process the experience and try to reopen.

The importance of a burglary area can also be related to an internal imbalance. Maybe the dreaming is just discovering new sides of himself and shows character traits that he himself does not fully understand. Here is the dreamed slump for the acceptance or non-acceptance of these sometimes rejected personalities. In the dreams, the not only superficial change of the character shows u p.

According to C.G. Jung, we all were born with a collective subconscious, which consists of several parts that make up our personality. However, some personality parts are promoted while others are suppressed. In our dreams, all parts of the personality, including those that you do not want to accept, express themselves. If you unexpectedly live out of it, you quickly get the feeling that this part has invaded the consciousness – or otherwise – broken.

Burglary dreams often occur in close proximity to major changes. If there is a change, for example, a new job or one learns of a pregnancy, expressing the uncertainty of whether the new situation will be grown, often in the form of burglary dreams. You are actually content with your life and have got used to everything, but suddenly an event occurs that makes a change necessary. It can be said that change can be interpreted as a break-in in one’s personal habits.

Important clues to the meaning of dreams are the location of the burglary. Space or the building are important in that they stand for different areas of life. A break in the bedroom certainly has a different meaning than one in the garage or the basement, a break-in at home other than at work etc.

Someone approaches quickly, tears our bag or threatens us with a gun and then flees with our belongings – many people are afraid of this scenario when they are traveling alone on nocturnal roads.

A robbery can also be a bank robbery or theft of your wallet or laptop in the cafe. Not always robbery is about material goods. It used to be said that a woman was robbed of innocence, and sometimes we feel deprived of our honor or a recognition that we actually owe. When nature is exploited and the landscape or soil is sustainably damaged, we speak of exploitation. In contrast, the traditional predator, who is lying in wait for unsuspecting travelers in the forest, is now more of a fairy-tale character or part of the well-known children’s game “robber and gendarme”. In our dreams, on the other hand, he can certainly emerge.

What do these dreams want to tell us? Why do we dream of a robbery? It often helps to investigate dream symbols related to a robbery, such as violence, burglars, and theft of money. Even a threat with a weapon is often dreamed in this context.

Dream symbol “robbery” – The general interpretation

As a dream symbol, the robbery that happens to us can be a loss or a disappointment that has nothing to do with money or an object. Maybe the dreaming was robbed of his illusions. This can hurt at first, but also helps to get a clearer view of things.

The robbery sometimes hints at problems that the dreaming has with someone or something in the awake life. If the robber in the dream is a known person or even a relative, this is a clear indication. Sometimes the dream symbol also finds it difficult to recognize one’s own value; the dreaming feels deprived of his sense of honor or self-esteem.

If the dreaming himself is the robber, then the dream points out to him that he wants to bring something to himself, which he is not really entitled to. Instead of earning it or patiently waiting for it, he wants to grab it greedily. The object of his desire can stand for both immaterial goods such as success and reputation as well as for money or coveted items. Sometimes they are also persons who the dreaming wants to win over.

Dream symbol “robbery” – The psychological interpretation

Psychologically interpreted, the dream symbol points to interpersonal relationships and tensions. The dreamer fears that he will be taken by a beloved person and wants to keep it at all costs. It is actually clear to him that not everything in life can be controlled.

Nevertheless, he tries to compensate for the loss by increased attention or alertness. The jealousy and the fears behind it are represented in the dream by the robbery.

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The fears may also have a sexual aspect if the dreamer is unappreciated and worried that his or her powers are dwindling, or his or her efforts to partner or partner may be inadequate or unattractive.

Dream Symbol “Robbery” – The Spiritual Interpretation

In the spiritual sense, robbery in the dream stands for lost illusions. The way you wanted to go may not be the right one. However, a new beginning is possible in this situation.

Dreams in which we are attacked and robbed occur relatively frequently. Almost always, they are associated with strong feelings of anxiety. When we awaken from such a dream, we often have to first recover from the horror, come to us, calm down.

Nevertheless, the dream symbol “robbery robbery” is very meaningful. It allows many conclusions regarding the own life and the personality of the person concerned. Above all, it has a special meaning when we are not even the victim of a robbery in the dream, but when it is we who commits a robbery. But how exactly is the symbol interpreted?

Dream symbol “Raid robbery” – The general interpretation

Anyone who dreams of becoming a victim of a robbery should understand this as a warning. The symbol announces itself in the general view of the early failure of the plans and projects. Things will not develop according to the imagination of the dreaming.

In addition, the robbery icon can also display interpersonal issues. The person concerned recognizes the true character of a friend and can not maintain the relationship against this background.

Occasionally, the dream symbol “robbery robbery” is also understood as an indication of emotional conflict. In real life, the person affected suddenly realizes certain desires and feelings that he had previously suppressed. He now has to think about how he can deal with this and whether he really wants to completely redesign his everyday life. To what extent would this be feasible at all?

A dream in which the affected person attacks and robs another person symbolizes, according to general interpretation, feelings of little value, which are compensated by the dream. You may unconsciously doubt yourself or a decision that you have recently made. If it is a bank, which you attack, there are often also existential fears behind it.

Dream symbol “Raid robbery” – The psychological interpretation

In the psychological interpretation of dreams, the symbol “robbery robbery” indicates strong stress. The person affected suffers from a particular situation in everyday life. He feels overwhelmed. This refers in particular to interpersonal relationships and the existing partnership. The dreaming, according to psychoanalysts in his relationship cannot find what he wants. There may also be feelings of jealousy behind it.

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In some cases, a dreamed robbery or robbery can also have a sexual background. Maybe the person has erotic fantasies, which he can not live with his partner. The specific dream situation provides more detailed information about this. It should be taken into account, above all, whether it is the dreaming himself who commits the robbery, or whether he is the victim of a robbery in the dream.

Dream symbol “Raid robbery” – The spiritual interpretation

According to the spiritual interpretation, the dream symbol “robbery” points to disappointed hopes and destroyed illusions.