Dreams About Swimming – Interpretation and Meaning

Swimming is often perceived as very pleasant: those who swim in natural waters, the sea or even in an aqua park or swimming pool, feel free, easy and detached. For many, it is a means of clearing one’s head or cooling off on hot days. Also a big role plays the sporty aspect.

However, those who are not good at swimming often feel scared in the water, especially when it comes to open and unpredictable waters, such as the sea or a large river. Then it may happen that you want to swim to the shore in the dream, but not progress – panic then spreads.

Frequently, people also dream of slipping weightlessly in the water. These dreams can be perceived as pleasant, but also as nightmares. This is closely related to the concrete situation in the dream and the feelings felt in real life when swimming. Dreams about swimming say a lot about the person concerned. But what can they stand for?

Dream symbol “swimming” – The general interpretation

Whoever swims in a dream in a clear body of water and feels good at it is, according to the general interpretation, in harmony with himself and his life. During the period in which he finds himself, there are no stressful emotions or problems for him. In addition, such dreams can also represent a purification process.

The opposite is expressed by dreams in which the person concerned finds himself in an unpredictable, murky or troubled waters. These situations indicate problems that overshadow the everyday life of the dreaming. He is not at peace with himself and his (social) environment.

Swimming in community, so with other people close to the affected person, often indicates that the dreaming feels overwhelmed with a certain situation or an (emotional) problem and seeks help. He longs for the general dream interpretation for support and advice from his fellow men.

In addition, it is possible to dream of swimming upstream, so against the tide: These dreams are a warning: the person concerned may act in real life contrary to his actual personal values ​​and norms.

Dream symbol “swimming” – the psychological interpretation

Even after the psychological interpretation of the dream symbol, it is important to distinguish whether swimming is perceived positively or negatively. Who feels comfortable in the water, is balanced and relaxed after this interpretation approach.

In particular, if the person feels safe in the dream, this also indicates a high level of self-confidence. He shows a lot of initiative in real life and has the ability to handle difficult situations and settle disputes.

On the other hand, those who, in their dreams, feel anxious to go under, are afraid of losing their control and overview in real life. Maybe he’s going too aimlessly through life. He is very insecure, has low self-esteem, and faces problems and conflicts. In addition, the dreaming danger of evaluating certain events and emotions in general is too negative.

Similar dreams

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  • dirty water
  • shark
  • dolphin

According to the psychological interpretation, the warning function of these dreams is additionally reinforced when the person concerned finds himself in a very dark, murky waters: the subconscious mind could perhaps announce a threatening depressive mood in this way.

However, this only applies if the dream of dark water occurs very frequently and regularly and scares the dreaming.

Dream symbol “swimming” – The spiritual interpretation

After the spiritual dream interpretation, the symbol swimming is for particularly strong emotions. The dreaming goes up in these, even threatens to drown in them. He should therefore be careful not to overestimate these feelings and not to lose sight of the essentials.

A visit to the swimming pool is a natural pastime for most people today. In larger cities you often have the choice between indoor pools and outdoor pools, water parks with a water slide, a diving board or even a diving platform with several boards and heights, or you can visit a spa.

For some, a swimming pool is a place of relaxation for the adults and carefree splashing for children. Others see the sport in the foreground and take part in club swimming, play water polo, do aqua fitness or diving. The offers for visitors of all ages in the bathroom are very diverse.

If you dream of a swimming pool or a swimming pool, you may be looking forward to relaxing holidays in the outdoor swimming pool or to a few refreshing swimming laps after a hard day’s work. Then you wrap yourself in a warm towel or a bathrobe and enjoy the relaxation after the physical exertion. But the dreaming may also have had bad experiences with the element of water and a swimming pool causes anxiety and anxiety.

In dream interpretation, the dream symbol is therefore also closely linked with feelings.

If you want to know more about the swimming pool as a dream symbol, then you can find out all about it in the following text. Let’s start with the dreams, which are particularly frequent with the picture “swimming pool”:

Woohoo, let’s go! A slide in the dream pool

In large aqua parks and swimming pools you can find them: the water slide. But even in a dream it can appear, bring us joy or fear of speed. Who sees such a slide in the dream, could run the risk of having envy. Anyone who succeeds, for example at work, can have problems with such people.

Swimming in the pool – an ordinary dream? No!

Dreaming of swimming in the swimming pool and turning a few laps, according to the general interpretation of dreams, feels comfortable with oneself. Life and inner well-being are currently in equilibrium. A cleaning process goes hand in hand with this dream image.

Being bold in the dream: On the diving board in the swimming pool

The jumping down of a springboard in the pool shows according to dream analysis that the dreamer can overcome his uncertainties. He finally relies on his strengths and goes new ways. Only courage to jump into the depth!

What did the pool water look like in a dream?

Dream of a huge swimming pool

A large swimming pool with deep water symbolizes a change in the life of the dreaming, but this meets fearless. The sleeping person is hopeful that the change will bring good. You are aware of your abilities and talents and will probably be successful.

Yuck! Experience dirty water in the dreamed swimming pool

If the dreamed swimming pool water is cloudy, stinks and does not invite you to swim, then the brown broth symbolizes problems that are or can be found in the emotional world of the dreamer. It is possible that the sleeper wakes up with emotions during waking, which are very stressful. Perhaps there is a debate with the partner or the dispute with a parent annoys the person concerned.

No one there? A totally empty swimming pool – a dream analysis

An empty swimming pool is a rare sight in reality. In our dreams, however, the dream symbol is quite common; even a swimming pool without water appears regularly. Those who experience such dream images have the gift of being very self-confident and master of their feelings. The dreamer is mentally very strong and is envied by his environment for it.

The pool in the dream is flooded!

The flood in the swimming pool emblematic symbolizes a mental imbalance. The sleeper who experiences the flooded pool in a dream is currently struggling with feelings beyond his control. Here it is time to regain the upper hand and remain calm.

Accidents that happen in the swimming pool – the dream interpretation

A terrible nightmare: drowning in the pool From a psychological point of view, the dream symbol “drinking in the pool” indicates that the dreamer at the moment feelings in itself wears that threaten to overwhelm him. These are very intense emotions like love, anger or even hatred. Those who drown in the water, it is recommended to deal with these feelings targeted to control them. Falling into the pool without directly drowning, on the other hand, is only a warning to the unconscious mind to guard against overly emotional outbursts.

Where is the child? Dreams of the disappeared child in the swimming pool

If one’s own or a strange child is lost in the pool, the excitement is usually even in the dream big and noticeable for the dreaming. Behind this dream image is usually a real concern for the offspring. In principle, this does not have to affect one’s own child; even a person for whom one feels responsible can be meant by the dream symbol. The fear of not being satisfied can be behind it.

Dreams of animals appearing in the swimming pool

Help, a shark appears in the swimming pool – A horror dream! A shark in the pool, where is it? Everything is possible in the dream. The shark symbolizes in the general dream analysis problems, diseases or people who are hostile to one. If a shark appears in the swimming pool, the dreamer should ask himself what feelings are currently causing concern. If a fish gets lost in a swimming pool when a dream suddenly becomes a swimming pool a fish of any kind, then this animal becomes the self of Dreamer symbolizes.

Both the subconscious and the subconscious show themselves through this: The sleeping person has access to the unconscious in this dream moment and can try to fathom this. However, this requires some practice and is part of the so-called lucid dreaming.

A snake makes the swimming pool uncertain in a dream

What makes a snake in the pool? The animal has crawled in the dream on the tiles or swam through the water. Sometimes the snake is also seen under the ceiling when it is an indoor pool. Because the snake traditionally has a sexual interpretation, the animal in the pool symbolizes the drives and passions that are consciously controlled by the dreamer in the awake life.

Traumsymbol “Swimming pool” – The general interpretation

Water is the element that embodies emotions. Enclosed in a bathhouse, in dream interpretation it expresses the controlled handling of one’s own feelings. The dream symbol tells the dreaming that he either regulates his emotions very strongly or that he should do this intensified and give them less free rein. The personality of the dreaming is crucial for the dream interpretation of the dream symbol “swimming pool”. Deciding which emotions to regulate and how to regulate gives the dreamer personal safety. Immersion in stagnant water, as found in the pool, is an indication of erotic feelings and joie de vivre in the dream interpretation. At the same time, the dream symbol embodies the possibility of swimming freely in the presence of others. In the dream, internal or external obstacles are overcome.

Anyone who can breathe freely underwater in a dream event can master difficult situations on their own. A daring leap into the pool of a swimming pool – for example when diving in a tower – and a deep immersion in water in the dream interpretation point to a good intuition in business terms

The feelings of the dreaming with the dream symbol “swimming pool” are also important: if he feels refreshed and refreshed in the dream by the contact with the water, his current positive attitude towards life is reflected in it. A difficult phase of life prevails right now, the sleeper feels unwell in the dreamed swimming pool water.

Dream symbol “swimming pool” – The psychological interpretation

In psychological terms, the dream symbol “swimming pool” symbolizes the cleaning of things that burden the dreaming on the soul: feelings or behaviors, for which one is ashamed.