Dreams About Turtles – Interpretation and Meaning

Do you ever think about your dreams and its meaning? Have you ever wondered what’s the message behind them? If the answer is yes, we can say that we don’t have a logical expalnation for it.

All that we know is that dreams are images which our mind is creating while we are sleeping. Those who were first in trying to interpret dreams and find its meaning were old Egiptians. They considered that the person who has problems to solve needs to sleep in a temple. After waking up, priestes would help that person to interpret his dream.

In this text, we will pay attention on the dreams about turtles. This dreams aren’t so common, but there is a need to interpret them. Turtles were always a symbol of prosperity, longevity and the highest protection. They are inhabitants of our planet for over 250 million years.

Because of that, we connect them with qualities like endurance, persistence, stability, and true wisdom. In Indian culture, turtle represents space and its four legs are representing sides of the world. In Greek mythology, turtle is mentioned in the myth of Hermes. It is considered that he made lyre out of the turtle’s armor and he played magical melodies on it. Chineese people considered  it as a “black warrior”, and no wonder why it is on the flag of the royal army, right beside dragon.

Turtles bring prosperity, gradually improvement in almost every sphere of our lives. It guarantees that you will pull wise moves. It is considered that its armor has  a power to protect you from sudden, unexpected bad situations, events and circumstances.

If you dreamed about turtles, it can be connected to your need of hiding yourself from others. You don’t want to open up in front of everyone, because you are afraid that someone could use your weaknesses against you. Maybe you should try to change that and start to trust people, because there are those who don’t deserve it from you because their intentions are honest.

In further text, we will explain you the most common dreams about turtles and is interpretations and meanings.

Dreams about Turtles – Interpretation and Meaning

Dreams about you seeing a turtle. This dream has a positive connotation. If in your dream you saw a turtle, it means that you are a person who follows moral principles, rules and values in your life. You are very objective and realistic when it comes to your wishes, dreams and goals. Because of that, you easily achieve everything that you imagine. People like you don’t let anyone or anything to interrupt them and spoil their plans. Giving up from your goals isn’t the option for you. You have the right attitude, and you attract positive energy around you. Your relationship with other people is great and you have a lot of success in your professional surrounding. When it comes to your friends, you choose wisely who you will be close to, and you don’t like to spend your time with people who have negative energy. You have a few real friends, and you can always count on their help and support.

Beside this interpretation, there is another that has negative connotation. Interpreters say that the person who dreams about seeing a turtle is feeling unhappy and it is usually connected to his or hers love life. Your dream indicates that your relationship is going through crisis and your partner isn’t the same anymore. That’s not a person who you fell in love with. Take this dream as a warning for you to ask yourself do you really want to stay in that relationship and is it worth of trying to save it. Sometimes it is better to break up and try to find happiness on some other place and with another person.

Dreams about turtle which is moving.  If you had a dream like this, it means that you need to be very careful and maybe do some routine check – up because this dream indicates that your health condition isn’t how it should be. Usually, it can be related to your character, bad attitude and stubbornness which leads to conflicts with people from your surrounding. All of these things are pushing away from you those people, because no one likes to be around a person with such a negative energy. That makes you feel even worse, and your health is endangered because of it.  Try to change that, and think about ways to improve your personality if you want to keep people beside you.

Dreams about you holding a turtle in your hand. If you dreamed about this, it means that you need to be very patient. You need to slow down and think twice before making any important decision in your life. You don’t need to be always so hasty and incautious. Some things take time to be done properly so you should wait a little bit in order to finish it successfully. Also, this dream indicates that you need to enjoy in every second of your life, and beautiful things around you and stop thinking so far in the future. Don’t let problems and worries occupy you and interrupt your everyday life. What ever will be, will be.

Dreams about you having a fear of turtles. This dream indicates that you are someone who is representing false to other people. In front of them, you are hiding some parts of your personality and you always calculate before telling your opinion to them. You need to show them your real side and take your mask off because no one likes to be around people who are pretending to be something that they are not. You could lose a lot of friends if you continue with that behavior, or you can attract some bad people who will do you harm.

Dreams about a turtle which can’t come out from its armor.  Interpretation of this dream is similar to previous. Dreams like this are usually dreamed by people who are always judging others and you think that you are always right. Interpreters say that this is your way of hiding your own inabilities and insecurities. Take this as a warning to change yourself, otherwise you might end up lonely without anyone to help you if you need it.

Dreams about turtle swimming in a cloudy water. If you had this type of a dream, it means that you have a lot of obstacles which are interrupting you to realize some of your projects. Unfortunately, this dream indicates that those obstacles will stop you to finish what you started to do. Everything is against you, and you will not be able to solve these problems.

Dreams about you riding a turtle. Dream in which you were riding a turtle has  a positive meaning and it  means that you can expect to  go on a roadtrip with your friends or with your partner. Also, it can be a business trip where you will meet a lot of new people and have a lot of fun with them. Of course, it will be a trip where you will try to realize your business plans and you will be very successful in it.

Dreams about you trying to catch a turtle. This dream means that you will be in a situation where you will be forced to make some important decision. You are not satisfied with your current job position and you want something to be changed. Maybe you need to change your job, place of living and make a whole new start. Another interpretation says that you might compete with your rivals, but there is no need for you to be worried because you are better in every aspect than they are.  But you need to be careful because they can find a way to beat you if you relax too much.

Dreams about a turtle running away from you. Dreams like this have negative connotation. If the turtle in your dream was running away from you, it means that your partner wants to break up with you, even though you thought that everything between you is ok. This will leave you very disappointed and unhappy and you will have trust issues in your next relationships.

Dreams about sea turtle. If you dreamed about sea turtle, it means that you don’t like anyone to tell you what to do  because you are able to do everything by yourself and you are someone who is very independent so you consider that there is no need for someone to put a nose in your business.

These were some of the most common dreams about turtles and its interpretations and meanings. If you have a turtle, or saw it recently and watched a TV show about it, then your dream doesn’t have any meaning. It was triggered by this facts.

If you didn’t do anything of this, then you should remember as much details of it as you can, and situations you were in and then find a proper meaning of it. We hope that this text helped you to do that.