Dreams About Violence – Interpretation and Meaning

World of dreams had always been fascinating people. Old Egyptians believed that through them we are communicating with spiritual world. Centuries after, dreams were the subject of many researches.

The most known research was the one that Sigmund Freud has done. He believed that they are part of our subconscious, desires and fears, especially sexual conflicts, hidden deep in us.

Also, he considered that they are full of coded messages and fantasies. It is very known that they appear during the REM phase of a dream. Some researches have shown that people who dreamed about some problem were able to solve it later when they woke up.

In this text, we will concentrate on the dreams about violence and try to explain the meaning for some of them. In order to do that, you need to remember as much details of it as you can.

In generally, dreams like this aren’t very pleasant and you can feel a lot of negative feelings during the sleep. If you dreamed about any type of violence like hitting, kicking, stabbing with a knife, murder etc., then it means that there are problems which you need to solve.

Also, dreams like this can symbolize conflicts and fights with someone or your inner fight with emotions and hard life situations. Sometimes it can mean that you need to invest your time and energy in achieving your goals. Very often, dreams about violence against someone means that you are angry on some people and you need to face with that anger in order to get rid of it. In most cases, they are dreamed by woman who has emotional problems. Of course, both man and woman can dream it.

If you were a victim of a violence in reality, then you dreamed this because you needed it to be processed in your dream and eventually healed from what happened. Some researches have shown that this is experienced in PTSD nightmares. In that case, dream about violence is dreamed as a memory on that situation.

In further text, we will explain you the meaning of the most common dreams about violence.

Dreams about Violence – Interpretation and Meaning

Dreaming about  someone who is committing violence. If in your dream someone is committing violence, it means that you will experience some unpleasant situation.  It is very possible that you will be a part of a fight between someone, even though it will be something that doesn’t concern you. You will not like the way how those persons in a fight are behaving. Because of that, you will try to calm things down but you will be the one who in the end will regret by doing that and will be marked as guilty.

Dreaming about you committing a violence. If in your dream you were committing a violence against someone, it means that you will be overwhelmed with worries and dark thoughts. In the period that’s ahead of you, you will be very nervous and unpleasant with everyone who tries to offer you any kind of help, because you are representing yourself as a strong person. That will be your way to try to hide that you are vulnerable and sensitive. You need to change this, because you can push away from you people who are not deserving it.

Dreaming about you being  a victim of a violence. Dream in which you were a victim of a violence indicates that you will be caught in a cheating. This means that even though you are in a relationship with someone, there will be a person who you will be crazy about, and you will not be able to resist the temptation. It will be very hard for you to hide it from the people in your surrounding and because of that you will need to prepare yourself and face with consequences of your actions.

Some interpreters say that if the person in your dream who is committing violence against you is someone who you know, then it means that you have done something bad to him or her, and because of that you are feeling guilty and your dream was triggered by that feeling.

Dreaming about violence against animals. Dreams like this are indication that you are very negative person and you always have dark thoughts. Try to be more optimistic, there isn’t a problem that can’t be solved and you don’t need to worry so much about it. Look for a bright side in everything. Also, it represents your inner conflicts and doubts.

Dreaming about you being hurt by someone. This dream means that you will be in a situation to defend someone who will be a victim of a injustice. You will try to do your best to help that person, even if you know that you might be the one who will end up blameworthy.

Dreaming about domestic violence. If you dreamed about this, it means that you will fight with someone in your family. That fight will be about something unimportant and insignificant, but which has been bothering you a lot lately. You will feel guilty because you didn’t react on time and didn’t talk about it with that person.

Also, another interpretation says that it is a symbol of your powerless. You are very arrogant and you think of it like the way of hiding your vulnerability because you are scared of letting anyone close to you. Somehow, you are afraid that someone will use your weaknesses against you.

Dreaming about you enjoying in a violence. If in your dream you were enjoying in a violence, it means that you have a dark side of your personality, and it represents your hidden aggressive and S&M tendencies. Also, this dream can be caused by your suppressed  memories on your abuse in a childhood.

Dreaming about blood in a fight. This dream means that someone will betray you in reality. That can be one of your close family members, your friend or your partner. Take this as a warning for you to stop trusting everyone so easily, because there are people who will turn you back when you need them the most. Be very careful who do you trust and tell your secrets.

If you watched a TV show about violence, or even you were a victim of it, than this dream was triggered by this fact and you should not pay attention on it. But, if this was not the case, then you should try to remember as much of a details of your dream as you can and find a meaning of it.

We hope that this text helped you to do that and you were able to understand the message behind it.